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No matter how hard he tried Sebastian Michaelis could not get rid of the amused smirk that rather seemed to be plastered on his face. His kitten was just far too amusing. He watched as said boy practically marched over to his table, looking as if he was going to set the place ablaze. Sebastian's entertainment only grew when the boy finally reached his table and donned an extremely irritated smile, as if trying to not seem affected by the rich man.

"Mr. Michaelis, what a pleasant surprise, what can I get for you today?"

Sebastian was tempted to make some smart remark in which he replied, "You. I'll have you today," but thought better of it. His kitten was clearly already seething, and not doing a very good job of hiding it, he didn't want to cost the young man his job. Still he couldn't resist teasing him.

"Oh my, using your manners again today, I'm impressed," when Sebastian said this he could clearly see Ciel grind his teeth in irritation. As the boy repeated the question he had just previously asked. This time Sebastian couldn't help himself. He just had to pick on the kitten, especially when his little kitten's fur was standing on edge, ready to rip him to shreds. Oh how he loved cats.

Sebastian couldn't help his disappointment with Ciel's response to his question- "What do you think I want?" But he kept his smirk in place at the boy's response, although he couldn't keep his eyebrow from rising in response to the answer.

Clearly his kitten was trying to use his claws, but the poor thing didn't do a very good job at using them. And while Sebastian would've preferred to ravish the young man right there in the restaurant he was perfectly content to play their little game. For the time being anyway. Soon Ciel Phantomhive would be his.

Since he had met the young man he had been drawn to him, he couldn't ignore the bond he felt towards the blue-eyed boy, or hide the intrigue. The Phantomhive was at the very least entertaining and Sebastian's body was just itching to ravish him. To pull the slender boy into his arms and trail kisses down his neck. Ravish his sensitive areas that he was sure would make the young man moan in pleasure, or purr. Yes, as far as he was concerned Ciel was already his, and Sebastian took what he wanted. He was rich and successful, he knew how the world worked. In this world you take what you want. He just had to wait until his kitten warmed up to him, he didn't want to frighten him after all.

He was interrupted from his thoughts when Louis Beauclerc, a french man whom he was having a business lunch with finally arrived. He didn't much care for Mr. Beauclerc, he often insisted on Sebastian referring to him by his first name, no matter how often the raven haired man tried to refuse. Yet, this man ran rather prosperous hotels in France, so he would make nice. Before Mr. Beauclerc had time to do more than sit down, the blue-eyed boy was already back with Sebastian's water.

The rich man could feel the irritation leave him upon looking at Ciel's rather confused face. His amused smirk coming back as he forgot about his guest and focused his attention on the lovely waiter in front of him. When their eyes met Ciel stumbled and Sebastian's reflexes kicked in. He quickly grabbed the boy and the cup of water, and set the cup of water on the table without the waiter in his arms noticing. For a moment Sebastian thought he was going to loose his composure, to have the object of his sinful desire already in his arms the raven had to visibly restrain himself from taking the boy right then and there. The boy's blush not helping to sedate his desire. With Ciel in his arms he could smell him, he smelled sweet like sugar, but there also seemed to be a spice to him that Sebastian couldn't place, his entertainment, and arousal growing as Ciel's blush deepened. Although Sebastian had to let go of the boy soon, already feeling blood rushing to his neither regions at just holding the young man in his arms.

"Thank you..." Ciel trailed off, and Sebastian remembered they were in public, and that Sebastian was in a business meeting.

"My pleasure," the raven whispered to his Ciel, watching how the young man was averting his eyes. When Mr. Beauclerc cleared his throat Sebastian finally let go. This was the time for business, not pleasure. Still, when he turned back to his business partner he couldn't help but utter remarks about Ciel's clumsiness to Mr. Beauclerc, confident that his kitten only knew one language, so he was shocked how Ciel answered back in perfect french after Mr. Beauclerc joined in on the teasing. He was sure the blue-eyed boy saw the surprise on his face, but it quickly disappeared only to be replaced with his trademark smirk that always seemed to be directed at Ciel.

Once the rich man ordered his wine, Ciel hurried off to fetch it, Sebastian staring at Ciel's bottom as he walked away. The Phantomhive had already seduced him simply by being a clumsy brat. The raven pinched the bridge of his nose, a tired look appearing on his face. What was he doing? At the very least this boy was too young for him. He was in his early thirties and the boy couldn't be older than twenty. Still he watched Ciel walk away and with each step the young man took Sebastian tried, unsuccessfully, to pry his eyes away from that seemingly perfect bottom.

Once Ciel had come and gone with the wine Sebastian focused on getting the man in front of him throughly drunk, wishing it was his kitten instead. The rich man imagined Ciel being drunk would be a very entertaining sight. However, he quickly threw thoughts like that out of his mind and pretended as if he couldn't see the young man watching them as the drunken man in front of him signed the business contract without even a question. Of course Sebastian knew this would happen. He had lunch with this man several times before and yet the idiot still didn't seem wise to his ways. He couldn't stand idiots, and had to fight the temptation to pinch the bridge of his nose again. Nonetheless, he was happy to have his contract signed, and ready to get away from this drunk man, even at the cost of leaving his kitten. He pulled one hundred dollars and a few one dollar bills out of his pocket and set them on the table for Ciel after he paid escorting Mr. Beauclerc out of the restaurant.

