Author's Note: This will be my first AHS: Asylum fic. I totally know that Sister Eunice is hiding something, and I know she's going to end up not being the sweet and innocent looking nun she portrays. Here is a possiblity (in my own little bubble of horror) of what become of her, regarding the promo poster; Sister Mary Eunice in the bed, with Dr. Arden and his hand up her habit and scapular.

Disclaimer: I own nothing, everything belongs to Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and the FX network.


The day began as always; she had risen before five, before the sun had even begun to break its rays above the horizon. She said her prayers beside her bed, rosary in hand, nightwear still on before she tucked in the sheets and plumped her pillow. The blonde then began to ready herself for the day ahead; washing, dressing and penance before she had even left her simple room.

As she left her sleeping chamber, the young woman of God crossed the corridor, to check if her superior, Sister Jude was still slumbering. She was. This meant Sister Mary Eunice had around an average of fifty minutes before she would be putting herself in danger of being punished by the good Sister Jude. Still, Sister Eunice traipsed on through the corridors, her eyes just adjusting to the rising morning sun as she made her way to the room in which most of her sins were committed.

Sister Mary Eunice wandered along the dismal corridors, hearing the murmurs of the inmates; in slumber, psychotic states or directed to her as they saw her passing. For once, she managed to steer clear of Spivey's cell. That man was something else, he was disgusting, often she found herself the moving target of his offerings, usually bodily fluids or waste.

She eventually made it to the intended location, and upon giving three gentle raps with her knuckles against the door, she turned the handle and entered, smiling chastely as she allowed herself to slip inside and close the door behind herself, leaning against it lightly. Sister Mary Eunice stayed in the same spot for several seconds, her hands behind her back, pressed softly against the cool wooden door as she watched him nearing her, her intense blue eyes watching him, following his movements.

As he raised his hand to her to touch her face, Sister Mary Eunice began to grin, a devilish grin, something which anybody who knew her and were used to her angelic ways would be surprised at seeing. She had yet to take her eyes off of him, and even as his palm moved over her cheek, she stared back at him, a strange and somewhat mischievous glint in her eyes. The usually simple and sunny nun had turned, something had changed within her. She was coaxing him, egging him on with his touches.

Seeing how unusually challengingly Sister Eunice stared back, he swallowed a little, not entirely knowing what to do. To him, Sister Mary Eunice had always been easy to manipulate, the simple child of God, now though, that did not seem the case. Sister Mary Eunice had been able to instill some fear into Dr. Arden, this was something never before heard of with the good doctor.

"Why are you wasting time, Dr. Arden?" she asked, her voice unusually coarse as she continued to stare back at him from her position against the door.

"You know that the anticipation, I find, is more erotic than the act itself, Sister." he responded in timely fashion, the least he wanted to do was to anger his favorite pet.

"It's not just the creatures who are getting hungry, you know..." she murmured, only now pushing off the door, but not yet taking a step toward him. Her mouth hung open slightly, just as it had done the evening she'd spent at the Infirmary, and Dr. Arden had come to visit her. Looking over him, Sister Mary Eunice raked her eyes down the length of his body before she stepped forwards, "Shelley came to me." she began, "She told me about the conversation she had with you..." another step towards Dr. Arden.

"The conversation between that acid tongued harlot and I involved she talking and me walking away..." he stated as he began to back down from Sister Eunice.

The nun began to step toward Dr. Arden, small steps as she continued, "She told me she wanted you to take her. Bend her over the bread racks, and take her, from behind. To...pound her into shape." Sister Mary Eunice allowed a sinister chortle to escape as she heard herself say those words. Waiting for his reaction, she got it, and grinned even more so than before, "We've been saying we should try something different. I can leave my wimple on..." she allowed her eyes to narrow slightly as her grin turned cat-like.

"Sister..." Dr. Arden began, still backing away from her, his hands up in some kind of surrender. He was finding it hard to grow accustomed to her new found frivolity. Had it been the candy apple he'd given her, initially meant as a treat for her good work in keeping their secret hidden from Sister Jude? Or had it been the occurrences of the night the boy had been admitted, eventually having led to his exorcism?

"What, Doctor? I know this is what you think I don't know about what you up to out of practise?" she glared at him, not blinking and still moving toward him, "I know you bring them home, dress them up and tie them to your bed...are they substitute for me?"

"W-who, Sister?" he managed, trying not to keep eye contact with her for too long.

"Those women." she spat out, "The prostitutes. You make them dinner, tell me, is the meat you use from our patients?" she grinned wickedly at him, edging yet closer, she could see Dr. Arden was almost at his desk, "You prepare dinner before you tell them to go to your bedroom, change into the clothing you've laid out for them; a habit, wimple, and scapular, occasionally leaving a rosary on the dresser."

She reeled off the information, leaving Dr. Arden bemused, watching her until he hit the desk. Glancing briefly over his shoulder, he saw he was almost cornered, against the desk with Sister Eunice hot on his tail. As Dr. Arden turned back, Sister Mary Eunice was directly in front of him, still staring at him. He did not know how the Sister had come to gather this information, but it frightened him that she knew so much about him.

It took her all of two seconds before she directed her attention to the desk behind Arden, she grinned before focusing back on him, casually sidestepping around him, "Come on, Doctor. I'm already in don't find this...disconcerting, do you?"