Chapter 13,

Bella's POV,

I heard everything that Jasper told me but I also heard the voice of Edward in the background swearing to love me for ever and that we would always be together, but I didn't see him telling me I saw him telling all the others girls he had done this to.
I cant believe that I ever thought that he and his family were so perfect, how could anyone be more wrong about them.

How could a man like Carlisle who has sworn to protect the innocent allow his own son do this time and time again to so many different females. We had now choice but to go to the Volturi and tell them what was going on.

Of course on some level I knew that the Volturi could very well kill me, but I was hoping that because I was an imprint and the fact that I was telling them would all stand with me to make them keep me alive.

Jasper passed me his phone and I could feel my heart beating a hundred miles per hour,

I dialled the number and put it onto speakphone so all the other imprints could hear what was being said.

"Hello, Volturi castle, Gianna speaking how may I help you?"

"Hello can I speak to Aro please?"

"Who may I ask is speaking?"

"Tell him I am a human that knows of his existence and I have something to say to him and evidence to give"

"Very well hold the line"

I heard some noise in the background and then a beep happened,

"Aro speaking, who is this I am talking to?"

I took a deep breath then went on to explain everything that I had learnt from Jasper

"Hello Aro, My name is Isabella Swan and I know of the existence of vampire's because Edward Cullen introduced me into his family claiming I was his mate, but left me in the woods to be found hours later by a shape shifting werewolf, and then me to be imprinted on. But I have more for you if you are willing to listen to me."

I left it there, if Aro wanted to hear me he was going to have to ask and promise me something in return.

"You have my full attention young lady and the attention of my brothers, what is it you wish of me?"

"I wish for you to listen to what evidence I have but also to consider not killing me or changing me because I am an imprint and I know of the supernatural world."

"Very well you have my word that I will not kill you straight away and me and my brothers will consider what to do once we know all you do"

I looked to Jasper who nodded his head so I guess this was the best deal I was going to get, I then looked to Paul who pulled me tighter against him.

"Ok, so here is what I know"

I told them everything, and even Jasper added more to the story. With all this information there was no way they would not kill the Cullens. But what would they do with me?

"Very well Miss Swan, I have listened to everything you know and even Jasper has added some, after consideration and debate we would like to meet you before making a decision on this. I would like you, Jasper, your imprinted wolf and two others to come with you. There is no reason to fear us we are not going to harm any of you but I know your wolf would be calmer with others of his kind around. I will ready the jet and send it tomorrow. You will arrive no later then Thursday"

With that said he hung up.

I sat staring at the phone in my hand wondering what the outcome of this was going to be, I was wondering what would happen to the Cullens, I was also wondering if Jasper was going to be safe in all this.

I must of sat there to long in silence because Paul pulled me tighter against his body and moved his face into the crook of my neck and was breathing deeply, I knew he was calming himself down, thinking about going into the den of his enemies was making him angry and agitated I knew he would need to phase soon.

I was bought out of my thoughts by Emily talking to Sam, asking him who he would send with me and Paul. I looked over to them and noticed they both looked extremely stressed, and for that I blame myself I bought the vampire trouble to there door and now I was asking three of the wolves go onto enemy territory and I couldn't promise that we were coming out of there safe.

Sam growled softly getting everyone's attention, we all looked over to him.

"Okay, since Paul has no choice but to go here is what is going to happen. Jared and Quil you will both go with Bella and Paul you will do exactly what Paul says to do. No starting trouble, you will all come out of there alive do you understand?"

Paul looked over to Sam like he was crazy,

"Wait! Your putting me in charge?"

Sam looked over to him and looked him straight into his eyes with nothing but brotherly love and trust.

"Paul, since you met Bella you have become such a different man, so yes I am trusting you with two of your brother's life's you are a strong man Paul and I know you would do nothing to hurt them or your imprint. So I know you will all come home safe."

Paul looked at Sam with a smile on his face and I knew then that Paul would do anything to make Sam proud of him and to prove that he is nothing like his dead beat father who just picked up and left not only his son at a young age but walked away from his whole tribe to.

Before Sam could say anything else Jacob kicked off, to be honest I knew he would because he was not coming with me, but I was also grateful that he was not coming, with his control and temper around me I didn't actually want him to come.

