Author's Note: This will be my first AHS: Asylum fic. I totally know that Sister Eunice is hiding something, and I know she's going to end up not being the sweet and innocent looking nun she portrays. Here is a possiblity (in my own little bubble of horror) of what become of her, regarding the promo poster; Sister Mary Eunice in the bed, with Dr. Arden and his hand up her habit and scapular.

Disclaimer: I own nothing, everything belongs to Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and the FX network.


Looking around the club, she smirked to herself. She could feel the spotlight upon her delicate skin as she had many nights before, and the leers she felt as the men looked upon her. Most of them were Military men, home from 'Nam or about to be deployed there. Standing at the microphone, after having the Emcee introduce her, "Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome back to the stage, Miss Lucy Martin..." the name she had assigned herself after walking out on Briarcliff almost a year earlier. The blonde took her spot, giving the nod to her accompanying band.

The band struck up; piano and bass before she began the next song in her set. The looks continued, each of the men drinking in the sight of her, how innocent she looked, how pure. She loved it. Mary Eunice, now known as Lucy thrived on the attention, however when approached she would act demure and shy. It was a hell of game she played, and she remembered how she'd gotten there;

"Sister Jude..." she approached the older, maternal figure, the woman who had taken her under her wing when they had first arrived at Briarcliff.

Looking up from the magazine she had been reading, Jude regarded the nun standing before her, tilting her head, Jude raised her brows to Sister Mary Eunice.

"Sister Jude, I-I must speak with you..." Sister Mary Eunice sat down at her side, kneeling beside the older woman, "The things I've done while here...the sins, Sister. I...I don't know who else to go to." it was Simple Sister talking, the Devil allowed her to shine through, manipulated her to get what it wanted, "I can't go to the Monsignor, not after what between us..."

"Why have you come to me?" Jude finally spoke up, narrowing her eyes slightly at Eunice.

Sister Eunice panicked a little, was Jude onto her game? She sniffled, "Before everything, you were there for me Sister. You said so favored me." she cleared her throat, "I need guidance, Jude. Should I walk away from the Church and renounce my vows or...?"

"After your...indiscretion with Timothy..." Jude snarled slightly. Pure Mary Eunice shone through the Devil's hard exterior, she raised her brows, pleading with Jude silently to help her. Seeing her younger charge begging for advice, something inside Jude snapped and she agreed. She had missed the young Sister so much, and when she had saw Timothy and Eunice together, she knew it had not been something this innocent girl would do. Jude nodded and took the blonde's chin in her hand, looking into her grey eyes.

"Should I renounce, Sister?" Sister Eunice swallowed gently, "When you joined the convent, wh-what made you seek God?" the girl asked. Jude had been the closest she had gotten to a mother and although it had disgraced Simple Sister Eunice to cause the woman harm, the Devil had beaten her down and told her that Jude deserved after all those canings she had received.

As she gazed down at the young blonde, Jude swallowed, she hadn't told anybody other than Timothy about her lifestyle before running Briarcliff and joining the convent under the order of Mother Claudia. Retracting her hand from under Eunice's chin, Jude clasped both her hands in her lap, contemplating how she would tell the impressionable younger nun beside her. Finally she turned, as Mary Eunice sat upon the bed beside her, gazing encouragingly at her mother-figure.

"You know The Play House...?" Jude began before shaking her head quickly, "Of course you wouldn''s a bar out in Framingham. I used to sing there." she cleared her throat before fiddling with the hem of her asylum scrub gown, "Among...other things..." she nodded, glancing casually to Eunice who was now sitting wide-eyed, hands clasped in her own lap. As Jude revealed more about her past, she saw how much Sister Mary Eunice seemed to be fascinated with it.

"Wouldn't you ever return to your former glory? I've heard your singing, Sister Jude...your voice is wonderful." Sister Mary Eunice smiled and nodded gently, "I wish I could sing like you do."

Looking to the microphone, Lucy came in for the last verse of her song before finishing the number to somewhat stellar applause. Turning away from her audience, she threw back a slug of whiskey before taking a sip of water and turning back to her audience, ready to introduce her set finale; her signature song, "Ladies and gentleman, thank for listening, and now my final song..." turning to the pianist, Lucy nodded, "Jimmy..." as the piano struck up, Lucy began to move her hips with the beat before opening the song, "You don't own me, I'm not just one of your many toys..."

Upon finishing her set, Lucy was greeted with rapturous applause from her audience and she thanked them, "Thank you, that was in memoriam of my mother, some of you may have known her. Judy Martin...sadly she's no longer with us, but I have decided to continue her work. Thank you." she moved around the microphone and headed to the bar, to sit down finally. There, she was approached by a older man, he was no older than 40.

"You're continuing ya mother's work, huh?" he asked her, "She was a singer too?"

"Y-yes, she sang here, in the 40's." Lucy nodded gently.

"Yeah, I remember're really carryin' on all her work?" he asked. Looking over her, he could see she was shying away from him, and he smirked a little, "I'm only askin' cause I had to turn ya mother down, when she asked me to take 'er home. The baby was sleepin'." he announced before leaning in to mutter something in the blonde's ear, "You gonna ask me to take you home?"

As he stepped back again, and exhaled his cigarette smoke, the blonde looked up at him from under heavily mascaraed lashes before running her eyes over him and turning back to her drink. In one movement, she slung back what was left and stood, leaning into him, "It's your lucky night, take me home, soldier..." she murmured, leading the way from the bar, "I am my mother's daughter, after all."