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To Sachiko I Serve

Naomi still had tears running down her face as she remembered all the times she spent with Seiko. Naomi couldn't believe that she was gone. Her best friend...lost in the school. She didn't know what to do. She didn't know if she was in the same closed space as someone else. She had been wandering the school around for a while.

"Naomi?" Naomi turned around to see Seiko's spirit standing there. Naomi's eyes widened as she looked at the spirit of her friend.

"Seiko?" Naomi asked confused.

"Naomi...I know you think I hate you...I don't...I can't hate you. I love you too much." Seiko told Naomi. She wasn't sure how to respond from that. She knew that Seiko loved her in both ways...tears formed in her eyes before she fell to her knees crying. Seiko's spirit knelt down in front of her and placed her hand on Naomi and sighed.

"But...after everything I said to still love me?" Naomi yelled in confusion. Seiko nodded.

"Naomi...friends fight. We both know that by the way you and Satoshi keep arguing." Seiko giggled and a small smile came on Naomi's face. Seiko could always bring a smile on Naomi's face and Seiko knew that a smile in this place was what Naomi needed.

"But...why did you strangle yourself?!" Naomi demanded from Seiko. Seiko's face fell.

"You weren't were being controlled by something. Your eyes looked dead and dark...I think whatever attacked you in the infirmary...took over you." Seiko told Naomi.

"" Naomi asked shocked. Seiko nodded.

"You weren't in control. I can't blame you for it. The school can get to seems."


"I don't blame you...but I'll try to help you escape as much as I can." Seiko told Naomi with a cheerful smile on her face. Naomi knew that Seiko would keep her promise. She always did.

"Who else is still living?" Naomi asked Seiko. Her face fell. She wasn't sure what to say to that question. The truth? Lies? No...She has to tell the truth. That's what best friends did. After death...she talked to the other spirits and got a lot of information from them.

"Well...Ms Yui, Shinozaki, Mochida and Yuka, Morishige...we're still debating if Kishinuma's still classed as living." Seiko informed Naomi.

"What? Why?"

"Well...Kishinuma was attacked by the killer of the children who haunt this school."

"What?!" Naomi exclaimed.

"Naomi...the girl in the red dress has him under her control." Seiko told Naomi.

"..." Naomi fell speechless. There wasn't really anything she could say. He soon remembered that Ayumi was probably one student alone...what happened to Mayu? "What happened to Mayu?" Naomi asked Seiko.

"She was killed by the ghost children...before Kishinuma got attacked."


"Naomi...I'm sorry." Seiko sounded really upset. Naomi couldn't blame her. They all got on with her so well. Finding out that the ghost children had killed was rather unpleasant.

"What about Shinozaki?" Naomi quickly asked.

"She has someone else with her...someone called Miki." Seiko perked up.

"That's good..."

"But they just saw Kishinuma...Miki turns out to be his younger she was really upset seeing her brother in the state he was in then." Seiko looked down again.

"Oh...then we better go and find the others and help save Kishinuma from the spirits here." Naomi declared and Seiko smiled. They both started looking for the others together.

We'll Save You! – To Sachiko I Serve

"I last saw onii-chan...Be the entrance to the building." Yuka commented. Kizami looked at the young girl before he couldn't help but feel protective over her. He was going to kill her when the time came. He was going to count on that. At the moment...he needed someone so he could find out more about the school but then again...he looked at Yuka like someone who just wanted to be killed. Doing the Sachiko Ever After charm wrong...that's a one way ticket to death.

"Then let's go and find him." Kizami told Yuka.

"Ok." She chirped back at him. He looked away from Yuka as a sense of irritation in his mind. Seeing Yuka reminded him of his sister...he hated her so much. It wasn't his fault that he's the way he is. He was just raised wrong by his parents...parents...they gave him life but he wanted to take their life away.

"Some were." Kizami growled in annoyance before Yuka looked up at him. Confusion flooded her eyes as she observed him. There wasn't really anything different about him from the last time she looked up at him but things were defiantly different.

"You ok Kizami?" She asked him. He looked at her with a murderous glint in his eyes before he sighed.

"Yeah, just thinking." He replied to her. Yuka didn't seem convinced but she couldn't really go on anything.

"Thanks for helping me find onii-chan."

"Don't mention it...Yuka."

"..." She quickly started to walk away from Kizami. Kizami followed Yuka as they set out to find Satoshi and the others. Kizami kept a close eye on how Yuka was reacting and other people. He needed to keep Yuka alive for a little while longer. His mind flashed a face of fear from Yuka. A smile crept onto his face as he thought about how to kill her. A simple stab won't do much effect and drowning in her own blood...didn't satisfy him anymore. He wanted something fresh. His friend was probably worried about him but he didn't care. There wasn't anything special...not for his friends anyway. He was going to get out this school alive...if not...kill everyone else in this school. Make more vengeful spirits in this place to cause more death to happen. What could go wrong? He would be glad if he could just kill someone unimportant...someone...close.