Once he had seen Mr. Beauclerc to his limo Sebastian was tempted to go back into the restaurant and play with his kitten some more, but decided against it, he had work that needed to be done. He slowly got into his limo, not excited to leave his new interest's place of employment and sped off to his hotel. He had a lot of paper work that needed done, along with hiring a few people for front desk positions. He had already let Ciel distract him far too much.


To say Sebastian was shocked would be an understatement. The raven haired man was absolutely flabbergasted. He had just finished with most of his paper work and looked up mindlessly at the televisions with the image from the security cameras he had in his office and his eyes zeroed in on the screen that showed the front desk. His Ciel was there. In his own hotel! Sebastian had no idea what to make of this. Was the man here to see him? Did the blue-eyed boy even know that Sebastian owned this hotel?

Sebastian just watched as Ciel talked to the girl, the boy had a clearly fake and polite smile on his face, and the raven could feel his excitement growing. Oh how'd he love to rip that fake smile right off his face, to be replaced with any other genuine emotion. Ciel was always more fun when he was genuine, even if it was mostly just annoyance and irritation that he was genuine with. His eyes turned back to the girl, Sebastian hired her and didn't even remember her name, although he could remember all her previous employers and exactly how long she had worked for all of them, she was walking away from Ciel and out of view of the cameras.

Once she was out of view Sebastian's eyes were immediately back on the blue-eyed boy, even though he wore an eye-patch it was rather surprising how little people seemed bothered by it. Even Sebastian himself hadn't been all too surprised, still it probably lessened the shock with his slate hair covering most of it. Most people thought it was probably just some weird fashion statement, but the raven knew that the young man was hiding a scar. That only made his curiosity and attraction towards the boy grow. He wanted to rip the eye patch off, see the other brilliant blue eye staring up at him. Of course that was something he wouldn't try for awhile, he doubted Ciel would appreciate someone exposing a part of him that he clearly wished to keep hidden.

A knock on his office door startled Sebastian out of his reverie, he already knew it was the girl. "Yes?" He asked the door, and silently watched as the girl opened it to answer his question.

"There is a young man here who is looking for a front desk job!" she chirped excitedly. Sebastian pinched the bridge of his nose, he hated this girl, with her high pitch voice and her ridiculous enthusiasm at the stupidest things, but she was good at pleasing the guests so Sebastian kept her around.

"Alright, does he have a resume or anything?" He already knew the answer to this, and under normal circumstances he would've turned the boy away immediately for not having a resume, but this was his kitten. He had to have a little fun first, plus he had seen first hand that Ciel was indeed good at his job.

"Um, I forgot to ask, but um, it didn't look like it. However, he was very well spoken and I-," Sebastian quickly cut her off before she could finish vouching for the boy she didn't even know.

"Send him in," was all he said as he turned away from her and listened to the door close. So Ciel had come here looking for a job, on the same day Sebastian had visited his restaurant. With how angry the young man seemed at Sebastian for knowing his place of employment and visiting him, he doubted that Ciel knew that the raven owned this place. He smirked as he watched the door and patiently waited for Ciel to knock.


To Sebastian's surprise the boy didn't even knock, he just opened the door and walked right into Sebastian's office. This only made his beguilement grow. As soon as he looked at the boy he saw any pleasant expression he may have had earlier be replaced with an angry scowl. The rich man had been right, Ciel didn't have a clue that Sebastian had indeed owned this place.

Sebastian was on his feet in an instant and closed the door before the boy even knew what was happening, he also locked the door to his office so he didn't have to worry about any of his moronic employees coming to bother them. The rich man stood between Ciel and the door, ignoring whatever comment his kitten had made a few seconds prior and reveled in the shock and fear in his kitten's eyes at how close Sebastian was to him.

"I'm surprised," Sebastian practically purred in Ciel's ear. To have him so close was positively tantalizing. If it were strictly up to him, he'd have Ciel right then and there, but he had to be patient. Soon the young Phantomhive would come around, he just might need some coaxing, Sebastian smirked inwardly at the thought. "I thought you knew everything about me," Sebastian whispered as he licked the shell of Ciel's ear. Oh how his kitten tasted so magnificent! He could stay like this forever, with Ciel practically in his arms, embracing him, almost tasting those lips he had desperately wanted to taste since he had first set eyes on the boy. Sebastian knew he had to be careful that his kitten could swipe at him with his claws any minute, but Sebastian couldn't help it. Everything about this man drove him crazy- his arrogance, pride, intelligence, impatience with idiocy, his body. Oh yes definitely his body, at the thought the raven unconsciously pushed himself closer to Ciel, causing the young man to spring into action. The next thing the rich man knew the boy was a foot away from him, and Sebastian had a red handprint mark on his cheek from Ciel's rather harsh slap to his face.

