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Chapter 7. Encounters.

Come Monday morning Alfred woke in a good mood. He hadn't dreamed at all last night witch he was thankful for and later on he and Matthew would meet up with their friends and hang.

The first half of the day went by quickly.

Alfred and Matthew then walked the five minute journey to McDonald's to meet up with Kiku and the others.

Marcher wasn't the smallest place in the world but it wasn't the biggest ether. In the centre of the village is where the shops, take outs, movie theatre, bar, and club Carnage stood. Alfred really only cared for two places there McDonald's and Carnage.

As they walked Alfred looked up at the cloudy grey sky. Droplets of rain landed on his glasses and he grumbled to himself about why nature had to pick today to be a total bitch.

He sighed and looked over at his brother who was being quieter than usual today.

"Mattie you ok dude?"

Matthew was distracted from his thoughts by his brother's voice. Looking over his shoulder he gave Alfred a bright smile and said "yeah I'm fine."

He didn't want Alfred to know he had been thinking about the things they had read yesterday in their dad's journal and that they were worrying him. 'What if there are things like vampires and werewolf's out there and what if they did come after Al. He always talks about being a hero and when we were younger he would stand up to those bullies' that would pick on me. He would be my hero but what could he do against a vampire. I wish I could be stronger so I can protect him.'

Any worry Alfred had disappeared with his brother's reply and bright smile.


They passed people trying to find shelter from the oncoming rain and the brothers didn't pay them much attention until one girl court Alfred's eye. He stopped walking and turned around as she walked by him and he blinked and adjusted his glasses on his nose just to make shore what he was seeing was real. She had long pointy ears that stuck out from her wavy brown hair and a long scaly tail that came out of a hole in the back of her jeans and swayed behind he legs.

He steered at her as she faded into the crowd until he felt a hand on his shoulder and turned to face Matthew who was shaking his head and said "its gunna rain any minute now Al. you can check out girls another time."

Alfred gave him a puzzled look and then looked back to where the girl had vanished into the crowd and then back to Matthew.

"You didn't see that?"

"See what Al?"

Alfred just steered at him before shaking his head and smiling.

"Nothing let's go we're almost there."

He started walking ahead but Matthew just stood there and looked back to the crowd trying to see what Alfred had seen. 'What was he looking at?' he thought to himself before once again recalling the things in their dad's journal. His attention was brought when he realised Alfred was way ahead of him now and Matthew ran to catch up with him.


They made it to McDonald's just as the rain began to fall heavily.

Matthew was thankful he decided to wear his red hoody today of all days as they ran to the doors to escape the downpour.

Inside they instantly spotted Kiku and the others in a corner near a window. After getting some food witch in Alfred's case was enough to feed three the two went and sat with the others.

Matthew Feliciano and Kiku sat by the wall on the bench facing the window and Lovino Antonio and Alfred sat in the chairs across from them

They sat there eating and making jokes about Antonio and Lovino's in the closet relationship until something over Alfred's shoulder court Kiku's eye from outside the window.

"Alfred look isn't that the guy from Carnage the other night?"

The whole group turned to where Kiku was pointing and steered at the tall blonde standing under the sign of the video rental store to keep out of the rain most likely.

"Do you guy's no him?" asked Matthew.

"He was eyeing Alfred the other night at Carnage. It was totally wired he just stood there in front of him until this other guy came and dragged him away. Creepy bastard" Lovino replied.

"Amigos I think Alfred has a stalker" Antonio said wile wrapping his arms around Lovino who began yelling at him to let go.

"He's just standing there steering at us how weird" said Feliciano nibbling on a chicken nugget.

"Yeah what a total creeper" mumbled Alfred. "An hey Toni he is not kike stalking me. Don't say scary shit like that" he added.

They watched the stranger for a few more seconds before he randomly left.

The group went back to their food and started new jokes about Alfred's potential stalker but Matthew couldn't smile and laugh happily with the others as he began to worry again over the words of the journal.

-Mostly I fear for Alfred. It's amazing nothing as tracked him yet of made an attack on him.-

'Could that guy be one of the things dad wrote about like a vampire?' he thought to himself. 'If so I want to protect Al.' he looked over at his brother who had appeared to have moved on and was now messing around with Antonio and Lovino. 'I think he'll defiantly need it.'


Ludwig had followed his new target all day until he went into a McDonald's where he and a group of other teens he had seen him with before were eating and laughing with each other. He thought about how he and Gilbert used to joke and laugh like that when they were younger and before they had met Ivan.

He watched them as the rain fell in front of him. Luckily the video store he was in front of had a balcony on the first floor with the store name painted across it in big blue letters that he could use to stay dry.

He thought that maybe he should take a photo of the blonde boy apparently named Alfred with his phone to show Ivan but his thoughts were interrupted by the sight of the group steering at him.

Not wanting more attention than he was already getting he decided to leave and go back to the warehouse and report the situation to Ivan. He also wanted to get back to Gilbert who had been held up in their room since he had left Ivan.

Ludwig walked away into the rain hoping that it would stop soon and that when he got back he wouldn't have to spend to long with Ivan.

What he didn't no was that Ivan wasn't even there.


"So we are going to Carnage now right? I can't wait to win all your money again today Alfred. You know you should take some pool lesions man."

"Shut up Toni I'm gunna win that money back today and totally clean you out to" Alfred said looking back over his shoulder at Antonio and sticking his tongue out at him as the group walked along the street.

Matthew not being old enough to get in to Carnage had said goodbye to the others and left for home.

The rain had stopped by the time they had finished at McDonald's and decided to head to Carnage for a few games of pool. Mostly everyone ells just wanted to try and get their money back from Antonio. The guy was like a freakin pro or something at pool and the others knew better really then to play for cash against him but the thought of beating him and wiping that smug grin off his face was something they all dreamed about.


Once inside the club witch was rather full most likely do to the weather the teens headed straight to the pool tables and began to rack up the balls and grab their sticks.

Carnage in the day was different to the buzzing night club it was at night. The place still had an open bar and music but it was a bit more sombre in the day.

After two games and a hefty loss of cash to Antonio Alfred said he was going to sit the next game out.

He made his way down to the bar wanting a coke. He was too young to buy alcohol after all. He sat on a stool waiting for the guy behind the bar to make his way over when someone off to his left court his eye.

The guy was tall really tall and well-built as fare as Alfred could tell with light blonde hair and violet eyes. They had to be contacts or something and must have been one of the people who came in here to escape the rain because he was wearing a long coat and a long white scarf. Alfred couldn't' help check the guy out I mean he was like a supermodel or something like that. He had to be someone famous and what kept Alfred's gaze on him was that he was moving towards him.