The old man sat in an unknown park, in an unknown time, in an unknown part of London. It was coming on the time when this form would grow too old for him, and he would change. To become the same, yet so very different.

He looked up with a start as a little girl tripped right in front of him. He watched as she stayed on her hands and knees for a few seconds, seemingly in a bit of shock, her red hair falling all about her face. She couldn't have been more than three years old.

And instead of crying, like most young children would have, she just pushed her self up, and dusted her slightly scuffed knees.

It was then that she noticed her audience. She lifted her head up and put her little nose in the air, as if daring him to comment. Her eyes met his fearlessly.

"All you alright?" He asked after he found himself losing a staring contest with this young one.

"Fine," she answered, looking over her opponent and, after conceding that she was now "Alpha", sat down on the bench next to him. Before he could say anything, she turned to face him and asked, "What's your name?" in the most adult fashion.

He raised an eyebrow at her. "I'm called the Doctor."

She thought about this and stated, "That is a stupid name."

He chuckled. "And what is yours, young lady?"

"Donna," She answered. "It is a sensible name. Not to long, but not too dull."

The Doctor nodded, "It is a pleasant name." He eyed her knees, both were still dusty and now a bit more bloody. He dug into one of his pockets and pulled out a handkerchief and two band-aids. He offered them to Donna without a word.

She shot him another calculating look, before accepting the offerings and setting to work. She winced a little and then commanded, "You're a doctor, you can help."

So help he did, and soon his young companion was all patched up. "Thanks," she smiled at him for the first time. He smiled back, and felt there was something much more to this little human girl.

"You are very welcome," he said. Then the moment was broken by a call from across the park.

Donna looked up, "That's my mum." She slipped off the bench, and turned to hold out her hand to the Doctor. "It was nice to meet you."

He took the tiny hand gently and shook it. "The pleasure was mine."

"See you sometime," she said over her shoulder as she hurried off and was gone.

"I believe you shall," the Doctor smiled and the sun broke through the clouds.


Six year old Donna Noble knew something about fashion. And she knew that 20 foot long scarves with many dull colored stripes was not part of this thing called fashion. But she couldn't help but find this affront to fashion fascinating. So she followed the man.

And she went unnoticed until she stepped on the offending item.

The man whirled around as she shrank back, but recovered by standing straight and holding her head high. The man stared at her, wide blue eyes bemused by this small interruption in his current mission.

"Well hello young lady, can I be of assistance?" he smiled widely at her serious face.

"It's your scarf," she said frankly.

The man looked down at the item and gave it an affectionate pet. "It is a marvelous scarf, is it not?"

Donna's face scrunched in contemplation, before she reluctantly nodded. The man's grin widened to the impossible, and, without a second thought, unwound the scarf. Giving it one more pat, he knelt in front of Donna. "Where I'm going, I'm afraid it is going to get ruined," he said as an explanation as he gently wrapped the scarf around her. "You may keep it and make sure it is safe." He looked deep into her eyes. "Will you promise to keep it safe?"

She nodded, a very serious look on her face, "I promise." She crossed her heart.

He stood and gave her a pat on the head. "Thank you," he said and then hurried off, not looking back at the little girl buried in his beloved scarf.


At ten, Donna knew it was so, not cool to jump in puddles. But who else would be out in this rain to see her? Certainly none of her friends from school. So she splashed and danced her way through the park, the only human being in the pouring rain. Her clothes soaked through, her red hair plastered around her young face that was just starting to show signs of the woman she would one day become.

Suddenly she saw that she had a partner in her rain dancing. The odd man gave her a smile that seemed so familiar, and so kind, that her initial sense to run was quelled. He twirled his black umbrella with a weird, red question-mark shaped handle, spraying the water droplets on it into the air.

"Hi," she said, and jumped hard into a huge puddle, splashing them both.

"Hello," he blinked water from his eyes, before stomping in a puddle of his own. "Beautiful day, isn't it?"

She just smiled and hopped a few times, before hurrying to a new puddle. They made it all the way to the other side of park, splashing, giggling, and smiling all the way. There the man tipped his straw hat, put his umbrella over his shoulder and splashed off. Before turning a corner, he turned back to face her and waved. Then he was gone.


The Doctor sat in front of the little tea shop, staring into his now cold cuppa as though it held the answers to the questions chasing themselves around in his head. That was until he was startled by the entrance of a young, ginger teen girl pulling out the seat in front of him. She looked as disappointed at life as he felt, and as disinterested in her tea.

"Who was she?" the girl said, plopping down and stirring her tea for something to do.

The Doctor startled, "What?"

"Who was the woman who has you here, using a tea-cup as a psychiatrist, you dumbo," she snapped.

