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Awaken to Sachiko

Yoshiki groaned as his vision started to clear up. He tried to look around to find the three ghost children looking down at him. He noticed first the boy with a small smile on his face. His head started throbbing with pain again. The ghost children started to giggle before Yoshiki noticed the red dress from the other ghost child. His ears picked up the insane laugh from the child before he slowly closed his eyes.

"Don't go back to sleep yet." She giggled. Yoshiki didn't want to remain awake for her. He was guessing she was going to come and kill him. Either her of the ghost children. Hopefully not all together or that will be painful.

"Just kill me and get it over with. If you kill soul will help the others escape from you." Yoshiki growled in annoyance. The ghost children watched the girl in the red dress as she took hold of a pair of blood covered scissors. She opened and closed the scissors making a snipping sound. Yoshiki flinched after hearing the sound. He heard the laughing of the other ghost children. He wished that she would just get it over with. His head was in pain from the hammer that collided with his head.

"You care about them...too much for you own good." She giggled. The sound of insanity rang in Yoshiki's head. "Onii-chan keeps caring too much about Shinozaki...I'll kill you and your soul will forever be trapped here." She continued with the insane giggle soon following her. Yoshiki felt completely helpless. Ayumi stormed off away from him and he just witnessed Mayu's death...her body was splattered all over the floor and the wall. Her body flashed into Yoshiki's mind and he cringed.

"Miki...sorry for being a poor big brother for you...along with you not knowing where I am and my death." Yoshiki breathed out. He didn't want to look weak in front of the ghost children. The ghost in the red dressed open and closed the scissors again. Snip, snip, snip the blood covered scissors went. Yoshiki knew he couldn't get anywhere not. He was paralysed on the floor.

"Miki? You're won't escape me." The ghost in the red dress giggled again. Yoshiki opened his eyes and looked at the ghost in the red dress.

"You drag her here and I'll kill you! Even if you are dead!" Yoshiki roared at the ghost girl. The other three ghost children flinched at the tone of voice. The voice was full of rage. Yoshiki cared about Miki. If she was dragged here by the Sachiko charm...he stopped. He couldn't picture her here. Not in this place. Not with her.

"Think about yourself first! Stop caring about others before yourself! Because of that I'll just kill you now!" She screamed at Yoshiki.

"Before you do...let me just say this...I'll save the others in spirit won't win!" Yoshiki growled at the ghost girl. Snip, snip, snip...

"Shinozaki, Mochida, Nakashima, Morishige...they still remain'll join the list of the dead." The ghost child giggled. The red dress was starting to scare Yoshiki...he was going to be on the dead list soon. He should have expected it really. He hoped that Ayumi will be fine if he wasn't there to help her.

"Then so be it...I'm not afraid." He told himself. The three ghost children faded away leaving the ghost in the red dress behind.

"Kishinuma Yoshiki...I'll cut out your tongue like Ryou, Tokiko and Yuki."

"Sachiko..." Yoshiki said before she stopped. The snipping sound stopped as well. Yoshiki looked at the scissors caked in blood before he carefully looked up at the ghost girl. She looked down at him before she shut the scissors. Snip. Yoshiki waited for something to happen. He waited for her to end his life.

"What?!" She demanded.

"Your name...Sachiko. I know your kill me like you wanted too. I can't say anything to stop you from killing me reality...only Miki will care." He told the spirit. Sachiko looked at him with those cold, grey, soulless eyes. Yoshiki wasn't looking at her...he didn't have his eyes open. He lay there on the ground waiting for death. Sachiko looked at the blood caked scissors before she smiled.

"I like you...Onii-chan." Sachiko said as she put the scissors away.

"Enough to let me go?" Yoshiki asked without opening his eyes. Sachiko sent out the insane laugh before she stopped.

"No... Yanagihori. Tell the other children that this is my boy. Only I can touch him!" Sachiko cried out. Yoshiki didn't dare move. He wanted to see Miki again...and the others but he was worried on what Sachiko was up to. She didn't want any other ghosts to come after him anymore. What was her plan? What does she want with him? Why is he special enough not to be killed by her? Why did she keep calling him onii-chan? His only family member who would give a damn about him is Miki. He heard heave footsteps and a grunting sound before his ears picked up something being dragged on the ground. His mind started to bring panic into his system as he tried to move. Most of his body was still paralysed but that didn't stop the panic. The thing dragging on the floor was the hammer.

"No..." Yoshiki cried out in fear causing Sachiko to look at him.

"What onii-chan?" She asked him innocently.

"Just kill me and spare the others!" Yoshiki cried out in fear. Sachiko smiled at the fear that Yoshiki was showing. Yoshiki didn't care about what he was showing. Fear had taken over his mind and he couldn't do anything to stop Sachiko or Yanagihori. He couldn't help Ayumi or the others in this state.

"You're too precious to let go Kishinuma. I've been watching you for a while. The way you treat Shinozaki and the others...the way you act when in's too great!" Sachiko cried out. Yoshiki opened his eyes to look up at Sachiko. Fear was there...resting happily in Yoshiki's eyes. If he wasn't paralysed by the hammer colliding with his head then fear would paralyse him.