Yuka wasn't even sure what was going to happen. Satoshi was the only person she wanted to see...her beloved brother. Yuka held onto the memory that she had of him. He always tried to get into Naomi's heart...she couldn't blame him for not loving her. She was just his younger sister and sometimes annoyed him. She couldn't help it. She loved her brother.

We'll Save You! – To Sachiko I Serve

Yoshiki paced around the room. Sachiko had left him in a room with a pair of scissors...his new friend...and with a lock on the door. He couldn't escape while his two companions were busy doing who knows what. Yoshiki kicked the eyeball across the room.


The eyeball fell to the ground after colliding with the wall. He growled in annoyance. He was still hungry...filled with pain occasionally blazing through his system from the collision with the hammer. He knew that it was useless to ask a question now. It wasn't his place. His younger sister...he wasn't sure what to call Yoshikazu. There wasn't really anything to call him...puppet, maybe? No...That didn't feel right. Sachiko...would know what to call him. He was locked here while Sachiko and Yoshikazu were busy...hunting? The school would make it look like it. Yoshiki walked over to the eyeball and picked it up. The optic nerve was still smooth between his fingers and covered in dry blood. He looked at his wrist and noticed the blue veins in his hand. Fresh skin...untouched by his own fingers. The scissors on the ground...would be perfect to open the skin...let the blood go free, like it should do. No. Sachiko won't be happy. He won't be happy. He looked at the eye in his grasp and smiled.

"What are you looking at?" He asked the eye. No response came. He wasn't expecting anything. Yoshiki threw the eyeball to the other side of the room and growled.


He knew life wasn't fair but this was stupid. Getting blood everywhere wasn't a problem. Not with so many victims entering this curse and getting killed by either themselves...or others. His first kill...burnt into his mind. There wasn't anything else he could do...if it wasn't for Satoshi Mochida. He would have enjoyed the meal wasn't much but at least Sachiko would have been happy. Yoshiki walked over to the scissors on the ground and picked them up. They glistened in the light...well, the metal did. The blood covered the scissors. He didn't care.

He walked over to the other side of the room and sat down in front of the eyeball. Being locked in a room could do many things to a human. The eyeball was looking up at the ceiling as Yoshiki moved the eyeball. He moved the scissors to cover the pupil of the eye. The blood covered blades were in the way of the light casting a shadow over the eye. The scissors turned...before they were raised.

"To Sachiko...I serve." He declared before he drove the closed scissor blades into the eye. The sound wasn't pleasant but Yoshiki didn't care. He felt the scissors hit the floor. Once satisfied he forced the scissors open. The eye was cut into two different parts...the optic nerve...still keeping the parts together. Insanity had made its home in Yoshiki. It wasn't going to leave too soon.

We'll Save You! – To Sachiko I Serve

Miki and Ayumi wandered down the corridors. Both determined to find Yoshiki again. Ayumi seemed more determined than Miki was. She couldn't compare herself to Miki though. Losing a brother once must be hard enough...but losing the same brother twice must be worse. Ayumi didn't know what to do if she lost any members of his family...she wouldn't know what to do. After seeing Yoshiki again...she felt different. With a new understanding of Yoshiki's history and character from Miki and his latest actions...she couldn't help but want to save him...he did save then before.

"So, in order to close the spaces, we need to help give the ghost children back something they lost." Ayumi said before Miki looked confused.

"When did you learn this?" Miki asked the older student in front of her.

"It would seem that way. We don't even know if that's what we're supposed to do but it's the only thing we can do at the moment." She replied to the blond haired female in front of her.

"Sounds like it now that you mention it...let's just help the ghost children find what they have lost." Miki smiled at Ayumi. They both started to walk down the corridor. The doll was held firmly in Miki's hand as Ayumi refused to though the doll for the time being. She hoped that Ayumi was going to be ok in this place. Occasionally Miki felt something prod at her mind, trying to get her to listen to it. She ignored the voice as her mind was focused on one thing only, saving Yoshiki. There wasn't going to be anything to stop him.

"What exactly are we looking for?" Miki asked again.

"I think we'll be looking for their tongues. That's what their killers said to have taken."

"So, we find what was stolen from them...and in return...we get my brother back?"

"We should do...or the ghost children help us get him back...I don't know if they work with the spirit in the red dress."

"Onii-chan called her Sachiko. Any idea why?" She asked Ayumi. Fear was in her voice and Ayumi looked away from Miki.

"That might be her name...but with the hammer-wielding person with her...Kishinuma might be a struggle to find and re-gain." Ayumi said. She knew that it was going to hurt her but it was the truth. There wasn't really much they could do with Sachiko and her puppet keeping them away from Yoshiki.

"I don't care. We're going to save onii-chan no matter what happens. I don't care if he's under her control or whatever. I'm going to go all the way to find him and deal with that little spirit once I find her." Miki declared. Ayumi smiled.

"Then allow me to help you, Miki."

"I'm going to need all the help I can get. Once the closed spaces become one...we can meet everyone else and get a plan sorted."

