Donna peered under the TARDIS control panel, finding the Doctor elbow deep in wires and components. She frowned at this, both curious as to what he was doing and annoyed at the fact that he probably wasn't really doing anything at all. He hadn't noticed her presence looming over him, so she poked his leg with her foot.

This got his attention, and he pulled his head to look up at her. "What is it Donna?" he asked, somewhat crankily.

Oh, so he was in one of his Time Lord sulky moods today. Which meant it was probably her duty, as the human, to cheer him up. She didn't want to play nice though, so she crossed her arms and put on a scowl that would scare even Daleks. "Doctor." was all she said, putting as much venom as she could into her voice. Inside though, she was laughing merrily.

Especially as his face went from pouty to worried to scared in a matter of seconds. She just stood there, glaring, shifting hands to hips. The Doctor stood, gulping nervously, and asked, "Yes Donna?"

She let him hang there, head no doubt filled with puzzling out whatever he might have done to set her off this time, before she finally grinned as cheerily as can be, laughing out some of her suppressed chuckles.

"What?" He asked, forehead scrunching adorably, very confused now.

"You never gave me my celery back," Donna explained, smiling up at him.


"You said you were just going to borrow it, not keep it," she continued, moving over to the control seat. There she picked something up and held it out to him. "But then I thought it might be because I still had this."

The Doctor was literally lost for words as he gently reach forward to touch the scarf. It was obviously used but well taken care off, its multicoloured stripes slightly faded. He looked up to meet Donna's eyes with his own. "That was you?" Then he remembered the celery. "And that was you and Wilf!"

She beamed at him, nodding. "I had my suspicions, but I just put it all together recently."

"All?" The Doctor asked, mind going back hundreds of years, trying to pick out fuzzy things, especially past his Eighth regeneration. "Tea and relationship problems!"

Donna nodded, watching him work out what she had. "And you I believe you eyed me in a pub."

He scoffed, "Only your hair! It's so fiery." The Doctor looked longingly at it now, before his eyes went clouded with thought again. "Did you dance in the rain with a stranger and his question mark umbrella?"

"That was you?" She gasped. "I hadn't figured that one out! Wow alien boy, that was a bit creepy, now that I think back on it."

"It was," he laughed awkwardly. "Oh! I landed in your garden and you had to shoo me away before I met myself!"

Donna frowned, "Sorry, what?"

The Doctor's eyes went wide. "Nothing, I didn't say anything," he said quickly. She looked at him worriedly now. "Don't worry, you did great. I mean, will do great."

"Whatever you say," she shrugged with a smile.

The Doctor got his nostalgic face then. "Oh Donna, you always do great."

And she never proved him wrong.