Just something that's been on my mind lately. I'll post some more whenever I think of them.

So, we all remember that one scene in The Harsh Light of Day when that jerk-face Parker mentioned Buffy's bite scar. Here's what flew into my mind about what should've happened. Enjoy!

I own nothing of Buffy. It all belongs to the Creator God, Joss Whedon.

"You have a scar." Parker said, brushing away the strands of Buffy's hair that covered her bite.

A hundred things flitted through her mind. Barbecue fork? Random attack? Or what it really was, a vampire?

The thought of Angel almost brought tears to her eyes. She missed him so much, it hurt all the time. He loved her, she loved him. There was just that problem of him being dead.

"Ang-" She started to say. "My ex-boyfriend."

Parker jumped back a little. "Oh my God, what? Did he..."

Buffy almost laughed at the thought of Angel, her Angel, hurting her on purpose. Not only would he never, but he could never. She would kill him. She did kill him. Although, those were certainly extenuating circumstances. He was evil. But he had his soul when I killed him. She thought.

"No. He didn't hurt me." Not physically, anyway.

Tada! Hope you liked it! R/R s'il vous plaƮt.

Note: I hate Parker. I am in no way condoning his and Buffy's brief relationship with this.