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Distant Lovers I

"YOU GOTTA BE FUCKING KIDDING ME!" The angelic sisters yelled in surprise at their demonic counter parts gaining the attention of others at the café.

"We know this will be the first time we've ever separated for a while-"

"A while!? Scanty you're leaving me for a month! What am I gonna without you for a month!?" Panty asked.

"I don't know. But we have to be with our father. He hasn't really been on a vacation for years and he just wants to spend time with us." Scanty explained.

"But a month is too damn long." Stocking whined.

"If your mother wanted to spend time with you and you haven't spent good quality time with her in a long time, wouldn't you go?" Kneesocks asked.

The two angels didn't even, no couldn't even reply to that. They haven't seen their mother since they were called to Heaven because of their relations with the demon sisters.

"Our point exactly, which is why we have to go to Mexico with him." Scanty said.

The angels sighed in unison. Sure they were happy that their girlfriends were going to spend time with their father, considering that Corset was so busy when the war between Angels and Demons was going on. But at the same time they didn't what them to leave them with nothing to do especially since its summer break.

"I don't like it, but what can we do when it comes to family." Panty said grabbing Scanty's hand.

"I don't know, maybe join our family of 4 four and make it 6?" Kneesocks mumbled with a blush.

"What was that?" Stocking asked.

"Nothing just thinking out loud that's all." Kneesocks said nervously.

"Well, we have to get going. Lots of packing to do." Scanty said and the demon sisters rose up from the table.

"Promise us you'll come by tonight before you leave." Stocking said.

"We promise." The two demons said together and gave their lovers a kiss on the cheek.

"A whole month of our summer vacation without them, I don't know if I'll live." Stocking said staring out the window of See Through.

"I know how you feel but we can't get all emotional just because they're leaving. You know what they say 'if you let the person you love go and they come back to you they were always yours'." Panty reassured.

"Panty is it just me or did you become a sap?" Stocking asked.

"Yeah I did become a sap. And you're not one to talk either Stocking. I've seen you bend for Kneesocks." Panty laughed as she took a left.

Stocking laughed and said, "Whatever, if anything I blame them for ruining us."

"Yeah they totally poisoned our minds tricking us into believing that they actually love us." Panty said.

The two sisters laughed as they dwelled on the past.

At about 7 PM the demon sisters arrived at the church. Kneesocks was in Stocking's room and Scanty was in Panty's room.

"I'm gonna miss you while you're gone." Panty said wrapping her arms around Scanty's waist.

"Well if you're going to miss me so much then maybe we should make up for all of the time we are going to lose." Scanty mewed in Panty's ear.

A smirk crept onto Panty's face. She didn't waste another second. She rolled them over so that she was on top of Scanty. Panty stared deep into Scanty's mixed colored eyes as her hands wondered. She bent down and kissed her red lover for all she was worth. As the two older sisters were lip locked their clothes became one with the floor piece by piece until hot bare skin touched. Panty slowly dragged her nails down Scanty's body as she sucked on her pulse. Scanty moaned in pleasure as shivers ran throughout her body.

As soon as Scanty was taking a liking to her girlfriend's actions she halted and proceeded to dawn her strap-on. As soon as it was on the toy fused with her body to become her "would have been" large fully erect member. As soon as Scanty was about to move Panty stopped her.

"Ah ah ah, No Miss Scanty, it's your turn to sit back and enjoy." Panty said.

Scanty did as she was told and laid back. Panty grabbed her legs by the knees and spread them apart. Scanty's sex glistened under the moon, which caused Panty to lick her lips. Without wasting any more time Panty delve her tongue inside the green haired demon. She licked, flicked, and sucked very gently so that the demon's moans of pleasure filled the room. All too soon for Scanty's taste Panty pulled away. Then Panty trailed kisses up the demon's body sending pleasurable shocks as she drew closer to her face.

Panty gave Scanty a soft and tender kiss on the cheek. Scanty looked up at her lover innocently. Panty smiled as she looked into Scanty's demon eyes and kissed her lips. As they kissed Panty rubbed her member up against Scanty's center. This caused the mint-haired demon to slightly squirm and groan into the blonde-haired angel. Then Panty shifted back a little and slowly pushed herself in and Scanty quickly broke the kiss to cry out in ecstasy.

"P-P-Panty… Ah!" Scanty stuttered as Panty slowly pulled out and thrust back in hard.

Panty continued this action until Scanty clawed her back and gasped sharply. She finally found the spot she was blindly looking for. Panty kept pounding that spot as Scanty yelled and screamed in pure pleasure with her nails digging into the angel's skin on her back.

