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Aubrey decided she had seen enough arguing of the two dance groups, and went into her and Angel's dressing room. She was walking by, but then she saw a very familiar man. He looked Korean… and had sunglasses on. She suddenly realized who it was. It's PSY! Aubrey was shocked, and her eyes widened as big as a golf ball. Her mouth dropped, and she giggled like a fan girl.

The red-head settled down, just by a little bit, and started to walked over to the worldwide phenomenon. He was talking to some little boy, who also looked familiar. When she was close enough, she realized it was Glitch. "Glitch? You know him?" she asked as she crossed her arms.

"Well, I don't. I just squealed like some fan boy, came over here and spoke with him, and we're just alike! He's from South Korea, I'm from South Korea, he likes hip-hop, I like hip-hop, he speaks Korean, and I speak Korean! We're perfect together." He replied as he smiled goofy, and tugged the older Korean arm.

"Cool. Anyways… OH EM GEE. I LOVE YOU! CAN I PLEASE GET AN AUTOGRAPH?! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!" Aubrey yelled. PSY was confused and didn't know what the fudge was going on. He started to speak to the female dancer. "Um, yes. Uh, let me look for something." He proceeded to walk to some room, looks like his dressing room. Aubrey realized that he had ditched her, something that had never happened to her in her life.

She pouted, and turned back to the small prodigy. "You never saw that." He quickly nodded. Aubrey was heading back to her dressing room, but was interrupted.

"Oh, and I forgot to tell you. PSY is going to perform after da commercial. It's going to be tight!" Great, now even more embarrassment and awkwardness when they see each other on the stage.

Aubrey had finally reached her dressing room, only to find Angel dressing into his suit. He was only wearing his boxers. The ginger quietly walked in, and sat on the chair. She watched until he was finished and noticed her.

"Aubrey?! Were you watching me this whole time?" he said surprised.

"Not the whole time…"

"Please tell me you didn't see… you know." He was blushing so hard; you could see it through his Latino skin.

"No! Ha-ha, you're funny." Angel cooled down and went out of the dressing room. Aubrey made sure he was out of sight completely, and then she slammed the door shut, then locked it.

"I wish I did…" she told herself quietly. The ginger unzipped her jumpsuit, and started to dress out. When she was finally in her dress, Aubrey looked into the mirror and added an extra layer of lip gloss. As she looked in the mirror, she noticed her make-up was coming off, and the show is about to come back on in one minute! That is not enough time for a lady!

"Oh gosh, now I have to rush." Aubrey took out her make up kit and got some mascara. She started to put it on, but a certain someone opened the door without a warning.

"Hey, Aubrey! Show is starting in thirty seecccooonnddsss!" Oh MacCoy, that playful and annoying child. The female wasn't warned, and a smirch of mascara went from her right eye to the tip of her forehead. Her eyes widened, and she dropped the mascara to the red table. Frozen like ice, and not able to speak.

"Oh… my… gosh. Get. Out. NOW." Aubrey said, speaking through her clinched teeth. MacCoy, who is frightened of Miss Aubrey, left the room immediately. She quickly got a napkin, and started wiping the smear, but it only got worse.

"And, welcome back to the Dance Central Awards! Now, please welcome, Aubrey and Angel!" some announcer said. 'OH. NO.', she thought. No stopping it now.

Meanwhile, Angel was on the stage, but he was waiting for Aubrey. "Um… Hola. Ah… time to announce our nominees for the Dance Central Awards of the favorite Dance Crew!" he said as he started without his girlfriend. Where the heck could she be?

Angel turned around to look at the gigantic, flat screen behind him. It turned on with the starting of the Dance Central 3 game, but only showing for dance crews.

"Our nominees are… Lu$h! Riptide! Hi-def! And Flash4ward!" the video showed all the dance crews in order of what the random announcer said.

"Alright let's see who has one!" Angel said. He walked over to the podium and looked at the envelope. 'I hope we won… nice to at least have a trophy for once.' he thought. Angel slowly opened the envelope, when he was about to see who won, the Latino was interrupted.

"I'M HERE! IM HERE! Don't read the envelope yet!" Aubrey said as she rushed onto the stage on her heels. She stood next to Angel, and breathed heavily from the weight of her pumps.

"I'll take that, thank you." She snatched the envelope from Angel. He just smirked. "Where have you been?" he whispered so the enormous crowd couldn't hear.

