At the next ballet class, Elsa glared at Miss Benson whenever her back was turned. Lucy and Gladys started glaring at her too, though they didn't know why.

At the end of class, Miss Benson said "Next week we will start choreographing our recital which we will perform for everyone at the end of the month. We are all going to perform a story I wrote myself called: The Happy Magical Forest."

Kill me now, thought Elsa.

Miss Benson continued; "Now I'll tell you which parts you'll play, you four will be the fairy princesses, you two will be squirrels, you two will be lollypops…" Then she pointed at Elsa and Gladys and Lucy. "And you three will be flower fairies."

Better than a dancing lollypop thought Elsa. Although she never told anyone, her favorite book was an old book of fairy tales with lots of gothic illustrations of fairies.

When she got home, her uncle said "How was your class?" "Okay I guess," she replied. She considered telling him that she knew about him and Miss Benson, but decided not to.

She went upstairs to her bedroom and found Persephone looking sadly out the window. "You miss Sparky, don't you," she said to her dog as she hugged her. "I miss Victor too, Hopefully they'll be back soon."

At the next class Miss Benson showed everyone the costumes they'd wear. Elsa's dress was pale pink and very sparkly. It came with pale pink wings and a wand. It was also a bit small for her. Gladys and Lucy had the same type of outfits, but they loved theirs.

"Okay, let's go over your parts for the recital," said Miss Benson, "Lucy Pike, Gladys Frankenstein and Elsa Van Helsing first."

"Your last name is Frankenstein?" Elsa asked Gladys.

"Yep," said the little girl.

"Do you know a boy named Victor Frankenstein?"

"He's my cousin," said Gladys "right now him and his family are in Florida; but his mom said they would be back in time to see my ballet recital!"

Oh great, thought Elsa, As if this wasn't embarrassing enough already!