Over and over. A Grimmichi fanfiction.

Yaoi: Don't like don't read.

Summery: Ichigo finds a wounded Grimmjow, who's kicked out of Hueco Mundo. The big question is, what should he do with the irritating, but quite attractive hollow?

Genre: Romance and humor, but also a bit angst.

Disclaimer: Sadly, I'm not brillant enough to come up with my own characters.



Update: BETA'D NOW.

"HOLLOW HOLLOW HOLLOW" "AHHHHH" Ichigo woke up screaming, scared shitless because of his hollow device, which was momentarily warning him for a nearby hollow. "Can't a man sleep once in a while" Ichigo grumbled and woke up Kon, swallowed the Mod Soul and told him to get his body some sleep, ignoring the loud protests. 'This reiatsu… it's weak, but familair? Nah, probably just some weak hollow.' Ichigo frowned, did he come out of his bed just for this?


Ichigo reached the place rather soon, as he wanted this to be over quickly. The hollow was in the park running around in circles, like the stupid thing it was. With one slash from Zangetsu to the head it was all over and Ichigo was ready to go home and get his well deserved sleep. The 17-year-old teen sighed deaply. 'Stupid hollows, like I ain't busy enough yet… I'd really like some rest once in a while..' But before he could finish his thought, something, or rather someone, fell out of the tree in front of Ichigo. "WHAT THE FUCK?!"


"YOU NEARLY FELL UPON MY HEAD YOU…. Grimmjow?" The man, now lying in front of him, grumbled. Ichigo's eyes widened as he quickly proceded to grab Zangetsu. But when the man on the ground didn't move, Ichigo stepped forward for closer inspection. Blood. Lot's of blood. There was blood everywhere on the blue haired man. "Grimmjow, what happened to you?" Ichigo said while he kneeled. The two men weren't on good terms, mind you, but when someone is practically bleeding to death before your feet, you could hardly walk away, could you? Ichigo certainly couldn't. " 's none of your business, Shinigami"

"Well, bleed to death then!" And Ichigo turned to walk away. But before he was 10 steps further, he turned around again. "Fuck this, I'm not letting you lying there to bleed to you death, grimmjow." "Tch.." And with that he decided to take the now unconsious man to Urahara Kisuke.


When Grimmjow woke up his vision was blurry for a few seconds. "Awake, you idiot?" Grimmjow blinked and looked to his side. "The hell are you doin' here?"

"I saved your life, stupid… Care to tell me what happened?" Grimmjow sighed. 'Stupid Shinigami, meddling in my business. Well, he supposed he owned the kid atleast a explaination.' "They kicked me out because I didn't listen." Ichigo stared owlishly at him. "They, as in Aizen?"

"No, your mom…." Ichigo blushed "Shut up!" He turned to ignore the now lauging hollow. He wanted to hit the man but before he could take actiona, a low chuckle came from the door. "I see you are getting cosy already?" Ichigo blushed again and both men glared at the blond man in the doorway. "WHO WOULD GET COSY WITH HIM!?" The orange head all but shouted. "Who's the hat-and-clogs?" Grimmjow asked, ignoring the insult. "Oh, hello Sexta, I'm the man who saved your life bahahahahahha."

"That's Urahara Kisuke, ignore him please." Ichigo answered. "Can I talk to you for a second, Ichigo?" Urahara asked, a bit more serious now. Ichigo stood up and walked with him to the living room.


"What's all this about, Urahara?" Ichigo asked after he gulped down his tea. "Grimmjow will need a place to live." "So? Can't he stay here?"

"No." …. "NO FUCKING WAY HE'S STAYING WITH ME!" Grimmjow laughed from the other room. "AND YOU SHUT UP!" More laughing followed.


And that's how Kurosaki Ichigo ended up with a enormous headache in class. After he took the former Espada home, the bluenet claimed that he was a guest and should rightfully have the bed. After a big struggle and a kick in his wounds from Ichigo, they ended back to back on the bed, as far from each other as they could. It didn't help it had already been five o'clock when they finally fell asleep. And of course Ichigo woke up with an arm in his face because Grimmjow decided the should sleep with his arms and legs spread out like a freaking monkey. After the substitute Shinigami climbed over the sleeping man he dressed and got ready or school, already late. Just before he left he took a look at the man sleeping soundly in his bed. 'He looks rather nice when he doesn't frown or grin like a maniac.' Ichigo blushed and shaked his head. He did NOT just think Grimmjow looked nice. He decided to leave a note, and some food next to the bed, just in case.


Ichigo sighed and looked at the teacher, who seemed to be oblivious to what her students were doing. Ignoring his friends' concerned looks he dropped his head on his table and fell asleep.


First thing Grimmjow noticed when he woke up, was the fact that the bed was empthy. He frowned. He was certain that the Shinigami had been lying next to him when he fell asleep. He took a look around and noticed a little note: I'm at school, won't be home till 4. Eat something.. and take a shower, you smell. Ichigo. Grimmjow barked a laugh. Stupid kid, he didn't smell. After he ate the food and smelled his armpit, he decided that he indeed needed a shower. The shower wasn't hard to find luckily. After he undressed, Grimmjow looked in the mirror. His body was bruised and there was dried blood everywhere. He frowned, he needed to clean that up carefully. He stepped in the shower and began to clean the wounds carefully, so they wouldn't re- open. After he cleaned up he stepped in the boy's room again. 'I don't have any clothes.' He thought frowing a little. But then he smirked as another thought occured him. 'What a shock will the Shinigami have when I fall asleep on his bed… Naked.'



OMG! It's my first fanfiction! I've always wanted to write one! I really hope you like it, although I'm not that happy with it myself. It's going to be a multichapter fiction and I'll update as soon as possible. Please review and tell me what you (dis)liked? It would really help me out and I'd really appriciate it. It's unbeta'd and English is not my native language, so if you see any mistakes, please tell me.