Sora sighed, leaning against the post of the arch he stood under. It was cold, but for some reason Sora was standing outside under this random arch that definitely hadn't been in the park yesterday. He failed to notice Grace and Jo snickering from behind a tree.

Yukiho jogged over to him and smiled. "Hi, Sora-kun. Merry Christmas."

"Merry Christmas, Ohime-chan. And happy birthday…even if we don't know which birthday it is."

Yukiho leaned up against the opposite side of the arch, fiddling her hands around inside her muffler. She drew a hand out and adjusted her hat, then thrust it back inside the fluffy white warmness encircling her other hand.

"I-I'm not sure either. Maybe it's…" She trailed off. "Sora-kun, w-where did this arch come from?"

"I don't know." Sora looked up to the sky—and blushed. His eye had caught onto something hanging from the top of the arch.


"Um…Ohime-chan?" he whispered.


Sora pointed.

Yukiho looked up. "What a pretty plant."

"It's mistletoe."


"Do you know what that means?"

Yukiho blinked. "Mistletoe…is a pretty plant?"

"Well, that too…"

Yukiho cocked her head. "What else does it m-mean?"

"That we have to kiss," Sora stated. He said "have to", but it was more like "encouraged to". He wanted to kiss Yukiho anyway, after all.

Yukiho blushed. "…oh," she said simply. "Um…a-alright."

Slowly, she took a step off the wall of the arch and walked to the middle.

"I'm ready…"

Sora smiled and stepped over to meet her. "Don't worry. It'll just be quick, anyway."

"I-I'm…not worried," Yukiho breathed. She smiled.

"Good. I won't hurt you. It'll just be a quick kiss…"

Before he could end the sentence, Yukiho leaned in and kissed him. Sora blushed and felt himself kiss her back. Slowly, he moved his arms around her and kissed her deeper. Yukiho squeaked into his mouth and he immediately pulled away.

"…I'm sorry," he muttered. "Was that too much for you?"

"I-I was just a bit surprised," Yukiho answered. "…w-we could…k-kiss again, if you want to…"

Sora just smiled and shook his head. "That was enough for me."

"A-are you sure?"

"No." He leaned in and kissed her again. This time, Yukiho was the one who pulled Sora closer, while Grace and Jo experienced spastic giggle fits and took lots of pictures.


"W-wait up already!"

"Kench, you're too slow…!"

"I'm not slow, you're just way too fast! H-hang on…!"

Makoto paused under an arch that was conveniently placed in the park right where she was running with Kenchi. "Fine, I'll wait for you over here. Hurry up!"

Grace and Jo high-fived at their couple-catching abilities.

Kenchi jogged over and paused to catch his breath beneath the random arch that both of them knew had not been there yesterday. "You know…most people…can't run that fast w-without a break."

"Come on, we only did four miles…"

"That's a lot!"

Makoto shrugged. "You just need to work on your stamina."

"Y-you're not panting at all…?!"

"Hey, I'm used to this kind of thing. Now, go ahead and take a break and then we'll run back. 'Kay?"

Grace threw a rock at the top of the arch, hoping to direct their attention to the little thing of mistletoe, then realized that she had pretty much jut forced her beloved Makoto to kiss someone who wasn't her and screamed violently at herself over her misfortune. She then proceeded to cry into Jo's shoulder.

Unfortunately for Grace, her plan worked and both teenagers looked up to the top of the arch where the rock had struck, successfully spotting the mistletoe as well.

"Oh, hey, what do you know. It's mistletoe."

"Yes, it is."

The both of them fell silent.

"What do you think happens if we ignore it?"

"I-I don't know," Kenchi muttered. Just kiss me already before I tackle you to the floor and make out with you, because we both know you won't enjoy that as much.

To test, Makoto walked out from under the arch and started to leave the park area. Kenchi resisted the urge to drag her back and pin her to the wall. She took a few more steps.

Jo threw a rock at her head.

Makoto yelped and jumped out of the way of the oncoming projectile, looking around wildly to try to see who'd thrown it.

Behind their tree, Jo pouted that she'd missed and Grace beat her mercilessly (or so she thought) for trying to kill her beloved darling.

Makoto slowly backed under the arch again. "So that's what happens."

"Yes, I suppose so…" Hurry up and kiss me…



They fell silent again.

"…this is awkward," Makoto pointed out.


"Yeah. So…yeah. I guess…yeah. So. Um…"



Grace and Jo both threw rocks.

Makoto yelped again and fled to Kenchi's side of the arch, which resulted in her crashing into him, which ultimately resulted in the two of them standing very close and Kenchi's arms around her. Both of them blushed.

Jo prepared to throw another rock, but Grace ate it before she could, so Jo beat Grace with a rock.

Makoto blinked. "Um."



"Would you just kiss me already?" Kenchi sighed, beginning to get annoyed. His hand twitched and he tried to keep it from wandering down to Makoto's butt.

