First a few words about my sources of inspiration:
In the movie "Apocalypse Now," is a scene,
which makes me quite hot, which stimulates my imagination:
A handsome man (young Martin Sheen) in a cage, tied, dirty and with an incredible stare.
I have also woven in some more impressions of the films end.
Then in a book (which is "Heart of Darkness" of cause) is a description of a scene, which is written wonderfuly.
The passage gave me even more occasion to write something.
The passage describes how someone stalks on another, furiously and apparently driven by jungle drums.



Just like a caged tiger.

His movements behind bars.

This tiger is pacing from side to side.

His eyes glistening between each bar.

The bondage is loose.

He was tied to the cage.

Free from the cage

he moves through damp grass.

Moves gracefully through the dark.

Unspeakable things were done to him.

Made him crave for more,

made him writhe in pleasure and fear.

This tormented soul, free now to go.

This tortured being, free now to stalk.

He is seeking revenge.

Vengeance on his master who did this to him.

This face in half-light.

Every detail clearly visible,

but partially in shade.

These shadows resembling tiger stripes.

In the light of the moon in the blaze of a fire.

Bright, wild eyes reflecting the flames

and the moon from above.

Staring in my direction.

His neck still in bondage

- a collar for my tiger.

I see those lips,

slightly opened, delicate and delicious.

I want to taste these lips as I did once before,

through the bars of the cage.

They were sweet with the taste of peach.

Let me savor them again.

These peach-lips…

His damp skin glistening with every breath.

Gleaming and sweating

- a delightful sight.

I want to smell it

- touch it once again.

His stare still on me.

Oh these piercing eyes!

Just like a tiger!

My heart is jumping.

I had this man

- in the cage - to torment, to desire.

Sharp claws now –

the tiger is enraged.

A sharp shiv flashing

as he takes it to hand.

A furious blow

- all covert in blood.

By Betty E.