Katherine and vampire-Elena meets

This is the first story I ever made, but I hope it will be good.

The story is about when Katherine meets Elena as she is a vampire.

So let's get this story started.

Somebody was in the house. I could here it very well. Since I turned into a vampire I could here so much better than before. I could smell a strong perfume that this person had. I was upstairs in my room. I was alone at home. Jeremy was out and Stefan and Damon were probably arguing. I slowly went downstairs. I was scared that maybe it colud be Rebekah. "I don't think we had invite her in" I thinked.

I went to the kitchen and I saw a girl that looked exactly like me. She had brown eyes, olive skin and long brown hair. The only difference was that she had curly hair and diffrent clothes. She had blue jeans and a green top. I had straight hair and I was wearing black jeans and a sweater that Jenna once gave me.

"Katherine" I said and she gave me an evil smile.

"Elena" she said. "I haven't see you for a long time" she smiled again.

I was scared of her, even that I knew that she couldn't hurt me. I knew that if she tried to kill me I could protect myself now. I was a strong, and fast vampire.

"Is it just me, or are you diffrent? It almost feels like you are not alive anymore" she said and looked at me.

"Katherine I'm a vampire now, everything has changed now." I said.

I saw how Katherine got angrier and angrier. I was even more scared than before.

"Who did this to you?!" she yelled, and I didn't know what to do. I took a step backwards and the only thing I could say was: "Kathrine calm down... I will tell you everything, if you just calm down."

Katherine was so furious and I didn't even know why. Suddenly she was in front of me and I saw her eyes turn red and her thoot get pointy. I knew that I could do something because I was a vampire, but something in my mind just told me to stay where I was.