"Lady Troubles." She answered as she opened the envelope. Aubrey smiled of joy, then confusion, the anger.

"AAH. Looks like… we have a tie of six million votes for each…!" She said sadly. Angel looked at the card. Hi-Def, and Lu$h crew, was tied at six million votes each. Was that even possible?

"Guessing there is only one was to solve this… HI-DEF. WE CHALLENGE YOU TO A DANCE BATTLE!" Angel yelled into the microphone. The crowd hollered, and screamed. Glitch and Mo, who were in the crowd, got up and headed for the stage.

"I think we all know, who is gonna win dis battle." Mo gloated. The crowd wooed. Lu$h crew just smirked and waved the hands. Losers.

Pop music started playing, and Glitch dropped to the ground and started break dancing. He rolled on the wide space, and finished with a posing move. Aubrey stepped in and did her flawless moves of dancing. She dropped to the floor and slowly got up with a hand to the face at Glitch.

Mo got in and started pop and locking. he sifted his hair and did a black flip as he started moving with his feet. All crazy like a jellyfish. Angel got in and rolled his body, and then started doing some of his own moves. He put his hands on the floor, did a front flip, and landed right in front of Mo, who was taken aback by what he has seen.

Angel moved with his feet too, but did different type of styles like Michael Jackson. The crowd was stunned. Usually Angel would do some suave moves, but he showed what he can do. The pop music stopped playing, and Aubrey took the microphone.

"Who do you think one this battle?!" she yelled. The crowd was mixed of people yelling Lu$h, and people yelling Hi-def.

"Okay, let's make this easier. Who thinks Hi-def should win?" There was a loud shout.

"Now, who thinks we should win?" A TREMENDIOUS shout.

"Sorry guys. But it looks like we are the real winners. Now buh-bye." She waved off as Mo and Glitch walked off the stage, mad that they didn't win. Ninety percent of it Glitch, but you know. Kids.

A producer gave Aubrey and Angel a trophy, it saying: The most favorite Dance Central crew. Lu$h. Aubrey was proud of herself, two trophies in one show! How many more will she get?

"Now, give your hands up for… PSY!" Angel yelled into the microphone. They took the podium off stage, Aubrey and Angel left, PSY and his back ground dancers walked in ready. He glared at Aubrey, while she smiled like an idiot. The music started playing, and PSY put his microphone to his mouth. "Oppa Gangnam Style!" he started.

The two dancers headed to their dressing room. They were greeted with M.O.C. "Oh, hello there! We wanted to congratulate you on… that so called dancing." Tan said, jealous of not winning.

"Thanks. Please leave." Tan sighed and left the room, but Oblio didn't.

"I know I'm not much of the talking type, but you did well out there. Especially with your drop." Oblio told Aubrey. She felt a warm heat on her cheeks as he left, AAH did she really just blush for Oblio?! Angel rolled his eyes.

PSY will only take a few minutes. Gangnam Style isn't that long when people don't know what he's saying when he goes through the song in Korean. Well, except Glitch.

And it looks like it did! Time flew by, and PSY finished his song. He waved to the crowd, and left the stage with his background dancers. Aubrey and Angel went back onto the stage with their own microphones to announce the next voting.

"Great job PSY! Why don't we give another hand for them?" Aubrey asked. The crowd applaused.

"Now, time for out next voting. This time you'll be voting on your favorite song out of these five. First is, 'Baby got back', from Sir Mix-a-lot; Second, 'Born this way', by Lady Gaga; Third, 'Get ur Freak on', from Missy Elliott; Fourth, 'Run (I'm a Natural Disaster)' by Gnarls Barkley; And lastly, 'Turn me on', by Kevin Lyttle. Make sure you vote!" Angel announced. Everyone started to go on their phones to text there votes.

"We will be right back after this." Aubrey and Angel left the stage as the crowd applauded for them. They went back into their dressing room.

"This has been great hasn't it?" Angel started.

"I guess." Aubrey replied.

"What do you mean you guess? Aren't you happy?"

"Yea, but I didn't get what I want…"

"What do you want? I'll get it for you." Angel said as he held onto Aubrey.

"Well, I haven't gotten a kiss from you in nearly thirty minutes." Sweetest thing ever. Angel kissed the ginger full on the lips.

"You happy now?" he smiled.


"Who the heck are you talking to?" Angel asked.

"My people."

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