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Tears flew down the young man's cheeks staining them. He sat in a bench alone staring at two stones, his vision too blurred for him to make out what he was seeing. The young man didn't need to see the stones to know what they were, and to know what was underneath. His tears were silent as he stared at the stones, not making a sound, even with his asthma he was somehow able to breath steadily.

He was on a the only bench in the place, able to look directly at the stones. His aunt had it moved from where it previously was so Ciel could sit down when he came out here. She knew he'd stay out here for hours and didn't want his asthma acting up.

Ciel would only visit the cemetery when the sun was going down and no one could see him cry over his parent's graves. He was the only Phantomhive left now, he couldn't disgrace his parents by crying in broad daylight.

His tears hadn't subsided, but the blurred image he was looking at had. A shadow appeared between him and his parents' tombstones and the shadow was moving closer. Ciel felt scared, but was too emotionally drained to move, he let the shadow approach him, with each step the blur clearing. This wasn't a shadow, it was a man. A tall man about six feet, black as night hair, and a beautiful black suit, pale face, and eyes that looked red in the darkness. For a reason Ciel couldn't fathom he was surprised that the man wasn't smirking, but instead looked incredibly concerned.

Once the man reached Ciel he wrapped his strong arms around the frail young man, and squeezed him comfortingly, simultaneously bringing Ciel to his feet. The man continued to embrace Ciel for several minutes the young man making no move besides standing up. Finally Ciel embraced the handsome man back and he heard a sigh of content, from them both.

The slate haired young man was shocked to find that his tears had stopped falling. He pulled away from the hug enough to look into the kind man's face. "Ciel, kitten, are you alright?" the voice was smooth and Ciel could feel his knees grow weak at the sound. "Love, why are you out here in the middle of the night? It could be dangerous." Ciel continued to just stare into the man's gorgeous almost nonhuman eyes, unable to speak. The man arms traveled to the small of Ciel's back and they just hung there loosely. The handsome man was waiting for Ciel to do something, but the young man had no idea what this kind man wanted.

Finally Ciel knew what he wanted to do, he leaned forward and gently touched his lips to the other man's. That was all this man needed to take the hint.

They kissed passionately, Ciel being gently pushed back onto the bench, until he was laying on it under the man. The man continued to ravish the young man's mouth, slipping his tongue in when Ciel gasped in delight. Ciel loved the feeling of the man's strong arms around him, loved the way the man kissed, and softly spoke in the young man's ear about how he loved Ciel. The young man could stay on the bench forever with the man ravishing him. He whispered the man's name as his eyes closed in bliss.



When Ciel woke up he was thoroughly confused. He couldn't remember his dream, but he knew what kind of dream it had turned into by his body's reaction. He was flushed and sweaty, not to mention embarrassed. He was Ciel Phantomhive! He should not be having dreams like that about...

He couldn't remember who had been in the dream with him, he knew it had been a man, that much he remembered. The man must have been someone Ciel cared about deeply, but he was drawing a blank. There was no such man, and he didn't fancy any celebrity, especially not to the point where he'd care about them and fantasize about them. Ciel sighed and gave up, rushing to the bathroom to take care of his problem, and to wash up for the day. He had a few interviews, away from any hotels, plus the new Arbitrator meeting was happening today.

Sebastian's lawyer had called Ciel about a week ago, the day after Sebastian had walked out of the first meeting. He informed Ciel about the time and place and that they'd have a new Arbitrator. Ciel at first didn't believe the man and hung up, but then he found out through Undertaker that Sebastian's lawyer had been telling the truth. Ciel felt a bit bad, but not bad enough to call back and apologize.

Ciel donned a black button down shirt along with black slacks, before he headed out the door for his interviews, resume in hand. The last thing Ciel wanted was to have another crappy job, where he had to serve people and flirt to get better tips. Ciel wanted to take over his parents' toy company, and didn't understand why they made it so he wasn't the owner until he turned twenty-one. Considering how badly Ciel wanted to move out of this city, he often wondered about selling the company and opening up another one in London, he wondered if his parents would be happy or pissed if he did that. Ciel suspected a bit of both, although it'd serve them right for making him wait until he was twenty-one before he could inherit anything. Ciel doubted the toy company was even more than just a name anymore.

The interviews went how Ciel expected them to, he was polite, handed the interviewers his resume, and answered all the questions, everyone seeming pleased with his answers. He didn't care if he got any of the jobs or not, only hoping he would for the money, but he knew how to pretend that if he got one of these jobs then his dreams would be coming true. He scoffed, as if waiting tables was anyone's dream.

