"This is it, Rue. We have arrived in District 4."

As soon as the two girls stepped of the train, they were greeted by Annie and Finnick.

"Ah, Katniss! Long time no see! Sugar cube?"

She declined politely as she asked if the boys arrived yet.

"I haven't seen Peeta since the Games. Lets go to my place, shall we?"

As soon as Katniss got to Finnick's house she went to her guest room and got her laptop out.


Katniss Everdeen:

At Finnick's house and ready to partay! )

Peeta Mellark:

Sorry Gale and I are taking long. The train got delayed.

Gale Hawthorne:

Yeah, Catnip. Some extra stops had to be made or something.

Johanna Mason:

I'm almost there... Just stopped in District 3 quickly to get my axe sharpened.

Finnick Odair:

Do you really need to bring that drab thing? It will ruin the party.

Johanna Mason:

The party will be even more ruined if I chop your head of, wont it, Odair? If you don't want that to happen, I suggest you mid your own beeswax!

Clove Jameson:

Just let Johanna be, guys. I'm almost there too, and I'm bringing my knives just in case you don't greet me warmly enough, justsaying.


Katnisa didn't know Clove had a Panembook account. She decide to check out her profile.


Name: Clover Jameson

Status: Forever Available

Likes: Knives, knife throwing, knives, and did I mention killing?

Dislikes: spoons, people who call me Clover, everyone else.


Well... Clove was certainly an interesting person. Katniss wondered how much she changed.

"Clove's train is arriving in the station!" Finnick yelled.

It was time to once again meet the person who tried to Kill Katniss in the Hunger Games... This time for a party.

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