Title:  Go!

Author:  Charisma and Star

Rating:  PG-13

Dedication:  First off, Kara, the both of us want to say thanks.  Without you and your pointless, spiteful and prejudice-filled flames, Charisma (sorry, CHAIRsma) and Star wouldn't have thought about co-writing for quite awhile.

Star would like to give a big shout out to Vic *glares at everyone who pointedly rolled their eyes*  Oh, come on, she shares my brain, without Vic, there is no Star.  Star also is bouncing off the walls that Charisma agreed to write with her.

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Warning:  This isn't a slash fic, but there is a gay couple in it.  If you can't deal with it, hit the back button right about now.

Summary:  Road trip to Vegas.  Yes, I have a map and we know exactly how far away Vegas is from Minnesota.  *sigh*  Just go with it.

Notes:  We changed where Eden Hall was.  We made it about two hours drive away from Minneapolis, why?  Because it suited our plans, and also, Disney changed the geography of Minnesota, so why can't we?

Chapter 1: Are We Nearly There Yet?

By Star

Fulton's POV

      "Remind me again why this is a good idea."  I say, hauling a bag onto my shoulder and nearly crumpling under the weight of it.  How can it be so heavy?  I've sent most of my stuff home to my parents, this bag is holding only the essentials.

      "Because," Portman replies with a grin.  "We've graduated, we're getting out of here and we're going to Vegas.  What could be better?"  He lifts his bag easily onto his shoulder, walks over to me and throws an arm around my shoulders.  "And did I mention you have the pleasure of my company the whole time?"

      "Yeah, you and that resonant snore of yours."  I grin back at him.

      "One of the many reasons why you love me."

      I snort.  "Ok.  It's your snoring that I love."  Sometimes I wonder if my boyfriend has taken far too many hits to the head during his hockey career.

      He takes my hand and we walk down to the gates of the school.  "Our last ever hour on these grounds.  You sorry to be leaving?"

      I grin at him.  "Not really.  I can't wait to get out of here."

      Charlie has been planning this trip since we were sophomores.  He decided that when we graduated we should all drive down to Las Vegas and get crazy.  At the time it sounded like a great idea, and everyone was all for it.

      Unfortunately only nine of the thirteen will be going.  Ken, Russ, Goldberg and Dwayne have got other plans.  However, we are picking up Peter Marks and Jesse and Terry Hall on the way, so that kinda makes up for it.

      "Ready to get crazy?"  Adam asks, bouncing idiotically on the balls of his feet and waving madly as we walk towards him.

      Portman and I exchange a look.  "Ok, who gave Banksie speed?"  Portman asks.

      Guy rolls his eyes.  "He's been like that all morning.  We've tried to calm him down, but no luck so far."

      "You want me to knock him out?"  I joke.

      "Don't tempt me."  Charlie says, sticking his head out of one of the vans parked outside the gates.

      Adam grins again and ruffles Charlie's hair.

      I hide a grin.  "Which van should we put our stuff in?"  I ask Charlie, hoping that it's not the same van as Adam.

      "That one."  He points to the second van.  "It's gonna be kind of empty until we get to Minneapolis, but the girls wanted to be in the same van.  You've just got Annie and Luis in your van."

      "Annie?"  Portman asks.  "What about Averman?"

      "He couldn't make it."  Charlie responds.  "He got a job.  Luis called and asked if Annie could come, so that's the arrangement."

      "Cool."  Yet another Duck that couldn't make it.  It's a shame.  Charlie's probably annoyed about it, like I said, he's been planning this trip for years.

      I walk around to the back of the van and chuck my bag in.  There's an audible crunch as it lands, followed by and even louder crunch as Portman's bag lands on top of it.  I wince, wondering what has just been crushed.

      A blonde head appears over the back of the seat.  "Keep it down, I'm sleeping!"  She grins at us.

      "Hey Annie."  I smile at her.

      "Hey."  Portman also greets her.  "I hope you don't get travel sick."

      "I'd be a moron to come on a road trip if I did."  She winks, but I'm not sure who it's directed at.

      "Let's go say hi to the others."  Portman suggests, tugging my hand.

      Annie flops back on the seat and I hear a pained "oomph!" as she lands on someone, presumably Luis.  Then I hear her mutter, "Gay men are so hot, it's tragic."

      I've got to mention that to Portman later.

      We stick our heads inside the other van where we find Julie sitting between Connie and her friend Julia.  Julia and Connie are talking over each other trying to talk to Julie.  They're so busy trying to get her attention that they don't notice us straight away.

      We don't get much time to say hi to them before Charlie ushers us back to our own van muttering about not being late to pick up Peter, Terry and Jesse.

      I'm amused to note that Adam bounces over to the other van.  Charlie grins at him tolerantly, then whacks him around the head with a map when he starts singing loudly.  I have no idea what he's singing, but he's murdering it.

      "Looks like we got the sanity van."  Portman grins at me, climbing into the driver's seat as I wander round to the passenger side.

      I get in and grin at Luis, who has a dazed 'Why am I awake so early?' look on his face.  Annie is slumped against him, apparently dead to the world.

      What I don't get is why they're not a couple.  They look like one, they act like one, they're both straight – despite a few minutes of confusion on Luis's part when Traci finished with him and he didn't seem to care.  But they're not together.

      "And we're off."  Portman starts the engine, I slip on a CD and with a burst of Rob Zombie we leave Eden Hall for good.

      Annie jumps ten feet in the air as Living Dead Girl stars.  She rubs her eyes and looks around wildly.

      "Are we nearly there yet?"  She asks.