"PANTY! AHHHHHHHHHH! MMMMMM!" Scanty moaned and gave Panty some new scratches on her back.

"Ah." Panty groaned as the cold salty air breezed on her back.

Scanty's breath quickened as her climax was reaching. Panty was close to climaxing as well. She pounded harder and faster into the demon.

"PANTY! FUCK!" Scanty cursed as her juices flowed and her body convulsed.

"Ahhhh, SHIT!" Panty yelled her thick white substance spewed out mixing with Scanty's juices.

Then when their climaxes calm down Panty collapsed on top of Scanty. The only sound between the two of them was soft heavy breathing. Panty mustered up some strength to lift herself up and tenderly kiss her demon lover.

Scanty was the first one to wake in the morning. Her eyes fluttered open and she caught a nice eye full of Panty's adorable sleeping face. Scanty grinned as her "Sunshine" slept peacefully with her arms wrapped around her waist. She knew trying to get out of the bed with Panty's arms around her was impossible, she tried before Panty just wouldn't let go until she woke up.

"Two Scantys?" Panty mumbled in her sleep.

Scanty held back a giggle as the angel talked in her sleep.

"Aw, does Panty not like that?" Scanty said back to the sleeping girl.

Panty smiled and said, "Panty like."

Scanty chuckled lightly trying to savor the time with her lover. She looked at Panty again before looking over at the clock on the wall. It read 6:30 AM. Their flight doesn't leave until 10:45 AM.

"Yes, I still have enough time to sit here with her. I might as well wake her up." Scanty thought.

Scanty kissed Panty on the cheek, then on the nose, then on her forehead. She continued to kiss all over the blonde-haired girl. When Panty didn't wake after the 15th kiss Scanty stopped.

"There's no way in hell you're not awake after that." Scanty whispered in her girlfriend's ear.

"I was hoping that you would keep going." Panty said then kissed Scanty on her pulse.

"Uh-uh, I wanted you awake for this one." Scanty said lowly and kissed Panty.

They stayed lip locked until they needed air.

"I love waking up in the morning like this." Panty said breathy and sat up.

"I like it too." Scanty said, smiled, and sat up as well.

"Hey don't you have to go?" Panty asked.

"No, not as of now, our flight doesn't leave until 10:45." Scanty answered.

There was a short silence.

"All I heard was, "we have enough time to mess around"." Panty laughed.

Scanty started to laugh. When their laughter died down Scanty started to think about something. The whole time they've been together she has yet to take Panty. Not even once.

"Hey Sunshine." Scanty said lightly.

"Yes Miss Scanty." Panty answered.

"I just noticed something. I never… You know… been on… top." Scanty said nervously.

When that last word left her mouth Panty's eyes grew wide.

"I… uhhh, ah." Panty tried to find some words but couldn't locate them.

"Do you not want me that way? Am I not like the other guys you had before?" Scanty asked.

"N-No it's nothing like that. I-I just… Ever since I got with you… I don't t-think." Panty shuddered.

"You don't think what!" Scanty's voice raised as her agitation increased.

"I don't think I'm ready for you yet. I'm scared I might start reverting back to the way I was just with you." Panty replied calmly.

Scanty gave Panty a look that said "really".

"Don't give me that look. You of all people should understand." Panty said.

To be honest Scanty was just every bit of guilty as Panty was. Scanty did used to sleep around with Kneesocks all the time so there wasn't much of a difference.

Panty used this silence to think.

"I know I'm being unfair to Scanty. I should at least her-"

"At least let me give you oral sex." Scanty suggested cutting off Panty's train of thought.

As soon as Scanty finished her statement Panty grabbed her face and kissed her. The two of them rolled over so that Scanty was on top. Scanty was in control now so when she broke away from the kiss she nibbled at Panty's neck. As Panty's soft moans of pleasure filled Scanty's hearing her hands roamed downwards to undo the strap-on the angel wore. As son as the strap was undone Panty's penis reverted back to a strap-on and Scanty tossed it away and traveled down. As she went down she left a hot trail of kisses on the blonde-haired girl's body. Then Scanty gave a kiss right on top of Panty's bud that caused her to twitch. The demon looked up and smiled at the angel with teasing eyes.

With her eyes still on Panty, Scanty licked at her girlfriend's center.

"Shit." Panty said in surprise, remembering the feeling and squeezing onto the pillows..

Scanty watched the eldest angel's reactions as she licked and kissed at the top her center.

"Ah, fuck, Scanty." Panty moaned as her body grew hotter.

After getting more than enough of a good look at Panty's sex face the red-skinned girl moved down some more to delve her tongue into her lover. She closed her eyes savoring the flavor. As the demon twirled her tongue inside Panty her moans grew louder and her hands moved to her lovers head.