"Yeah." Miki and Ayumi continued down the corridors of the cursed school.

We'll Save You! – To Sachiko I Serve

"Onii-chan...Where are you?" Sachiko asked as she walked into her room. She had left Yoshiki here for a while and now thought it was about time that she talked to him about something. She walked before she felt something squishy under her feet. She looked down to see the remains of the eyeball lying on the ground. It seemed too cut up to be any use to her. She looked around before her eyes fell onto the sleeping form of Yoshiki. He was sprawled out on the floor and sound asleep. She smiled seeing him sleep so peacefully before she noticed the open scissors in his hand. Bits of the eye were still on the blades but she gently picked up Yoshiki's hand and removed the scissors from his hand. She didn't want him to cause himself an injury while he was sleeping. It didn't seem right.

"What are you going to do with him, Sachiko?" Yoshikazu asked Sachiko.

"He's going to be staying here until I'm done with him." She scowled at Yoshikazu.

"You're getting too attached to him. Let him go, leave him in the closed space where that little girl is." He told the ghost child.

"Why? After the work I've done on him. He'll kill if I ask him to. He's better than you!" Sachiko told Yoshikazu. Yoshikazu wasn't sure what to take from that. He was slowly getting replaced by a younger puppet. Yoshiki seemed to be a puppet that needed to be taught a lesson. He was the first puppet and even if Sachiko wouldn't be happy. It was going to be better for her. Yoshikazu walked away from Sachiko and Yoshiki and knew what he needed to do.

Yoshiki stirred awake as Sachiko placed her hand on him. Yoshiki's dead eyes looked up at Sachiko before he smiled. He hated being alone and the school was trying to convince him to commit suicide and failing. He was loyal to Sachiko and there was nothing that was going to change it. Sachiko smiled down at him before he held out some scissors in front of Yoshiki's face. The scissors in her hands felt really warm. There wasn't anything stopping her and Yoshiki from killing every soul in this building and sending them to her mother. She would feel go happy to see her mother's smiling face again. Yoshiki seemed to notice her upset face.

"Something wrong?" He asked her.

"I miss my mother...I can't see her but I know she's watching me." She replied.

"I'm sure she would be proud of you." He told her. She smiled down at him before she saw him yawn.

"You're still tired..."

"I'm hungry..."

"I have something for you then." Sachiko got up from her place before she skipped off. Yoshiki lifted himself with his arms and watched Sachiko. Sachiko pulled out something behind the door of the room and it looked like a bucket. Yoshiki looked at the bucket before his stomach growled at him. He smiled as she brought it over to him. Yoshiki peered inside the bucket and saw bits of meat were inside. Yoshiki's stomach growled at him before he reached in and took out a bit of meat. It wasn't clear what it had come from but it was still food none the less. Yoshiki reached into the meat and took a bit out of it. Excitement filled his system as his mouth was filled with meaty goodness as well as the remaining blood still in the meat. Yoshiki's face lit up as he felt energy entering his body. Sachiko watched as Yoshiki was eating the meat from the bucket. She was finally glad that Yoshiki wasn't going to die of starvation.

We'll Save You! – To Sachiko I Serve

Kizami and Yuka wandered down corridor after corridor. Kizami couldn't help but get annoyed from the fact that he was getting nowhere with Yuka fast while he could feel his mind getting attacked by the school and his own insanity. Yuka didn't seem to notice, mainly because he was standing behind her. Kizami sighs before Yuka stopped and looked at him.

"Something wrong?" She asked.

"No...It's nothing." He lied to Yuka. He didn't want to tell her that he wanted to kill her.

"Are you sure? Onii-chan said that lying wouldn't get you anywhere." She told Kizami.

"Really? Your brother" Kizami commented. Yuka smiled.

"Yeah, he sure is." She smiled before the turned around and started walking. Kizami noticed that Yuka was hiding something from him about her brother. He didn't really care if they met her brother or not.

"You lay a finger on Yuka...and I'll kill you." Kizami froze. That sounded to be a voice of a male student trapped her. Kizami turned around to see no one.

"What do you mean...if I lay a finger on Yuka?" Kizami asked out loud causing Yuka to stop and look at him.

"What do you mean?" Yuka asked Kizami. Kizami looked down at Yuka before he looked at her confused.


"I'll say harm Yuka in any way possible...and I'll kill you." Kizami heard the voice again. He looked around again trying to find the source of the voice before he growled.

"There's something in my head...trying to make me kill you..." He growled. He knew that it was a lie and the voice in his head did as well.

"I'm not trying to make you kill Yuka. She's a sister of my friend!" The voice growled at Kizami.

"Who are you?" Kizami asked the voice.

"I'm not going to tell you. I'm not the school and I'm keeping your sanity in control for the time being." The voice told Kizami. Kizami pulled out a small blade and looked at Yuka. Fear shone in her eyes before he smiled. Yuka took a couple of steps back before Kizami's smile broadened.

"I'm going to kill you." Kizami sang before he brought the blade down.

Yuka let out a scream.

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