"Why? Why am I too precious to let go?!" Yoshiki cried out. Sachiko giggled before she left him alone. Yoshiki was left in the dark but he knew Sachiko wasn't done with him yet.

Corpse Party – Awaken to Sachiko

Ayumi ran down the corridors of Heavenly Host Elementary school. She didn't know where she was running...she just needed to get away from that area. She left Yoshiki but she didn't care. He was probably still observing the body. She just didn't care. After running for a while she started to slow down. She was out of breath and scared. Why did she leave Yoshiki behind? She had a feeling that Yoshiki was going to be in danger.

"Why did I leave you?!" Ayumi cried out. She looked behind her to see nothing...nothing of interest. Ayumi regretted leaving Yoshiki behind as he was her only company. The ghost children, thankfully weren't there to kill her but the whole area seemed to be off. Like something was pleased about something. Ayumi looked forward before she started exploring. Thankfully she had everything that she would need to survive here...everything but water...and food. She didn't really have anything but her candles and other charms. Without Yoshiki...the world was dark. She needed to find Yoshiki so they could help the ghost children. Putting them to rest means that they could all leave...the remaining students and Ms. Yui alive. She started to head back...she knew that Yoshiki had a curios streak in him and he was probably searching around for some clues or herself. She headed off towards the infirmary where she expected Yoshiki to be.

She wandered towards the infirmary and entered. She found the doll on the floor where she threw it. The sound of soft sobbing emitted from the doll. Ayumi walked over to the doll and picked it up. Yoshiki wasn't here. She was going to go insane here. She was on her own with a doll emitting sobs from the ghost children.

"You'll never find him. The spirit in the red dress has him. She's going to kill him." A voice said behind her. Ayumi recognised the voice. She turned around to see Naho looking down at her.

"What do you mean?" Ayumi asked Naho.

"Your friend...that Kishinuma boy. Sachiko has him. She's going to cut out his tongue with the scissors caked in blood."

"What? Is there anyway how I can help him?"

"Appease the spirits of the children who remain here. Return what they lost." Naho told Ayumi. The fear in Ayumi's eyes was clear to Naho. She wasn't going to last long on her own. Naho wasn't sure if she could help Ayumi. One of her fans was struggling with their sanity here but she needed to find who she was looking for.

"What they lost?" Ayumi questioned Naho.

"I'll be surprised if you can save him. He's running out of time." With that, Naho left. Ayumi was not feeling worse than before. Sachiko...the spirit in the red dress had Yoshiki? She needed to find Yoshiki as soon as she could. She didn't want to see his spirit around here. She needed to find the others, help the ghost children and save Yoshiki. She needed to move now.

Corpse Party – Awaken to Sachiko

"Wake up Onii-chan!" Sachiko cried out in joy. Yoshiki growled as he felt Sachiko slap him awake. The slap wasn't very hard but it did wake Yoshiki up. His body wasn't paralyzed anymore and his mind was back to normal. He groaned again and his body complained to his movements. His eyes slowly opened to see Sachiko looking down at him. Her cold, dead eyes seemed different from the last time he saw them. Yoshiki slowly removed himself from the floor and slowly stood up on his feet. He wobbled slightly on his feet before he fell back down to the ground. Sachiko noticed that Yoshiki looked really injured but she didn't really care.

"Why spare me? You could have killed me." He asked Sachiko. She walked over to him and motioned that she could sit in his lap. Yoshiki followed what Sachiko wanted and made space for her to sit on him. Sachiko landed on Yoshiki causing him to cringe in pain. Seeing the child spirits he didn't really care if they could touch him or anything like that.

"Seeing that fear on your face. You act strong but you're really weak." She replied to Yoshiki. Yoshiki could feel tears starting to form in Yoshiki's eyes. He was worried about Ayumi and how the others were going to go. The way things were going now...he wasn't going to leave.

"Fear...keeps you going Sachiko."

"When did you learn my name?" She asked Yoshiki confused.

"I don't just came to me...fear." Yoshiki replied. Sachiko shuffled in Yoshiki's lap and he waited for her to be settled again.

"Onii-chan...You will stay here. Won't you?" Sachiko asked. She turned to see Yoshiki's face. Yoshiki couldn't help but look into those soulless eyes. Yoshiki could feel his mind slowly shutting down as he looked into the deep eyes of the ghost child. Sachiko smiled as she could feel Yoshiki's resistance dropping before he closed his eyes and looked away. Sachiko wasn't very impressed as they normally crumbled when she looked into their eyes. Yoshiki seemed to be a struggle for her.

"Stop trying to break me!" Yoshiki roared at Sachiko as he pushed her off him. Sachiko remained on her feet after the shove. She glared at Yoshiki. Yoshiki didn't dare open his eyes in fear of Sachiko trying to claim control over him. It was scary enough having his mind slowly shutting down at the age of 17.

"You shouldn't have done that!" Sachiko cried out before Yanagihori appeared in the doorway. Yoshiki soon picked up the grunting sound and the hammer scraping alone the floor. "You deserve punishment!" She continued.

"Then kill me." Yoshiki hissed at Sachiko without opening his eyes.