"SCANTY!AHHHHH!" Panty screeched as she came.

Scanty hummed as she lapped up all of the juices her darling angel produced. She tasted sweet. As soon as the demon was done she crawled her way back up to her angel lover and kissed her. Panty noted that she tasted pretty good.

"See that wasn't so bad now was it?" Scanty breathed after breaking away from the kiss.

"…No sweet heart… it wasn't." Panty said breathing heavily.

Scanty looked at the clock on the wall.

"I hate to do this but I must get ready to go Sunshine." Scanty said with a sad expression.

"Figures as much, can I come with you?" Panty said with big puppy dog eyes.

"Sure, I don't mind at all. That means we can shower together." Scanty said seductively.

Panty gained new found energy and hoped up quickly saying, "Race ya'!"

At the airport the girls sat and waited for Corset to arrive. They got there early on purpose just so that they could spend some extra time together, the four of them just sat and chit-chatted away about random things.

"I want you to take a picture every single day." Stocking said.

"Sweet Lips, for the 10th time I will." Kneesocks exaggerated with agitation.

Panty and Scanty laughed at their younger siblings.

"They're so adorable." Scanty laughed.

"Stocking is such a baby." Panty added.

"Hey I heard that. I am not a baby." Stocking pouted.

"If that face didn't say baby I wouldn't know what would." A familiar male voice said from behind where the girls were sitting.

The four of them turn around to see Corset looking as sharply as ever still in his usual constricting clothes. He was also wearing a warming smile as well.

"Hello father, you look well." Kneesocks said with wide smile on her face.

"I am feeling well as a matter of fact. Better than I have in years." Corset said as he walked around to take a set in between the two couples.

"I'm glad to hear that father." Scanty said with a smile equal to Kneesocks's

Panty and Stocking couldn't help but smile as they watched their lovers enjoy being around their father. They would most likely do the same thing if they were with their mother.

"So I take it that you four have been trying to soak up all the time you could haven't you?" Corset asked the girls.

"Yeah, we are going to be a part for a long time sir." Panty answered.

"I understand," Corset rose up and stretched, "Well I'm going to go and get some coffee. Any of you want anything?" Corset asked.

The girls shook their head no and Corset walked off to a nearby Starbucks.

"Your dad is so accepting of us. I like him so much more now." Stocking said.

"What made you dislike him at first?" Scanty asked.

"His bondage obsession is worse than mine." Stocking answered.

"So you're jealous?" Kneesocks asked.

"No I'm not jealous... He wouldn't tell me any of his secrets." Stocking mumbled.

"What?" Kneesocks asked.

"Nothing dear." Stocking brushed off the answer.

"Flight 666 to Cancun, Mexico will be boarding in 5 minutes." A female voice said over the intercom.

As if on cue Corset came back with a hot coffee in his hand.

"Well it's time to go, if you two will join us going to the gate Scanty and Kneesocks will greatly appreciate it." Corset said in his charming voice.

"How can we say no?" The angels said together.

The girls followed the male to the boarding area. The couples walked hand in hand and the closer they got the tighter their grips on their hands became. When they finally reached their gate the girls stopped. Corset looked back but kept on walking.

"I swear your dad is awesome." Panty said.

"I figured that." Scanty said.

Panty hugged Scanty tightly and she hugged her back.

"I'm gonna miss you." Panty said with sadness in her voice.

"Don't worry I'll be back before you know it. And when I do get back just know that somebody's getting it." Scanty reassured with a smile.

Panty smiled and gave her lover one last kiss.

"Remember Kneesocks."

"Lots of pictures." Kneesocks answered.

Stocking sighed.

"Imma miss you." Stocking whined and wrapped her arms around Kneesocks.

"I'm gonna miss you too. But I'll be back so soon you won't even know I was gone." Kneesocks said.

Then the two younger siblings shared a kiss.

"Flight 666 to Cancun, Mexico will be boarding now. The plane will be leaving in 10 minutes." A female voice said over the intercom.

With that said the Demon Sisters departed from the Anarchy Sisters to board their plane.

Panty and Stocking went by the large glass window and waited for the plane to take off. 10 minutes later they watched the plane take off into the air caring their lovers and their father away from them.

"I miss her already." They both said in unison.

Me: Ok some there is one thing I need to explain about Panty's dick. So in the story I'm going to write Panty and Stocking has to take Scanty and Kneesocks's virginitys. So in doing so God(who I believe is not their mother) gives them strap-ons that can fuse with their bodies and giving them a dick and its the size it 'would've been' if they were boys. Besides that good one right?

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