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Previously on Bullying for LOVE:

Yes. Only because Trish called me before you came." She said. If it wasn't for Trish, Ally wouldn't even believe me. I'm still hurt after she had beaten me up. But I totally deserve that.

" Ally I'm in love with you and I know we hadn't got to know each other. I don't care if anyone say I am stupid to fall in love so quick. But your different than any other girl and I can't stop thinking about you. That's why I love you." I say.

" Do you happen to like me not in a friend way?" I ask her hoping that she says yes.

"Yes. But what is going to happen if we go out. I don't wanna sneak around." She says.

"Ally we don't have to sneak around. I like you a lot, I don't care about my reputation anymore. As long as I'm with you." I say.

"Will you be my girlfriend Ally Dawson?" I ask.

Now on Bullying for LOVE:

"I would love to." She says with a big smile on my face. Right then and there I kiss her, luckily her parents aren't home. I feel sparks in the kiss.

(Ally POV)

The kiss was sweet and passionate. I really like Austin, but I really didn't show that feeling. We pull apart from the kiss and I tutor him on his French. After that we do our homework. Right then and there I hear the door open. Then my parents open my room door. Well this is the perfect time to introduce them to my new boyfriend.

"Who is this sweetie?" My dad ask but not in a rude way.

"Oh this is Austin Moon he is the kid I tutor and he is my boyfriend, is that okay mom and dad." I tell them.

" Oh sweetie. We was worried you didn't have a boyfriend yet, and now that you do were happy for you." My mom says. Wow that was what my parents thought.

"Treat my daughter good, Okay?" my dad says. Oh Gosh.

"Yes sir. I won't hurt your daughter." Austin says.

"Well we would be delighted if you stayed for dinner, so we can get to know the handsome boyfriend of my daughter." My mom says pinching Austin cheeks. After me and Austin finish our homework. We got to know each other a lot.

"So do you think you can sing a song for your handsome boyfriend." Austin says. Why did my mom call him handsome I mean he is now his ego is even bigger.

"Sure." I say I walk over to the piano on the other side of my room. I sit on the piano bench and so does Austin. I start to play the piano then start singing the song.

I'm a little butterfly
Spread my colorful wings
Even though I'm small and frail
I can do most anything

Caterpillar in my cocoon

I'm gonna be a butterfly soon

I'm a little butterfly
I can soar through the sky
So glad I ended up like this
Thanks to metamorphis

I'm a butterfly

I'm a butterfly

I'm a butterfly

After I done singing I looked to Austin. I couldn't tell his face expression. "Ally that was AMAZING! When did you write that?!" He ask hugging me.

"I'm glad you like it and I wrote it in Kindergarten that's when I realized I wanted to be a songwriter." I say. Then my mom comes in and tells us that dinner is ready. We ate my mom wonderful dinner I think Austin liked it cause he was trying to not eat it fast.

"So Austin what do you wanna be when you grow up." My dad asks.

"Well Mr. Dawson I will like to be a Singer." Austin says.

"Well I hope you do." He says. Looks like they are getting along.

"Ally-cat wants to be a songwriting looks like you two were made for each other. Its Sweet that both of you want to do something with music. I can't wait to be a grandmother!" My mom says. I think she should stop right there.

"Mom! We only 16!" I say.

"I know I'm just making you two know that so when yall hit that age, you will make my wish come true. Ally-cat your my only kid and I will really like to have grandchildren's when you guys are married." My mom says. And this is one reason why I don't have boyfriends.

"Anyways do you wanna watch the game with me son. And you could call me Lester." My dad asks. Wow take my boyfriend away. I'm really starting to like the word 'Boyfriend'. I shouldn't be complaining at least their getting along.

"Sure Lester." Austin says. They get up and go in the living room to watch the game. I would join but I would like them to have there alone time. Wow leave the us girls to clean the kitchen. Me and my mom start to clean the kitchen. Now all I know is she is going to talk to me about Austin.

"I really like him. He is a real gentlemen. And he is sweet. He even likes my food." My mom says.

"I like him too mom. He was trying not to eat fast because he didn't wanna seem like a pig." I say. Then after that we didn't say anything really. My mom told me that she notice it too. And she told me I don't have to help. But I insisted to help her.

We finish cleaning the kitchen and the I head up to my room and go to take a shower. The hot water felt so relaxing. I got out the shower and I put on my pajamas. I wonder if Austin left. If he did why didn't he say bye, he could have at least left a note saying that he left. I lay in my bed just staring at the ceiling bored out my mind. Then I hear my door open but I don't bother to look to see who it is. Then I feel someone climbing into my bed. I turn around to see it Austin. I guess he didn't leave.

"Hey. Your dad is Awesome, have I mention that your mom is a great cook." He says smiling.

"Hi. I know she is like the best cook out there." I say.

"Well I got to go home now my mom is going to pick me up. It was really nice meeting your parents." He say then give me a peck on the lips and head for the door.

"Why! I'm bored and your ditching me. I'm going to miss you." I say with a sad face. Then I get off the bed and follow him downstairs.

" I'm going to miss you too. Here is my number." He says. We exchanged number. Then he says bye to my mom and dad.

"Oh call me Ashely." My mom says hugging him.

Well bye again Lester and Ashley. By the way you're a great cook Ashley. I really enjoyed your food." He says then he leaves. What no goodbye to me! I run after him and jump on his back.

"Why didn't you say goodbye to me!" I say with a sad tone.

"I gave you a goodbye kiss." He says putting me down.

"That wasn't a kiss it was a peck." I say.

Alright I guess that's true." He says. Then he kisses me. I don't even care if my parents are watching. Then I kiss him back. Then we hear a car horn blow. Guess that's his mom. We pull apart and he says goodbye. Then go into the car and on his way home. I walk back into my house and my mom tackles me.

"Oh My Gosh. That was so sweet when he gave you that goodbye kiss." She says with a big smile. Well I guess she was watching cause my dad is still watching TV.

"Okay mom. I will like to go to sleep now". I say getting her off me.

Austin POV

"Was that your girlfriend?" My mom asks.

"Yeah". I say daydreaming.

"Why didn't you introduce me to her or tell me you had a girlfriend. She seems nice and she acts better than your other so call girlfriend." My mom says. " You to make a cute couple. Just so you know when yo two get married I want grand kids!" she says. What is wrong these adults.

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