"I've told you're too precious to let go...but Yanagihori can still damage you!" Sachiko cried out as Yanagihori walked towards Yoshiki and lifted the hammer off the ground. He swung the hammer and it collided with Yoshiki's stomach. Yoshiki could feel his stomach wobble in his body and he couldn't help but open his eyes. Sachiko was there standing in front of him staring deep into Yoshiki's eyes. Yoshiki quickly moved his face and coughed up the remains of what needed to be digested and a lot of blood. Yoshiki continued coughing up blood for a few minutes before Sachiko grabbed his hair and lifted his face up. Yoshiki and Sachiko's eyes locked onto each other and Yoshiki's mind soon went blank. His eyes turned soulless just like Sachiko's eyes. Sachiko smiled before she let go of Yoshiki's hair. Yoshiki wiped his mouth clean from the blood and sick before he looked up at Sachiko.

"I'm sorry for being a terrible brother to you Sachiko." Yoshiki said with a small smile on his face. Sachiko smiled and Yoshiki made room on his lap for Sachiko to sit back down in. Once she had settled herself down she leaned back into Yoshiki's warmth. Yoshiki moved his arms around Sachiko and held onto her.

"Onii-chan...Who's important to you?" Sachiko asked Yoshiki.

"You are. You're my little sister and you're the most important thing that's happened to me." Yoshiki told Sachiko. He smiled down at his 'younger sister' Sachiko.

"Onii-chan...Stay with me forever." She said with a small smile on her face.

"I'll stay with you for as long as you need me." Yoshiki told Sachiko. Sachiko looked away from Yoshiki and he started to gently stroke her hair. A very dark smile appeared on Sachiko's face. She had one living person under her control now. She was soon going to use him to kill the others. She had control over Yanagihori and now Yoshiki. Things couldn't get any better for Sachiko. Yoshiki was under her control...Ayumi would turn to suicide and without that, the others can't return home.

"Are you getting tired onii-chan?" Sachiko asked.

"A little...but I'll keep watch over you while you sleep." He offered before Sachiko shook her head.

"No onii-chan. You get some sleep. You're going to need it." Sachiko told Yoshiki.

"You sure about that?" He asked her. Sachiko had been watching Yoshiki for a while and knew that he was going to be the best to stop everyone from escaping. He was keeping Ayumi in check. Ayumi was the only other person who has a spare paper doll to perform the Sachiko Ever After charm.

"Onii-chan, I'll stay with you until you sleep." Sachiko told Yoshiki. He nodded and yawned. He wrapped his arms around Sachiko and slowly drifted off to sleep. Sachiko watched Yoshiki fall asleep completely before she noticed that he looked really peaceful while he slept. He seemed perfect while he slept. It was going to be fun killing him once his purpose is fulfilled.

Corpse Party – Awaken to Sachiko

The ghost children all watched Sachiko gain control over Yoshiki. They all feared Sachiko from what she can do. She had just proven that one long look into her eyes can change a man completely. They all feared Sachiko from everything they went through. Yanagihori scared them as well...always carrying the hammer with him.

"What do you think Sachiko wants with him?" the young male spirit asked the other two spirits. The spirit with her head removed above her jaw line, spluttered blood as it landed on the floor. The young girl with her left eye removed looked worried at the student with Sachiko. The darkening which drives people to suicide is attacking someone else. Leaving the ghost children free for the time being.

"I don't know...but we're not allowed to kill or touch him." The girl without her left eye said.

"Yuki, whatever he has...Sachiko wants. Why else would she spare his life?" Ryou asked Yuki. She felt really sorry for Yoshiki...she had killed one of his friends...threw her into the wall and watched her body splatter everywhere.

"Can we help him? Or the others? I'm tired of killing them and I'm tired of people coming here."

"I know how you feel Yuki...the's scary. Everyone loses hope here...and it's our fault." Ryou said in fear.

"It isn't just hope they's everything really. Any dark emotion...the darkening attacks, possesses and kills them by suicide." Yuki could feel tears in her eye. The splutter noise coming from Tokiko was her way of talking. She was able to communicate to the other spirits this way.

"This student might be important to the others here...that girl he was with...he stopped her from turning completely insane." Tokiko whispered through the splutters. The other two spirits looked at Tokiko. She may be onto something from what's just happened.

"You might have a point. I fear that the student with Sachiko...will soon be joining us here at the school...forever." Yuki said as she looked at Yoshiki sleeping. They watched as Sachiko remained still in Yoshiki's arms. As if she's afraid that she'll disturb Yoshiki's sleep. The three ghost children watched for a little longer before they started to feel the darkening slowly creeping into their minds. The temptation to kill was starting to seep back into their minds. They needed to kill...they faded to find some more victims to kill.

Corpse Party – Awaken to Sachiko

Ayumi leaned against a wall. She was slowly losing her mind with the emptiness from this school. She hasn't met another living human in this school for a while. Ayumi couldn't take being alone like this. She could be the only remaining living soul in this closed space. She couldn't handle it...not anymore.

"Kishinuma! Where are you!?" Ayumi cried out. She waited for a response...something she didn't receive.

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