Makoto blushed harder. "…why don't you just kiss me?"

In response, Kenchi obliged.

Makoto struggled for a few seconds before realizing that Kenchi was a boy and she wasn't reliving painful memories and she actually liked him, so she relaxed and kissed him back. They stayed that way for a while until Makoto twitched slightly.

Kechi was touching her butt.

She shoved away, blushing madly. "Did you just touch my butt?!"

"Yup." Kenchi pulled her back in and kissed her again, holding the girl as close against him as possible. Eventually, Makoto allowed herself to relax again and the two of them made out while Grace and Jo had a discussion behind their tree.

"They're an ugly couple," Jo decided.

"I would be better for her," Grace agreed.

"You're weird, Onee-chan…"

"Yeah, I know."

"I think me and Sora would be a lovely couple."

"…nah, he's cuter with Yukiho."

Jo beat her sister with a rock while Kenchi and Makoto eventually separated. Makoto slapped him.

"…OK, ow," Kenchi whined. "Why'd you do that?"

"Because you're a pervert," Makoto replied bluntly. "But you're my pervert." She paused. "You are my pervert, right? Because if you're going around touching other girls, I want no part of you."

"I don't even like other girls…"

"Good. Now let's walk home holding hands until we get close to my house, at which time you will have to go all the way on the other side of the street so my dad doesn't think we have anything to do with each other."



Jasper sat down under the arch. Yukiho walked over and sat on the opposite side of the arch.

"Hi, Jasper-kun."

"There's mistletoe here," Jasper responded immediately. He pulled a handful of grass out of the ground and ripped it up, then dropped it and yanked out some more grass.

"O-oh," Yukiho murmured. "I…I-I don't want to kiss you…!"

"I don't want to kiss anyone," Jasper sighed.

"Go ahead and just go home," Jo called.

Yukiho blinked, stood, and walked away. "OK, g-goodbye, Jasper-kun."

"Bye, Yukiho."


For some reason, Sora was still under the arch. Makoto ran over to him, waving.

"Hey, Sora~!" she called, pausing under the arch. "I dropped my pen over here. Have you seen it~?"

"Why are you ending your sentences with squiggly lines?"

"Hm~? I don't know~"

"Stop it. It's weird."

"Hey, Sora~," Makoto began, smiling her signature catty smile, "y'know, there's mistletoe here~"

Sora blinked. "…no."

"Aw, c'mon~…"

"No way."

"Just once can't hurt, right~?"

"I'm sure that's what you thought when you kissed me the first time. Which, by the way, I did not appreciate at all."

"You're cruel, Sora~…"

"Stop doing that."


"Ending your sentence with squiggly lines."

"How do you even…what?"

"I don't know."

Grace and Jo stepped out from behind their tree.

"Yeah, you two can just…go home," Grace told them.

"You two are a hideous couple," Jo stated.

Makoto blinked. Then she leaned over to Sora, planted a kiss on his cheek, and then ran away.

"You…! Get back here so I can kill you!" Sora hissed, frantically rubbing his face.

Makoto laughed. "Catch me if you can, Sora~!"

"Get back here already!" Sora took off after the girl, screaming her name and rubbing his face.

Grace and Jo watched them.

"Fun," Grace muttered.

"He's mine," Jo said.

"Well, she's mine so…"

"Let's go home."

"But there's still two more couples."

"Oh yeah."


For some strange reason that neither of them could understand, Yukiho and Kenchi were suddenly standing under the arch.

"Hi, Hagiwara-chan," Kenchi greeted. "How's your afternoon?"

"Oh, i-it's wonderful," Yukiho answered. "Thank you for asking, Kentaro-kun. H-how is your family?"

"Oh, the usual…Kyoko is being lazy and Kyou-nii is being a pervert."

Yukiho nodded. "…well, goodbye."


Grace and Jo watched them walk away.

"Yeah, let's just let them go."

"Ugly couples everywhere…"


Jasper was still plucking grass when Makoto approached.

"Stop yanking all that grass out," she chastised. "You're hurting the environment."

Jasper stared at her and then returned to his grass-plucking.

"Stupid kid," Makoto muttered.

"Ugly freak."

"You really think so? I've always wanted…hey, wait a second!"

"You're stupid," Jasper stated bluntly.

"I am…" Makoto trailed off.

"I know, That's way I said it, stupid."

"That's not what I meant," Makoto snapped. "Jasper…there's mistletoe here."

The two of them fell silent. Then Jasper made some sort of strangled screaming noise and started screaming "EW!" and various other noises of contempt, while Makoto sat on the sidelines keeled over in pain while she thought about the horrors of kissing Jasper.

Grace laughed.

Jo threw rocks and successfully hit Makoto in the neck and Jasper in the arm. Jasper threw another rock at Jo, successfully knocking her out.

"I'm just going home," Makoto sighed weakly. "Ew, kissing Jasper…"


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