Over and over. A Grimmichi fanfiction.

Yaoi: Don't like don't read.

Summary: Ichigo finds a wounded Grimmjow, who's kicked out of Hueco Mundo. The big question is, what should he do with the irritating, but quite attractive hollow?

Genre: Romance and humour, but also a bit angst.

Disclaimer: Sadly, I'm not brilliant enough to come up with my own characters.



'Ichigo's hollow'


A/N: This might be the last one. So enjoy!

In the few weeks they had left Grimmjow and Ichigo trained a lot together, in Urahara's underground training hall. The war was coming closer and everybody was preparing. It was 1 in the afternoon when Grimmjow and Ichigo stopped their training, deciding to get some ice-cream. The weather was beautiful, even though winter was slowly arriving.

"So, Ichi, any plans for the future?"

"Where did that come from?"

Grimmjow just shrugged.

They were sitting in the park, a place where they came a lot after their first date. There was a nice breeze and Ichigo was eating some ice-cream.

"I dunno. I mean, I used to think about it, but ever since this war started I don't know anymore."

Grimmjow didn't reply, so Ichigo went on. "I used to want to become a doctor, like dad. I think I still do, if we survive this. Maybe a doctor for kids. Seeing my sisters had to grow up all alone and all…"

"Sounds like something you would do." Ichigo smiled at Grimmjow .

"Thanks, Grimmjow."

"And Ichigo?"


"We will survive this."


It was silent when they were eating dinner that night. It was like everybody knew something was going to happen, even the twins. When Rukia walked in, Isshin didn't even ask.

"Come back soon. Both of you."

The boys just nodded and followed Rukia.


"So, what's happening?"

"We think tonight is the night." Urahara replied the boy.

"What about the town?"


Ichigo sighed. At the moment everybody who was staying at the human world was at Urahara's. The other captains would arrive shortly.

"Ichigo." Ichigo looked at the purple haired woman. "Go to sleep for a bit, all of you. We will wake you when the moment arrives."

People lay scattered on the floor, nobody really sleeping. Some were whispering among themselves, others just staring at the wall. Ichigo was lying next to Grimmjow, not quite touching, except for their fingers, which were intertwined.

"You nervous?"

"No, why?"

"I mean, it is your former boss. Or something like that."

Grimmjow was silent for a few seconds, before answering. "I'm more, excited, I think. I've been waiting for this and now it's finally here, I can't wait till it's over."

Ichigo smiled. "Yeah, same here. I have to say, I was always bored of my life. But now, I can't wait until life will be normal again."

"Not entirely normal."

"No, you'll still be there."

Grimmjow smiled at the boy, turning to his side. Lifting the hand he wasn't holding Ichigo's with, he brushed some orange tresses away. "Get some sleep, Ichi." The boy yawned. "You too Grimm."

And he closed his eyes.


When Ichigo woke up it was almost dawn. Everybody was running around preparing. Grimmjow was sitting next to him, holding a slice of bread.

"Here eat. It won't be long now."

Ichigo offered him a smile of gratitude. They ate in silence, ignoring the ruckus around them. Slowly their friends joined them. First it was Inoue and Ulquiorra. Soon after them, Chad and Ishida also joined them, followed by a grinning Nnoitra. Rukia and Renji, who just returned from Soul Society, also joined them. They all just sat there, savouring the moment, hoping that this wouldn't be the last time.

Ichigo and Grimmjow looked up in unison when they felt familiar Reiatsu.

"Let's go!"


When they arrived at the place, it was already chaos. Grimmjow looked at Ichigo for a seconds before heading off. Ichigo clashed with someone who seemed to be a Fraccion. Aizen didn't seem to have arrived yet himself. When the Fraccion boy charged at him, Ichigo dodged and cut the boy down with ease. He was frowning, he didn't like fighting kids younger than him, hollow or not. Everything was moving so fast around him. He lost sight of Grimmjow some time ago. Hitsugaya was fighting an Espada. 'Probably one of the top three.' Ichigo thought. Other captains were also fighting. Matsumoto was fighting some giant monster. There was smoke everywhere, resulted from the powers clashing. Inoue was helping the forth squad, healing fallen people.

Suddenly the cracking sound of a Garganta ripped through the air. Ichigo looked up, right in the eyes of Aizen. He grinned. 'This is it.'

He wasn't the first to arrive though. The three former captains just stood there, looking at the Head-Captain.

"Long time no see, Cap." Gin said, grinning.

"Gin why don't you take care of this?"

"Sure thing, Aizen-sama."

"SHIT!" Ichigo, wanted to run to the Head Captain, to protect him. But a hand stopped him.


"Just watch."

Ulquiorra and Nnoitra were standing next to them, also watching what was about to happen.

Ichimaru Gin charged forward, but instead of going for the Head-Captain, he shot his sword at Tousen. The tip missed Aizen by a millimetre, but buried himself deep into Tousen. Everybody was silent when the former Captain fell to the earth.

"Gin, what is the meaning of this."

"Tha' was supposed to hit you, Aizen-Sama."

"So I thought. That's why I stepped aside."

"Ya're too smart." Ichigo couldn't even follow the movement when Aizen cut down Gin.

Matsumote screamed and charged forward to catch him. Ichigo moved at the same time, catching the sword aimed at her head. He looked what he assumed to be the first in the eyes, before moving Zangetsu further down.


Because of the attack, Matsumoto could move Gin safely.

"Inoue, can you heal him?"

The girl nodded, not asking questions and summoned her powers, once again saving a life.


Ukitake had moved in front of Ichigo, so he could fight the First instead of him.

"You go after Aizen, Kurosaki." Grimmjow appeared at his side. The looked at each other in mutual understanding. This was it.


Aizen was fighting the Head-Captain, a little further away, so they wouldn't harm the others with their Reiatsu. The Head-Captain was having a hard time, not knowing what was real and what was not.

"We will take this. Go to your subordinates." Ichigo told him, not moving his eyes away from Aizen. The Head-Captain moved away immediately, for once not questioning the boy.

"Hello boys. Nice to see you again. Especially you Grimmjow."

"Shut up." Aizen ignored him.

"Really, I had never expected this. Even Gods like me make mistakes.

Ichigo raised an eyebrow at the arrogance.

"I thought you'd be long dead Grimmjow. Until of course your 'friends' joined you. Such a shame."

"You little bitch!" Grimmjow growled at the man, but he composed himself.

"So, what's the plan?"

"What do you mean?" Ichigo narrowed his eyes at the question. He didn't trust the slick bastard at all.

"I mean, Kurosaki. How do you plan to win this?" The man smirked at them, as if he'd already won. The smirk faltered a little though, when the former Sexta began to laugh.

"You're as fucking funny as always Aizen. It's simple: we'll beat the crap out of you. Together. Because we have something you don't."

"Oh? And that is?"

It was Ichigo who replied, grinning widely.

"Each other."


Aizen just looked at them, through narrowed eyes, as if he couldn't believe this. In unison, the boys called out.

"BANKAI! Tensa Zangetsu."

"Grind. Pantera."

His eyes widened.

And for the first time, Aizen felt fear.

Their mixed power was stronger than anything he'd ever felt before. Aizen smiled at the irony. He'd lost, even before they started.

'Is this the power of love?'

He didn't know. But these boys did. And they loved each other.

They always would.

Over and over again.


THE END? I think so. I think I like it like this. I hope you liked it, please let me know. Shall I write a sequel? Don't worry, you'll see more of me pretty soon! I have all these great ideas so….

I think my writing improved a lot during this story, so I'm really happy!

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