Blossom p.o.v

I can't believe it! This is our first concert. Bubbles was playing the drums and Buttercup was playing the bass that left me with the guitar and the lead singer part. The lights flashed as we stepped out on stage and started playing.

Mezamete ha kukurikaesu nemui asa wa
eri no tai wo kitsuku shime
kyoushitsu no DOA kuguru to honna sukoshi
mune wo hatte arukidaseru

Sonna nichijouni fukinu keru kaze

kikoeta kika shita
kanjita kika shita n da
furuedasu ima kono mune de

mou kuru kika shita
iku oku no hoshi ge kiesatteku no wo
te wo futta
yo katta ne to

The crowd cheered as we played a few more songs and the concert was over. We even saw our parents in the crowd. "Girls that was great." said the Professor, our manager.

"You better get back home before your parents." said Ken. So me and the girls flew back to our own houses to get some sleep. I told my parents I didn't want to go because I wanted to clean the house, which is what I really wouldn't do. So I cleaned the house in powerpuff form and went to bed in my normal form.

Bubbles p.o.v

I flew home before my obasan came home. I told her I don't like rock concerts so I didn't want to go. I transformed back and went to bed.

Buttercup p.o.v

I flew home before my parents and brothers did. I had a feeling that they were at the souvenir stand in the arena. So I cut on the TV and started watching late night football.

The next day I met up with Momoko and Miykao at school. Everyone was talking about our concert. "Wow, it was our first concert and we already have alot of fans." said Miyako.

'Yea they're even wearing our souvenir shirts." said Momoko pointing to a pink PPGZ ROCKS t-shirt.

"yea even singing our song." I said pointing to some girls singing My soul your beats.

"Well I should be famous." said a voice. We turned to see Himeko Shigorane and her posy behind us. "I sing great." she said as she sang our song horribly.

"That sounds great Himeko but we gotta go to class." said Momoko as we ran to class.

"Children we have three new students today." said Ms. Keen. We saw who walked in: Three boys that looked alot like us.

"State your names." Said Ms. Keen.

"Mayoku." said the one that looked like Momoko.

"Masaaki." said the one that looked like Miyako.

"Kato." said the one that looked like me.

"Ok boys, you can sit behind Momoko, Miyako, and Kaoru." Said Ms. Keen. Mayoku sat behind Momoko, Masaaki sat behind Miyako, and now you know who sat behind me.

"Hey have we met before?" he asked.

"Uh no why." I said.

"No reason it's just that you look so familiar." Then it hit me; It's the Rowdyruff boys. I passed a Comnote to Miyako and Momoko. After school, we went to Towns square. Then, on a big screen, we saw our music video.

"We did a good job did we." said Momoko. Miyako and I nodded our heads in agreement.

Me: Hi guys. Ok this story is about the PPGZ being superheroes and rockstars. Some of the songs will be Japanese or English, so if you don't know the song, post it in your reviews. I hope you enjoy this first chapter cause I'm making more. Also, I may have included songs from some animes.