Disclaimer: I am just the translater the Author of this fanfic is Yuuki Seijaku gold and The Arcane Dawn belongs to Rei Toma.

Author Note: This fic was to write for a night drabble / and Organized by my sister, and the theme was "Black".

Translater Note: This my first time translating a story I used google translater so if I made some gammer mistakes don't be afraid to tell me.

These Were fiery red hair, Which he deserved to be despised. Yet she HAD done nothing wrong and never HAD desired to have this hair color.

Nakaba but still a young girl with hair the color everyone hated and cursed the fait que that she is a princess. She knew, and then rested on Loki who Helped him so much and do not reproach him.

When she was feeling to the enemy country to combine them, she found herself surrounded by people with black hair. Who hated all…?

Everyone except Caesar. Who DESPITE his good hair color, loved, and, ignoring his own hair color to it. After all, black or red, what does it change from one moment to the good character endears That the man in front of us?