On his way back to his apartment his mind wandered back to the dream he had. Why couldn't he remember who the man was in the dream? And why did it bother him so much? The only person he could rule out was Sebastian, he could never, not even in his dreams, imagine Sebastian that nice, and sweet, and comforting. The man was intense, and cold, and conniving. Ciel didn't know why he cared so much, but the dream, even though it had only been a dream, was nice. It was nice for him to imagine someone there to comfort him about his parents' deaths, and to take his mind off them in certain ways.

The young man gave up, he wouldn't remember who the man in the dream was, plus it didn't matter one way or another if he did.

Once back to his apartment Ciel grabbed the case report that he was planning to submit, this time he had time to come up with a report and an outcome he wanted. He had decided on a restraining order. It wouldn't do well for Sebastian to have a restraining order on his immaculate record, and it would get Ciel what he desired. Away from the man.

This time the young man left a whole hour early for the meeting, he wanted to be there thirty minutes early instead of five. He decided to take the same way as he did last time, he didn't really love the subway, but he couldn't afford a taxi at the moment.

On his way to the subway station he saw a limo and his heart skipped a beat, the limo was going in the same direction he was, there was a chance it was Sebastian and his lawyer. Ciel's suspicion was confirmed when the limo, almost running over several other pedestrians, pulled up by him. Someone rolled down their window and Sebastian turned to Ciel.

"I see that you still have the shittiest driver ever under your employment," Ciel said trying to ignore Sebastian and continue walking, but as the limo moved with him, Ciel decided he didn't want to be an accessory to murder and stopped walking away.

"I see that you are still as bratty as ever," Sebastian countered, his usual smirk firmly in place. Ciel scoffed, he was not a brat just because he didn't want this asshole to kiss him. For some reason when Ciel heard Sebastian's voice, the dream Ciel had flashed through his mind.

"Whatever, I have to get to the meeting so if you'll excuse me."

"I'm going to the same meeting you are. Why don't I give you a ride?"

"Um, Mr. Sebastian I'm not sure that would be the best idea," Ciel could now see the blond lawyer in the car with Sebastian. Sitting with his hands folded in his lap and twiddling his thumbs. Ciel wasn't sure how someone so shy could make for a good laywer.

"Yes, listen to your lawyer. I'm perfectly fine walking," Ciel said as he started to walk away from their conversation, he was almost out of hearing range and it was said when the window was simultaneously being rolled up, but he could still make out what Sebastian had said, even though he said it in a significantly softer voice than Ciel had ever heard him use.

"This is why you are a brat."

There was no anger or frustration in his voice when he said it, it was soft and caring, barely above a whisper, and said in such a way that if this had been any other man Ciel would have thought Sebastian cared deeply about him.

Then it clicked. Sebastian! Holy crap the man in his dreams had been Sebastian. The soft voice Sebastian had used just now, right before the limo drove off, was the exact same voice Ciel heard in his dream. The voice the mystery man had. The one filled with concern and love. There was no way Sebastian felt any of those emotions towards Ciel. He just wanted to watch Ciel squirm, and maybe have sex with Ciel. Sebastian didn't care about Ciel the way the man in his dream had. Even though the man in his dream had been Sebastian.

The subway seemed quieter than normal, or maybe Ciel was just too distracted by his own thoughts to hear any noise going on around him. Why did he have a dream about Sebastian? The only answer he could come up with was because he was thinking about the meeting last night, and that was why his brain created such a dream. Ciel had never been one to get so hung up on a stupid dream, but for some reason he couldn't identify, he needed to find a logical reason as to why he dreamt about Sebastian.

The feeling of looking forward to the meeting, and the joy of pissing off Sebastian with his demand for a restraining order vanished. He didn't want to go to the meeting anymore. He didn't want to see anyone, especially not Sebastian. He wanted to go home and sleep, make himself have another dream about anything else, anything other than Sebastian.

Ciel arrived at the building in a shocked state, his feet carrying him while his mind wandered. He didn't know what to do anymore, he wasn't even sure he wanted the restraining order. Why would being called a brat have this effect on him?

Ciel didn't know, he just had to get through the meeting. He wanted this restraining order, he was tired of questioning how he felt about Sebastian. Yes, today was going to be the last day that Sebastian would be allowed to be within one hundred feet of Ciel.

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