"What the hell Sam? I should be going with them nobody can protect Bella better then me"

I was angry at that comment, Paul was the only one that could protect me better then anyone and I wanted Jacob to stop with all this bullshit of his.

Before me Sam or Paul could say anything to him Jasper beat us all to it,

"Jacob were you not listening to Bella earlier? She did tell you to stop butting into her life and stay out of it, If you really think you can protect her better then her imprint then you really do not know anything of love or being an imprint. And I should think that before you invite yourself onto this mission you should really ask Bella if she wants you there"

I think everyone was shocked by Jasper's speech, none more so then me, other then Paul nobody had really listened to what I was saying or what I wanted before.

Although I dont think it registered in jacob's mind what was being said, because before I could speak he had to jump in again with is cocky attitude towards me still thinking he owned me. I really have to put a stop to this because it was getting old really quickly.

"Why wouldn't she want me to go? I am her best friend after all. Ive known her longer then all of you."

This time before anyone could speak I jumped up off Paul's lap and ran over to Jacob slapping him in the face again. That's twice in a day new record.

"I've told you once if not a thousand damn times Jacob Black that you do not own me, I am my own person and have my own mind. But on this occasion Jasper is right. I don't want you with me, You are my family Jacob not my father not my boyfriend and your no longer my best friend. You are a brother Jacob and you need to stop with the protection bullshit. There is nobody in this world then can protect me better then Paul can. If you can't accept me as part of this pack being with Paul then I think its best we don't hang out anymore."

I know i hurt him by saying that but he has to learn that this is my life and I will not live it in the shadows anymore. I can stand on my own two feet and fight for myself. Going into Voltera with him would cause nothing but trouble because he would get himself damn killed trying to protect me.

Sam brought the attention back to him so he could finish talking, I went to sit with Paul again who wrapped me in his arms as soon as I got near him.

"Ok, as I said Jared and Quil will be going with Paul and Bella and you will do as he says. Paul you will keep me updated as much as you can, and when your in the throne room with the whatever they are you will ask to have your cell on speakerphone so I can hear what is going on. And if needed say my piece. Now if nobody has anything else to add I say we spend the day at the beach because it is a rather warm day to day and we wouldnt want to waste the sunshine."

With that he grabbed Emilys hand and walked out of the house, with the pack following behind him. All that was left was me, Paul and Jasper.

Jasper looked like he was going to say something but Paul beat him to it.

"Jasper your welcome to the beach to you know."

Jasper nodded his head and walked over to us he knelt down in front of us and took my hand into his.

"Bella, I am so proud of the woman you are becoming, you have shown strength in the face of evil and you have stood up for the one you love. I'll meet you both at the beach."

With that he kissed my hand and walked out the door, I sat there kinda stunned not knowing what to do when Paul turned me around in his lap so I was straddling him he out his forehead to mine and stared into my eyes,

"His right you know, you should be proud of yourself, not only have you faced a sadistic vampire and survived but you faced your ex who broke your heart and you stood up for yourself to Jacob who kinda always controlled you. I'm proud of you."

He kissed my lips softly and looked at me waiting for me to say something, I put my hands on his face and softly ran my thumb over his bottom lip.

"I know your not to thrilled with going to Voltera to meet the vampire kings, I am sorry about that I didnt think they would invite us there I thought they would come here. But I am glad your going with me I wouldnt be able to face it without you."

"Baby this is not your fault this is all the Cullen's fault for thinking they could actually get away with something like this to begin with. And I wouldn't be anywhere else other than with you."

I smiled to that and felt everything clicking into place in my life, I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with this amazing man in front of me. He is everything I never asked for.

"Ok, enough of the heavy why don't you go get into a swim suit and I'll pack some snacks for the beach"

I nodded my head to that kissed his lips one last time then went up stairs to get changed.

Paul's POV,

Even though I wasn't thrilled about where we had to go I was happy to be spending some time with my mate without the whole pack around. I knew that Jared and Quil would give us privacy and not embarrass Bella.

I can't believe how lucky I am to have a mate like Bella, she is everything I never asked for but always needed in a mate. She completes me in every way that's important.

She makes me laugh, and smile more than anyone I've ever met in life. She truly is a special person.

I wasnt looking forward to our journey in front of us but I was looking forward to the life we are going to have together.

As soon as we get back from this stupid Leech town I am asking Bella to become my wife.