It was recess time at New Holland elementary.

Elsa Van Helsing was sitting on a bench in the corner of the playground when Weird Girl walked up to her. "Hello Elsa" said Weird Girl. "Hi" said Elsa. (No one knew Weird Girl's real name.)

"Mr. Whiskers said we should invite you to our tea party this afternoon," said Weird Girl. "Well… okay," said Elsa. Her sort of boyfriend Victor was away on a trip with his parents and his undead dog Sparky, (because after all that had happened during the last few days his mom said she neede a vacation, so his dad got them tickets for the next flight to Florida) and she didn't want to spend the afternoon with her uncle, who was currently in a very bad mood after his Dutch Day celebration had been ruined.

"Can I bring Persephone?" asked Elsa "I don't want to leave her with my uncle any longer then she has to be." "Of course you can bring her!" said Weird Girl "As long as she doesn't mind staying in the yard." "She won't mind as long as I'm with her," said Elsa. "Great," said Weird Girl. Just then the bell rang. "Mr. Whiskers and I will see you later," she called as she started walking toward the school.

"Wait, did you get a new… Mr. Whiskers?" asked Elsa. She was sure the cat had been changed into a vampire creature and then burned to death in the fire at the windmill.

"Oh no," said Weird Girl, as they walked back to school. "Mr. Whiskers is a ghost now. He's here watching us right this second!" Elsa looked around for the cat, but she didn't see anything.

"Meet me by the gate after school, okay?" said Weird Girl. "Okay, I will," said Elsa.

Auther's note: Sorry that first chapter is really short, I just wasn't sure how to start this story.