Chapter 8

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Harry held onto James' hand tightly as they waited for the answer. He was so nervous and he didn't know why.

"Mrs Dursley, you are sentenced to five years in prison. Mr Dursley you are sentenced to thirty years in prison. You will be taken to Azkaban now. Your child, Dudley Dursley, will be placed in social care of non-magic people." The judge said and banged the hammer loudly.

Harry sat there with wide eyes.

"Harry? Harry! This is brilliant! They got their comeuppance!" James smiled and hugged Harry tightly.

Harry, after a few moments, hugged back and it set in that he got his justice. He breathed and buried his face into James' shoulder.

"POTTER! YOU FREAK! I HOPE YOU DIE! I HOPE YOU TURN TO DUST! YOU ARE NOTHING!" Vernon shouted from his chair where it had started chaining him up.

James pulled away from Harry, jumped over the stands; the room fell silent as James approached the red-faced man.

Harry watched as his dad approached the man and stood right in front of him.

"You disgusting thing. You're no man. You're no human. You beat my baby boy. You hurt my baby. You shunned him, you made him cry and scream and I will never forgive you." James said.

"He deserved what he got, the little freak!" Vernon spat.

"He did not! He deserved care, happiness; no child deserved what he got! I hope you rot in that cell." James said, cold fury prominent in his voice.

James stood straight and looked over to Petunia "Your sister would be ashamed of you." He said.

"I don't care." Petunia said shakily.

"She cared about you. She loved you. Harry would have loved you if you gave him a loving home. You see, he is his mother's son." James frowned when Petunia looked away "Oh, you see it, don't you? Not many do. But oh yes, he may look like me but he has her heart." James said.

"I saw nothing." Petunia whispered.

James stared at her for a moment then walked away and back to his son.

The Dursleys were taken away and just before Harry was about to leave he saw Dudley being led down a corridor by a woman.

"Dudley!" he called out, Dudley turned and they stood in the corridor together "I'll… I'll see you around, yeah?" Harry asked.

"Yeah, see you later." Dudley nodded and they parted ways. But they would see each other again.

The Potters, Remus and Sirius went home with smiles on their faces, feeling a little more peace leak into their lives, it was settled and done.

The four sat in the living room. Sirius and Remus were curled up together on the big sofa and James and Harry sat on the smaller sofa. They chatted idly and cheerfully and late into the evening they went to their respective beds to rest in prosperity.

The next morning James sat at the table reading a newspaper and said to Harry "School starts soon."

"Yeah." Harry nodded.

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