Author's Note: I know you all want to read the story but please take a minute to read this note. This story has been bugging me since the first interview of Andrew Marlowe that teased the episode, so I had to get it out. Since I'm not a native English speaking person you'll probably find many mistakes ; I would really appreciate it if there is anyone out there available to beta the next chapters. Thank you and I hope you like the story. If not you are welcomed to tell me so.

Castle had left the precinct early today. Dinner plans with his daughter and later he would drop by her place to finally spend the night together.

Upon arriving back from the Hamptons they didn't have the opportunity to spend much time alone, enjoying each other's company. The death of a Manhattan high society banker consumed all of their time. Although it wasn't a particular hard case, the evidence pointed to the killer right from the beginning, however the media focus and the wealthy status of the suspect made it all that harder to tie the knot on this one. And finally when all the paperwork and the media interviews -that Gates insisted, Beckett to be the one to represent the precinct- were finished, another case shows up and with a body tied to the ceiling nonetheless.

They had just started on the case and it seemed like tonight would be the night she could finally go home and wait for her boyfriend to show up to spend some time. The reports from the crime scene haven't been delivered yet which seemed odd to Beckett, but due to her eagerness to call it a night, she didn't ask further. But the best laid plans….

Ryan and Esposito approach her desk tentatively. She stands up; she can feel something is wrong. The Latino just hands her the file without a word spoken, while Ryan looks at her with a look she can't really describe, sympathy? She opens the file and the only thing that sticks from all the technical details is a familiar name. "Richard Castle".

She feels her legs giving away under the revelation and she sits back down. That's when Esposito starts talking.

"We found his fingerprints in the crime scene. At first it was hard to believe it was true, so we had them check again and again, same results. Ryan insisted though we don't come to you before we have something concrete. So we started searching Castle's background."

"Castle's background? Guys seriously?"

"Looking at his financials we saw a purchase he did 4 days ago at a jewelry store. So we thought to start from there. We went to the store and requested the tapes from the day…" Esposito stops seeing Beckett's overwhelmed look. She seems as she is about to cry, but strong Detective Beckett won't give her partners reasons to comment on her behavior, although Kate wants to start screaming that this is all wrong. She swallows the lump in her throat and with her most convincing voice asks:

"What did you find Espo?"

"We got him on tape, buying jewelry for our victim."

Hope rises. Maybe the jewelry was for her after all.

"How do we know it was for the victim and not for his daughter or mother? Or me?" she wants to add.

"The video shows them entering the shop… together, laughing!"

Silence on all parts. Ryan is the one to break the quiet. Knowing about Castle's and Beckett's relationship he can sympathize with Beckett and can understand how this must be killing her.

"We wanted to be 100% before we came to you, that's why it took so long for the report to get to you. But we all know what's next." He hands her the arrest warrant.

"We made sure the name remains secret for the time being. We don't want media on our backs again."

"Yeah" is the only word Beckett manages to mutter.

"Look, we all have trouble believing it, but we have to follow protocol if we don't want to be pulled off this case. We have to bring him in. Do you know where he might be tonight?"

Ryan is trying to guide her through the process like a father a toddler on its first steps. Without thinking Beckett looks at her watch and answers:

"He should be at his loft. If he's told you the truth about his whereabouts." Her doubts begin to creep in. No, there is no way Castle could kill someone, but cheat? Again there is an instant she considers it might be true, but no after their conversation after his disastrous date with the bikini reporter, after she voiced her insecurities about all the girls he'd taken to the Hamptons house, she just can't believe he would cheat.

The movement catches her eye since Esposito is already on his way to the elevator and it leaves her and Ryan trying to catch up with him. That's when Ryan finds the chance to voice his support.

"Beckett I'm sure it's all a big misunderstanding. Writing about murders and actually committing one are two totally different things. But if there is a chance he cheated on you, I'll seriously hurt him."

Beckett stops mid stride and looks at her partner.

"Yeah, yeah don't act all that surprised. That Lerner dude told me while you were away. Don't worry haven't said a single word to anyone."

"Ryan…" she tries to explain but Ryan stops her.

"I'm sure you both have your reasons for hiding it. Let's get this over with and there will be plenty of time later."

She nods since they've arrived at the elevator where Esposito and two other cops wait for them.

"Espo do you really think this is necessary?" She asks pointing to their company.

"Any other time I would say that we are more than enough, but he hang a body up the ceiling, pretending he hasn't even met her, so yeah I think this is necessary."

"Espo!" she gasps. Her partner seems convinced beyond doubt that Castle was indeed their killer.

"All we have are some fingerprints and a video. That's not enough!" she is practically yelling that last part. No one says another word till they arrive at Castle's loft.

Beckett is the one to knock at the door but upon opening and sees his happy face, she finds herself unable to talk.

"Hey guys, what's up?" He welcomes them.

When no one talks Esposito takes the file from Beckett's hands and shows it to Castle. Silence. Esposito is once again taking control.

"Richard Castle you are under arrest for the murder of Elise Grayson…"