A Good Man

Isn't it funny how they called me a good man—oh, look at Rumplestiltskin, such a nice man, a gentle and kind man, who loves his little son and provides for his little family—and yet they treated me like I was barely a man at all. Coward, is what I was to them.

Not a man. A coward.

Can the two really be exclusive? If I'd been a dog perhaps, or a fuzzy little rabbit, ducking out of the ogre wars would have earned the noble title of self-preservation. I think it would have had a nice ring to it, don't you?

But now –ah, now— things are marvellouslysimpler. I don't have to worry about being kind, or nice, or gentle… because those things don't matter. Never did, really. It never mattered to them or heror anyone else that I spun wool until my fingers bled for my nice little family, and it doesn't matter that I tried to keep my son from dying, or my wife from leaving me, or my filthy yapping neighbours from driving us out of our village.

Nobody cared.

You might be a good man. You might be brave and dashing and all the things I wasn't. Some day you might rescue some blushing princess from a tower and profess to her your twue undying love… but mark me, dearie. You'll never be a great man unless you possess something else entirely.

Now, you might wonder why you should listen to me for advice. I'm barely a man at all. A monster, perhaps? A misguided soul? Yeah. Could be.

But I have power. And I will live forever.

I'd say those two things plump up my credentials abit.

This is a good secret, you see, but it's something I have never quite grasped. It's why I still have power. It's why I will live forever. Why I will be alone— on my own, just me and myself and the illustrious Rumplestiltskin—forever.

To be a great man, you must take your power and your love and be willing to let them go. And if you deserve them, they'll come back to you.

Discover a tiny little thing called self-sacrifice, and you can rule the world.

No. Wait.

That'd be your brother who'll be ruling the world. Dear, dear me, it seems I have the wrong twin. Could you imagine if I'd made it all the way to ol' Georgie's castle with the wrong son? Ha! What a lark. Well, back down you go. Enjoy having the cradle to yourself, David or James or Leroy or whatever your name is I-don't-care. Hope you enjoyed our little chat.

Farewell, dearie! Sleep well. Give my love to your parents.

I'm sure we'll be seeing each other again quite soon.

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