Chapter 3- The shocking weekend

Luci's POV:

I got home after my first day of school on Friday just as I seen Gabe pass by in a fiery red truck. I went and got the groceries that I was suppossed to pick up and when I got back I parked in the garage and saw my great aunt Estelle sitting at the table reading the newspaper.

"Hi, Aunt Estelle," I greeted her trying to sound bubbly.

"How was school? Did you make any friends?" she replied still bored and staring down at the paper.

"It was okay, I met a couple of girls named Kit and Jo who seemed really nice, well not Jo but at least she seemed like she wanted to be friends, and then I met two guys named Jake and Gabe who were really fun and," I then stopped talking as I saw great aunt Estelle get up with a worried or angry look on her face,

"What's wrong?" I asked but she was already out the door and headed to the neighbors. She wasn't very fast so I ran and caught up with her just as she turned off our driveway. She knocked on the door very loudly like she was slapping it and a middle aged man carrying an adorable toddler wearing a shirt that had a picture of an elephant on it and small blue jeans appeared.

"Hi, Mrs. Dabney! How can I help you?" He asked politely.

"Is Gabriel here?" She asked annoyed and determined.

"Yes just a sec he's up in his room," but before the man could finish I was being dragged up the mint green stairs behind my stubborn great aunt.

Gabriel the name stuck in my head as I began thinking why would she all of sudden head to our neighbors and ask for Gabriel when I was telling her about my day and Jake and Gabe. She can be one of the strangest people I know sometimes her mind just jumps from one spot to another, but then the facts came to me Gabriel is Gabe and I've heard many stories about the horrible pranks they've played on each other. I am in trouble , even worse I got Gabe is in trouble too.

Gabe's POV

I was playing my videogame when I heard the door get slammed about 4 times then my dad opened the door and I heared Mrs. Dabney mumbling something including my name serveral times, well almost she kept calling me Gabriel, I really don't like it, that's not my name. Nobody calls me that except a few of my teachers, , and my parents when I'm in trouble. Then I heared somebody stomp up the stairs and automatically I turned off the power on my video game and jumped underneath my covers and started to pretend to sleep which I have gotten pretty good at because it normally gets me out of trouble a bit. So I jumped into my bed and only seconds later I heard my door slam open and hear, four footsteps? It didn't sound like my dad and mainly because I heard my dad downstairs talking to my mom and I heared Charlie walking down the hallway with Toby into his room.

"Gabriel Duncan! Get up now!" I heard yell at me and I slowly turned around and sat up to see the most shocking sight I have seen all day, there standing beside her was Luci.

"Hey Gabe," she greeted me sounding just as shocked as I was.

"Hi Luci, why are you here, and why are you with ?" I asked her still shocked to realize that the car she was driving this morning was Mrs. Dabney's as I had thought.

"Well actually this is my great aunt Estelle and I just moved in next door" Luci said before Mrs. Dabney interrupted her after that.

" I was wondering why you were helping Luci during school because you do usually not help anyone!" said quite loudly and I tried to think of a resonable answer but the truth was I didn't even know why I decided to help Luci at school today when she asked me it just felt like I had to or I was suppossed to.

"He was just trying to be nice to me, Aunte Estelle," Luci pleaded in my favor.

"Gabriel Duncan is not just nice to people, Lucillia. Now what is your prank Gaberiel? What are you planning?" asked me. I noticed Luci roll her eyes and shiver at her name.

"Nothing, I don't have a plan" I said then sighed and stomped out of my room. I watched Luci and her great aunte reach their house, then Luci turned around and I realized Mrs. Dabney had locked her out.

"Luci! Come to the window I'll let down a rope of sheets and pull you up into my house, you can have supper here if you want to." I yelled out of my window.

" Sure Gabe!" she replied as she came to the edge of my house and I tied the sheets on my bed together at the corners and pulled Luci up into my house through my window on the second floor, we went downstairs and I introduced Luci to my parents and two younger siblings. My mom told her she could stay as long as she wanted and Luci happily thanked her for it and accepted the offer. We ate supper and then afterwards made a plan to head up to my room to play video games, but instead ended up asking my parents if some friends could come overnight and she said yes after asking us who, and what the plan was. We grabbed the phone and started dialing. After 15 minutes of calling our friends Jake, Jeremy, Xander, Liam, Kit, Jo, and Emma were coming over. Emma was at Kit's house so she had to come even though she was my ex-girlfriend and Luci had never met her because we had different classes. Then we just waited for them to arrive.