Chapter 1

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Author's note: So! Hello again! I've started a little spin-off thing of The Potters and gang taking down the Dursleys! Sorry it took so long to start this! I've been busy and tried to really think this through! Please review, tell me what you think, I know this chapter is very short, but it's just an introduction to the situation really. Thanks and please review

In the middle of the Summer Holidays James, Harry, Sirius and Remus were sat around the kitchen table planning the Dursley attack. They were going to take some of Harry's hairs, put them in a polyjuice potion, and then Sirius would go to the Dursleys and get some memories and wand-recordings of the Dursley's treatment of Harry. He'd stay there for a weekend and then James would call the Aurors and have them arrested. As they'd have recordings and memories of any abuse they display they'd have evidence to hand and with evidence that is recent, and some of Harry's old memories they should go to Azkaban and pay the price with no problem. A wand recording was when Sirius could do a small spell on his wand and it would record sounds and images around it. It could see through walls, wherever there was movement within a house it would record.

Harry looked very nervous.

"Harry, what's wrong?" James asked.

"I don't want Sirius to get hurt." Harry said, biting his nails.

"I'll be fine. If they physically hurt me then I'll have my wand and a few potions to heal me. I'm taking some supplies. And every evening and morning I will go to Mrs Figg's to fire call you. It'll be fine." Sirius reassured him

Harry nodded in understanding.

The following day they sent the Dursley's a letter signed by 'Albus Dumbledore' that they were having Harry over for the holidays.

The next morning Sirius had packed a bag; they had bought some Polyjuice and healing potions just in case. In Sirius' bag there were Harry's clothes, a duplicate pair of glasses, his wand, the potions and a bit of food.

Sirius gave Harry an extra-big hug, James a hug and Remus a kiss that lingered till James said "Guys, keep it PG." and Sirius let go and waved as he flooed to Mrs Figg's house. Harry gave him a tiny wave as he disappeared in flames.

James put an arm around Harry's shoulders in support.

Once in Mrs Figg's house Sirius changed into Harry, got dressed and was soon walking up to number 4 Privet Drive.

He knocked on the door and tried his best to remember how Harry talks, walks and all the little ways he has. It didn't take much as he spent so much time with his Godson.

Back in Potter manor Harry couldn't concentrate and was very worried for his Uncle Paddy.

Sirius was let into the house by Petunia who simply opened the door and walked away. Right, well that's a bit neglectful.