"How dare you?" Ciel yelled at Sebastian, the raven had to hide his annoyance at being slapped. He really brought this upon himself, still hearing Ciel so upset made him upset, and not for the reasons that he wanted. He was upset because he hurt Ciel, rather than upset at being slapped, or at being interrupted from his beginnings of ravishing the young man. The rich man quickly cast that thought aside. No, he couldn't be upset over hurting Ciel's feelings. He was on hell of a businessman. Businessmen didn't care about things as petty as feelings. They cared about getting what they wanted, and right now Sebastian wanted Ciel.

"How dare I?" Sebastian mocked, irritation and amusement sounding in his voice. "How dare I?"

When Ciel just repeated his prior question Sebastian lost it, he grabbed Ciel and smashed their lips together as gently as he could, and wrapped his arms around Ciel's waist pulling the younger boy to him. When Ciel refused to respond to the kiss, and even put a hand on Sebastian's chest to try to push him away, the raven grabbed the back of Ciel's head and attempted to tilt it up and pull him closer. Determined to deepen the kiss. The electricity passing through his body at kissing Ciel gave him pause, the lust and desire were normal feelings, but the rush he was getting just from this simple middle school kiss should not be happening. He lightly loosened his grip on Ciel, wondering why simply kissing the young man felt so good. Ciel was such a prude Sebastian hadn't even gotten to use tongue, so why then did this kiss feel so- dare Sebastian even think- magical? He loosened his grip even more at the thought, and felt Ciel quickly pull his mouth away from his own.

"Stop this!" the young man shouted at Sebastian and the raven could feel his confusion leave to be replaced with a smirk, it was entertaining to be getting orders from someone who you had trapped in an embrace, face just a few inches from his own.

Even though he was still confused by the power of the kiss he couldn't help teasing Ciel. "Why should I?" the look on his kitten's face at the question was priceless, if he really was a cat he would've attempted to rip Sebastian apart with his claws. He looked so angry that Sebastian worked hard not to chuckle. He had never met someone who got so upset at being kissed before, especially a kiss that nice.

When Sebastian finally slackened his grip enough for Ciel to pull free, the little brat immediately tried slapping him again. Of course this time he knew it was coming so he easily caught Ciel's wrist before it connected with his face. His amusement finally left him. He was frustrated with this boy, frustrated for how strong his feelings were, frustrated with how stubborn and prideful this young man before him could be, despite that those were also things that attracted Sebastian to the young man in the first place. "You really are a brat, aren't you?" he asked, still holding the blue-eyed boy's wrist, not wanting to let go, even though he was the source of Sebastian's frustration. Finally he sighed and let go of Ciel's wrist amusement returning a bit, but not quite enough for a smirk, at remembering why the boy had originally come to his office.

"I suppose I should offer you the job after kissing you like that," although he said this, he knew Ciel was never going to accept the offer, so the next words out of Ciel's mouth didn't surprise him in the least. He wasn't even really surprised when Ciel stormed out of his office in an angry rage. Sebastian knew that sooner or later he'd see the man again. Ciel would probably try to get back at Sebastian for hurting the Phantomhive's pride.


Sebastian got the call about Ciel suing him a few days after the kiss, and at first he was shocked, but beguilement quickly replaced it. It would take Sebastian mere seconds to pay off the lawyer so he wouldn't take Ciel's case, but Sebastian would let Ciel have his fun. The naive and prideful boy could stand to see how hard the real world really is. Sebastian thought about that, no perhaps he should stop this sooner rather than later. If Ciel got too caught up in this it could be bothersome for both of them.

The rich man quickly picked up the phone and called the man he heard Ciel had hired. "Yes~?" the rough voice asked in almost a sing song voice, vaguely reminding Sebastian of a dying cat that was glad to be rid of the world.

"Yes, I'll offer you one hundred thousand dollars right now to drop the Phantomhive's case."

"Oh? Are you Mr. Sebastian then, I suppose?" the voice asked sounding almost giddy, Sebastian assumed it was because of the offered sum, but this man didn't wait for Sebastian to confirm his suspicions before continuing. "I'm afraid money doesn't drive me though," the man said giddiness growing with each word. "There is only one thing I desire from life, and that is to laugh. If you make me laugh more than Ciel then I'll consider dropping the case," the man laughed into the phone, and Sebastian felt utterly confused. A lawyer not driven by money, but by laughter? Sebastian wondered if the man on the other line was even really a lawyer.

"Undertaker who are you speaking with? Has Sebastian's lawyers contacted you yet?" the rich man could hear Ciel's voice on the other line and was shocked to find out that he actually missed hearing the boy. He had only even known the boy was alive for the past few weeks, but yet he could still feel his heart rate pick up at the sound of his kitten.

"No, it is Mr. Sebastian himself," was all he heard from the giddy voice before the line went dead. Undertaker? What kind of lawyer went by Undertaker? He wondered. Did he bury all the people he took to court. Sebastian was slightly amused by the idea, but even more irritated by it. A boy he was uncharacteristically strongly attracted to who was suing him over a kiss, and a lawyer that goes by Undertaker who works for laughter. Yes, this boy was certainly more trouble than he was worth, but Sebastian was one hell of a businessman. He knew how to negotiate.

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