"Run!" bellowed the flamboyantly clothed man as he bolted past her.

Donna squinted after him, then looked back the way he came. Seeing no one and nothing alarming, she thought about shrugging the whole incident off and continuing with her window shopping. But Donna had admitted to at least herself that she, deep down, was one for adventure. And even if it was imagined that oddly dressed man seemed to be having more of one then she might ever.

The lucky thing with window shopping was that she had no bags to put down as she decided to run after the man much like the crazy person he surely was. She caught up with him quicker than she thought (or, as the sensible part of her mind had wished, not at all) where he was standing at a corner of a street, head to one side, looking back the way he had come.

He spotted her, and nodded with a grim look that seemed out of place on his soft face. "Ah, so you are the only intelligent one," was his only comment.

Donna looked at the man as if he was very daft. "I'm just a temp!" she flapped her hands in the man's face, causing him to flinch back. "And the only one idiotic enough to follow you! Just what do you think you were doing anyway, trying to get put away?"

With a humph of condescending displeasure at the turn in conversation, the man began to move once more, but now at a much slower pace and without yelling. Donna was not letting him go that easily though, she was just beginning to have fun. So she trotted at a distance from his side, but matching his pace. "I'm waiting for an answer," she told him, imitating his haughty tone.

"It was a test," he merely said, glancing at her from the corner of his eye.

"For what?" she continued to investigate. Was this man, with his mismatched clothes and demeanor, a mad scientist of sorts?

"To see who would survive an alien invasion," the man stated back, as though it was the most obvious thing in the world.

Donna was quiet for a moment, before laughing loud and honestly. "My gramps would like you," she finally got out, making the man slightly less insulted.

"He must be very wise, then," he proclaimed, deciding that maybe this woman wasn't so bad at all. But just as he turned, maybe to even offer her a trip, she was already on her way back down the street, chuckling and shaking her head at the odd encounter.

A/N: Thanks to NeverEndingDrums13, who gave the prompt 'RUN!' and asked for Six next!