Chapter 1: My family

Charlie's POV:

Hi my name is Charlotte Duncan or Charlie for short. I am seven years old, have 2 parents named Bob and Amy, 3 brothers and 1 sister.
The oldest sibling is my brother PJ who is 22 years old and is married to Skyler and they have one daughter who is just 6 months old named Molly, who is an adorable niece.
The second oldest is my only sister Teddy who just got happily engaged to Spencer Walsh.
The middle child is my brother Gabe who is 16 years old who goes to high school and the last Duncan child is my three year old baby brother Toby.
Our household is kind of crazy but at least everyone has their own bedroom now. Toby took my old room and I moved downstairs to where Teddy's room used to be and Gabe just stayed in his same old room after PJ moved to New York with Skyler but they still visit quite a bit even though New York is almost across the whole country of the United States from Denver, Colorado where I live.

Gabe still doesn't get along well with our neighbor Mrs. Dabney but my parents say he'll grow out of it. I wonder when and why he'll grow up.