Some notes before actually getting to this:

Well, this is one of the best ideas I've ever had. I've wanted to make a Lucian-centric story for a while and include my beliefs on the life he has with Aaron, Cynthia, and his siblings Will and Shauntal. This is primarily going to be stuff about Lucian and Aaron's romantic relationship, told via the Psychic's perspective most of the time, mixed in with other aspects of his lovely life. The story itself was inspired by pretty much every Eliteunder fanfiction I've seen on this site. I do hope you enjoy it and review. This will be multi-chaptered and there will be adult content, lots and lots of delicious adult content. THERE WILL BE YAOI/YURI/HOMOSEXUAL RELATIONS, if this offends you along with sex, language, and other things, then please keep any hateful comments to yourself, or simply message your concerns to me instead.

To add to list of inspirators: Vladimir Nabokov, because I just finished reading Lolita—this will play a big part in the ever-budding relationship between Lucian and Aaron.

Without any further ado, here is chapter one of Breaking Through the Looking Glass

Chapter One: A Sudden Captivation, Simply Put

The best aspect of being an Elite is constantly learning about yourself with the help of even the most peculiar of people.

The grandest occasions in Sinnoh always involve the trainers held in highest regard, such as the Champion's coronation—Lady Cynthia being inducted nine years prior to this—or the welcoming of a new member of the Elite Four. Ever since the start of Cynthia's reign, the four leading up to her had been yours truly, predecessors Flint, Bertha, and a young girl who after finding her vehement tactics as a trainer were starting to upset the general public, decided to resign from her position and take time to herself, thus leaving an open space for first Elite. At first, we had no idea how to deal with that empty space, Flint suggesting that we make Volkner the newest Elite and find someone else to manage the Sunyshore Gym, but upon asking, the blond rejected the offer. We had been pondering the solution to this problem for perhaps half a week before our Champion thought of an excellent idea.

"Sweetheart," she said to me, "there have never been more challengers at our League than this year. Ever since Caitlin left more and more trainers want to come to ask questions about being a new Elite." She came out from the bathroom and crawled onto our bed, lying down next to me as I read my book. I smiled and continued without looking at her,

"So what do you propose we do, my love?" I placed the book onto my nightstand and turned to her. "I hear an idea coming on."

"I do have an idea. What's an occasion like this without some fun? I say we have an actual competition. Where we get everyone who has acquired the eight badges to battle against each other for the spot; it'll be a winner-take-all kind of thing. What do you think honey?" she cooed, moving in closer, her body pressed warmly against mine.

"I think it's a splendid idea, Cyn. Tomorrow, share it with the other two and then we'll announce it to the public. Great thinking, love."

"Thanks, Ian." Her lips pressed against mine, and for the moment all was right with the world.

And sure enough, the following week darling Cynthia hosted an all-challengers' event in which (those with the prerequisite of eight badges) would decide the new Elite. The battles lasted a course three days, all at what would today be known as the Fight Area in the Battle Zone Island. There were numerous trainers of all ages who were so skilled and graceful, Flint already had bets going on for certain competitors who were potentially going to win. My love and I stood high above the arena where the event took place, looking on and chattering about the trainers. On the third day, where the last few trainers were finishing this off definitively, something completely unexpected happened. As it turned out, coming out on top over dozens of trainers was an ecstatic young lad from humble beginnings in Eterna City, a Bug type aficionado.

Despite the plethora of trainers holding Pokémon of Flying, Fire, Ice, and what have you, the green-haired Bug Catcher (at the time) held his net high and conquered each and every one of them. He had such a way of commanding his Pokémon, his voice kept firm yet so passionate and exuberant. This boy impressed me to no end, and even I found myself cheering for the boy whose name I did not know. When this long, intense battle between Bug type and Flying type specialist ended, it was shockingly the Bug Catcher who won! I turned to Cynthia and she was so surprised, at the edge of her seat, clapping vigorously for this vigilant fighter. His valiant efforts and impressive use of what one would perceive to be a weak type earned him that spot in the Sinnoh Elites.

Five feet and six inches of teenage hyperactivity, the Bug Catcher's hat flew off his head and trailed behind as he ran at lightning speed next to darling Cynthia, who was standing on a platform in front of the broadcasting building in Jubilife City the following day, requesting all who entered to attend the inauguration of our Elite. Cameras from every angle caught the excited, tears-of-joy-stained face of the boy, and all of Sinnoh cheered for him. I, along with Bertha and Flint, stood off to Cynthia's side, clapping and sharing the joy with our newest colleague.

Darling Cynthia handed him and his party of well-trained Bugs commemorative ribbons, the indication of an official Elite. Aaron squealed giddily and wore the pin-like ribbon proudly on his white shirt, briefly turning to the camera to wave and yell "hello" to his mother. Aaron redirected to Cynthia and jumped on her, hugging her tightly and crying from the overwhelming sense of accomplishment. I have never in my years seen someone so full of life and zest for what he does. Normally children his age were quite apathetic and slovenly trainers, but not Aaron. I could already tell I was going to enjoy his company as an Elite. When he let go of my Cynthia, he laughed a bit through the tears and looked around, stopping to stare and smile at me.

At that instant, from the distance in which I was watching Aaron, something within me just stopped. There was just a frozen moment in time where I heard and saw nothing but Aaron. The thought of him entering our home was something of a realization for me, yet what my mind was trying to tell me, I don't know. All I knew was that I had a feeling something was going to change, probably within me, and it would be because of this child. My joyous mood fancied into inquisition; what had at first been me returning the nice gesture became contorted into a confused sort of face, which I believe came off as a bit standoffish to Aaron. He saw the sudden fall in facial expression and quickly turned away, thinking I was probably not as happy as I was.

That in itself is probably where this entire story begins.

With one quick glance and a loss in translation.

Author's Note:

Whoo, this was a joy to write. I'm actually pretty happy with my short-ish prologue to the life of Lucian and Aaron. Yes, at this time Lucian and Cynthia are (currently) lovers and not a lot of people within know that. This may be a little bit into the pool of Snazzyshipping, however it won't be. They're only together until…well you'll see.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this first chapter—the story will be updated regularly, hopefully there will be no longer than a week-long wait—and send your reviews, critiques, and general thoughts (so long as they're not hateful!). Thank you.