Chapter 1: New School & Enemies

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(Ally POV)

Today is the day I go to a new school. I forgot what the name of the school was. Because at the end of the day I don't care, I know it's going to be hell. My parents decided to move to Miami from California. They said they don't want to live in one place for the rest of their lives, I know stupid right. My dad found a store and he is going to call it `Sonic Boom' this way he goes on vacation, its going to be a music store. Music is my life, I love to write songs I got over my stage fright last year. And my mom was a nurse, then a baker(A/N: I Love to bake, that's what I'm going to do in my life own my own Bakery Shop my grandma doesn't approve but I'm still going to do it. Enough about my life on to the story.) she had her own shop. Now she studies animals. She gets to go travel to do her job. I love my parents. I wonder if I will make my any friends on the first day of school. I doubt it. I throw on my turquoise skinny jeans with a nice white V-neck, and my white and black converse. I'm just going to go plain today since its my first day. I put my hair in a ponytail and put on some lip gloss. I grab my bag and head downstairs to the kitchen.

"Are you sure your going to be okay at the new school Miami High."(A/N: If there is a Miami high I sure don't own it. Byee)my mom ask.

"Yeah mom." I replied back.

"Have fun sweetie." My dad said looking up form his newspaper.

"I doubt it." I mumbled.

"What was that honey?" My mom ask.

"Nothing. Could you drop me off to school?" I ask my mom.

"Sure come on." She said grabbing her keys. Right now she is on break from work but in a few more days she will be leaving to Africa not to move there. I will love to go to Africa one day. The car drive to school was silent. When my mom stop I turn to look at the school it was amazing so far, I wonder how the teens are.

"Bye sweetie. Love you." My mom said.

"Bye mom. Love you too." I said coming out the car.

As I was walking towards the school, I see this short Latino girl. She looks nice enough for me to talk to her. I walked over to her and introduced myself. "Hi, my name is Allyson Marie Dawson but you could call me Ally. I'm new here, do you know where the office is." I say.

" Your name sounds familiar. But anyways my name is Patricia De La Rosa but you can call me Trish. I would rather show you." She says. "Your name sounds familiar too." I say while walking the school with her. Oh yeah I Ally Dawson made a friend on the first day of school. WOOHOO! On the way to the office, we got to know each other. We kept telling each other how we sound familiar. I told her what I like to do and what my parent does. She tells me about her family. Also she tells me to stay away from Austin Moon. I invited her over to come to my house after school. We reach the office and the only classes I have with Trish is Trig and English 3. My schedule is

A days B days

Chemistry period 1 Chemistry period 1

Sat English period 2 Chemistry period 2

Global 2 period 3 Global 2 period 3

French-period 4 French period 4

Sat Math period 5 Gym period 5

Lunch period 6 Lunch period 6

English 3 period 7 English 3 period 7

Trig period 8 Trig period 8

"Looks like we only have global, gym, and english together." Trish says. " I will see you 3rd period, today is an A day right?" I asked her.

"Yeah it is. Bye." She says leaving.

As I'm walking to chemistry, I looked over all my classes on my schedule. Then I bump into someone. I fell on top of someone. I look to see who it is and its Austin Moon. Trish told me what he looked like. He had a smirk on his face, I then got up and grabbed my schedule. "I'm Austin Moon but I bet you already knew that." He says with a grin.

" I don't care who you are, now if you don't mind I will like to get to class." After that I walk to chemistry the teacher told me I could pick any table. It was like 6 lab tables I walked over to the one in the back next to a window there was only two seats here. School seems to be going good except for Blondie and ego. I don't even want to call him by his name so I'm going to call him Blondie from now on.

So I would love for you guys to give me good reviews but I want your honest opinion. Anyways if you have ever read any AUSLLY stories on Fanfiction when Ally starts to form a crush on her best friend Austin Moon. Well that's how my life is I'm starting to form a crush on my best friend. He always had a crush on me but now I had return that crush. Of course he doesn't know. Now I'm living the life like Ally Dawson. I don't know what to do!

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