It was mentioned that Tara was originally supposed to be brought back by a wish of Buffy's, granted by the Powers that Be, at the end of Chosen. Here's what I would have loved to see if it did, and it should.

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Willow would have dumped Kennedy in a second if Tara could come back. She knew it was a cruel thing to do, but Tara was her soul mate. Ever since that one second when her perfection had been torn away from the world, Willow knew she could never be happy - not completely, not remotely.

That's why, after Buffy had stepped aside to reveal a tall blonde woman in a simple white dress (angelic, really), Willow had forgotten Kennedy even existed.

"Tara!" She squealed, feeling more than a bit faint. Tara stepped forward to catch Willow. They just stared at each other for a second, almost as if they were sending a year's worth of memories to each other.

Then they kissed, and it was the sweetest thing Buffy had ever seen. "I'll never leave you again." Tara whispered as the two embraced again.

"Buff, did Giles-" Xander walked down the stairs from the bathroom, a question about the new Slayer organization on his mind. He stopped, and it vanished, when he saw the familiar red hair right next to blonde hair that he hadn't seen since Willow had tried to destroy the world. He didn't want to say anything to ruin their moment, so he turned around and treaded back up the stairs, Buffy following.

"I was so lost without you, baby." Willow murmured into Tara's ear. "I wasn't myself. I'm so sorry for what I did. Everything."

Tara brought her hand up to stroke Willow's cheek, brushing past a few tears. "I know."

Kennedy saw the absolute joy on Xander and Buffy's faces from her and Willow's room. She rushed down to see what could possibly have happened.

"What?" She shouted, seeing a hand in Willow's hair, the face obscured in her shirt.

And just like that, they broke away from each other. Willow turned to Kennedy, frowning.

"Is that Tara?" Kennedy gasped. She now recognized the face from a picture - one she had always hated - on Willow's desk. "I thought she died."

Willow's frown turned to a scowl. "Oh, really? I had no idea. I had no idea that my girlfriend was murdered, causing me to feel like I was dragged naked across a field of fire and thrown repeatedly onto a bed of knives, not to mention turning me into a ruthless killer." She practically shouted. "I'm sorry, Kennedy. Tara is back to stay, which means you can't." Kennedy started to protest, but Willow held up a hand. "You know where the other Slayers are. They have plenty of room."

Kennedy scowled at Tara. She knew never to argue with Willow when she looked like this. It would bring back terrible things. She ran upstairs to get her things.

"W-wasn't that k-kind of h-h-harsh?" Tara said once she was gone.

Willow frowned. "Kennedy is used to getting everything she wants. It was always so horrible. I was with her for a few months. Longer than most rebounds, I guess."

They couldn't argue now, so soon after Tara's return. They sank into the couch, hands clenched together, never wanting to let go.

"I love you so much." They whispered to each other.

The two women just talked, for what felt like hours. It was perfect, and it would never end.

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