He blinked, but decided not to ask how the girl knew the cause of his woes. "Her name was Grace," he merely said.

"Me, I just got dumped by my first boyfriend! HE dumped ME! Can you imagine?" she said, red blushes of anger forming on her cheeks. "I always expected that when it came to dumping, it would be ME who did it! Way to ago for him, ruining me dreams." She huffed indignantly and took a sip of her tea.

"I'm sorry?" The Doctor found the behavior of this girl bemusing. Then he had a sudden realization, watching this spunky teen. "I want to be ginger!" He stated.

The girl looked at him oddly, but was not thrown off by this sudden subject change. "Gingers are the best, mate," she fluffed her hair proudly. "I'm a true one, no dye here!"

The Doctor nodded, envious. "Your hair is very nice."

"Well thanks!" she glanced at her watch, then did a double take. "Oi, won't you look at the time!" She stood up and put money down for her tea. "Well nice meeting you, mate! Good luck with the hair and girl problems!" And she was off before he could say another word.


This time the Doctor found himself in a bar, and staring into a glass of rather disgusting beer, which he hadn't touched. He sat forlornly in a dark corner; the destruction of his race, as well as his long time enemies, weighing hard of his mind. He scratched at his new and much shorter hair, and decided that he could get used to it.

There was a rather loud group of students, who most likely should have been studying, that filled most of the bar. Most of the nearly but not quite adults where having a noisy blast and getting quite wasted, but there where a few who looked uncomfortable, probably dragged along unwillingly.

And then there was one who seemed to be in between, being loud, but not drunkenly so. It seemed to be her natural volume. She was yelling at someone one minute to get his "filthy, ugly alien hands" off her and then next giving a friend a play by play story of "the Christmas party from hell". She seemed to get bored after a bit, and looked around. She caught him watching and scowled before making her way over to him.

"Oi, you got a problem mate?" she scowled at him, and he realized that she was ginger.

"Yes," he said in a forlorn voice. "I have many. One of them is that you are ginger"- she was about to say something, her face saying just what kind of physical harm even her words could do, but he quickly talked over her- "and I am not. Ginger that it."

That seemed to calm her, if calm was a state this about twenty-year-old ever was. "Why, I think that was a complement, thank you," she said, then got right in his face. "Now bug off or stop watching me, or so help me, I will make you curse the day your mother ever gave birth to you." She stood back, signed "I'm-watching-you", and disappeared back into the crowd.

The Doctor decided it was time for him to go and find a planet to save, before this woman came back and made him regenerate again. He was just starting to like this body, too…


"SPACEMAN!" was all the warning he got as he stepped out of the TARDIS before he was slapped full in the face. He blinked to clear the stars from his vision and slowly the very angry face of one Donna Noble came clear. "HOW DARE YOU BLOODY LEAVE ME! HOW DARE YOU WIPE MY MEMORIES!"

The glare she was sending him would have made even Daleks and Cybermen run. He was very tempted to do so himself, except he knew that would cause him even more harm then if he just let her yell. At least, so he hoped.

"YOU GIANT SPACE DUMBO! YOU JUST UP AND LEFT ME! BACK TO MY STINKING USELESS LIFE! HOW BLOODY COULD YOU? WHY DIDN'T YOU FIND AWAY TO SAVE ME?! YOU ALWAYS DO! BUT NO, APPARENTY SAVING THE UNIVERSE FROM CERTAIN DESTRUCTION DOESN'T GET A PERSON ANY RESPECT!.." As she went on, the Doctor closed the door to the TARDIS, hoping that Rory and Amy wouldn't come out and get hit by any crossfire. He also hoped they couldn't hear this, but knew that was in vain, not even the TARDIS could keep out the voice of a very angry Donna Noble. "ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING TO ME?!" Brought his attention right back to his current danger.

She stood there, glaring and hardly out of breath from her rant. He just blinked at her, afraid that any sudden movement might mean his end.

"….Bow-ties are cool?" He helplessly offered.

And slowly her glare softened and she opened her arms. "Oh give me a hug, alien boy."

The Doctor beamed and wrapped his arms around her, and hugged her so tightly he knew it must be painful. But she did so back, crushing him. "Never leave me again, okay spaceman?" she whispered into his shoulder.

"I promise Donna," he whispered back. "As long as you promise to travel with me forever, I will never leave you."

She chuckled, "You are never getting rid of me."

And they pulled apart, twin grins on their faces. He offered her his arm and stepped up to the door of the TARDIS. "Where too first, Doctor Donna?"

~*~*~(The beginning)~*~*~

AN: I've been thinking of continuing this by adding the other Doctors, and I'd love to know if anyone would like me too. :) Thanks for reading!