Author's Note: What's up peoples from all over the places. I'm SwaggaKidd coming at you with a new story to add on to my pile. Oh Lord I hope you guys don't rip my head off if I don't post. I'm sure you guys won't mind though. This story is like a sequel to a story that I have yet to write. More like little drabbles and nuggets until I actually get to the story. This story is yuri between StockingXKneesocks and PantyXScanty. If you don't like the parrings then I really don't care. Now I need a disclaimer person.

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Little Miss Garter

"Don't make me throw Chuck at you!" Panty yelled as she quickly grabbed the green dog that often wondered around the church.

"I don't approve of this fuckery you bullshit sorry excuses for angels." Garterbelt yelled back at the blonde haired angel.

"It never mattered to who we dated...Ever." Stocking added.

"But these are the Demon Sisters! DEMON! Sisters. Don't you hear the emphasis on Demon!" Garterbelt strained all most popping his afro.

The Anarchy Angels and the Demon sisters have dating recently. For like 3 weeks now, and by some stroke of fuckery Garterbelt is the last one to know about it. Right now Scanty is laying on top of Panty with covers around the both of them to keep from the cold, and Kneesocks and Stocking are just sitting next to each other holding hands.

"Calm down Miss Garter," Panty threw Chuck at Garterbelt only for him to dodge it and have the green dog splatter all over the board, "It's not like we're going to die or anything." Panty said wrapping her arms around Scanty's neck.

"What if God doesn't approve of this foolery. Then what would you hookers do?" Garterbelt asked slightly calm.

Just then electricity struck Chuck and he puked out a note. Garterbelt picked it up and read it. The note said "Approved".

"As you can tell God already approves of our relationship." Stocking boasted.

Kneesocks snapped her fingers and Fastener came quickly with a scroll and opened it.

"And here is our contract allowing us to have a relationship with these two as long as we help clear the world of Ghosts," Then Fastener opened another scroll, "Also the peace treaty ending the war between Angels and Demons." Kneesocks explained.

"Which is exactly the reason why you should shut the fuck up and let my girlfriend sleep!" Panty shouted at the large afro-wearing man.

"Ugh…Too late I'm already up." Scanty said tiredly.

"Good Morning sister, did you have a nice slumber?" Kneesocks asked politely.

"You know, another one of those long late nights." Scanty replied as Panty chuckled.

Garterbelt gave a heavy sigh. He didn't understand anything and it would probably be best if he didn't try to.

"Well… so long as God and the Ruler of the Underworld approves of your relationships then I'll let it be. But just don't do that lovey dovey shit y'all do around me." Garterbelt said calmly.

"Oh~ is Little Miss Garter jealous of the fact that we can get same-sex partners that will stay longer than a penetration." Stocking teased the Priest.

"More like a hello." Panty added and all of the girls chuckled as Garterbelt walked away.

"Do you think he will be at odds with us?" Kneesocks asked.

"Garter will get over it as soon as he crawls out of his big vagina." Stocking answered.

Kneesocks shrugged. "You want some sugar?" Kneesocks asked.

"Baby you read my mind." Stocking said as she and Kneesocks rose up and walked hand in hand towards the kitchen.

"Speaking of sugar, give me some." Panty said.

"What's the magic word?" Scanty mewed.

"Give me some sugar please~" Panty asked politely.

"That's better." Scanty said as she kissed her angel.

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