Hi, this is my first story so please be nice :) hope you like it


"Come on, pick up. Pick up." Misty tapped her foot impatiently waiting for a response, her Togepi watched, confused.

"Hello?" A voice finally responded from the other end.

"Dawn!" She shrieked, scaring her pokemon and causing the poor egg to topple backwards onto the bed.

"Good morning Mist." Dawn groaned, pulling herself out of bed.

"I need your help with something. And it's massively important which is why I called you this early in the morning, I hope you're not pissed with me. Oh god, you're pissed I called this early aren't you? I'm sorry but..."

"Misty!" The sudden outburst caused the red-head to clamp her mouth shut. "How much coffee have you had this morning?"

"None, I swear."

"Then this must be a Gary issue." Dawn rolled her eyes and lay back down on her bed.

"Got it in one." The girl sighed. "So do you think Gary will like my mum's red halter top?"


"Yes, why else would I call you?"

"Okay, honestly, I think Gary has better taste than that." Misty groaned at her best friend's response.

"You're right." She threw herself onto the bed, Togepi running away just in time to avoid being hit. "Why won't he just ask me to prom already?"

"What's going to prom with you going to give him? No offence but he's already got everything he wanted from you."

"I thought we weren't going to talk about that party again."

"I'm just saying, if you'd played a little harder to get maybe Gary would still be chasing you. And in a bathroom at some random guy's house of all places Misty!"

"Okay I get it, I make bad decisions."

"Just give up on Gary, he's not really worth it." Dawn said hanging up the phone.

Misty let the phone drop to the ground, sometimes she hated her best friend's brutal honesty. Especially this early in the morning.

She dragged herself off the bed and over to her cupboard to find another shirt, she looked through all her clothes never settling on one that came up to Gary's impossibly high standards.

"Screw Dawn, I look hot in that halter top." She said shutting her cupboard and going in search of her mum.


Ash groaned as the sound of his alarm clock filled the room, he slammed his hand down on the clock and rolled over to sleep some more. Pikachu, who had been watching the whole thing, was not letting him get away with that again.

"Shit!" Ash cried out as the little mouse shocked him awake. "Okay, okay I'm up."

"Pika!" The pokemon smiled to himself.

"You can be a pain in the ass sometimes." He grumbled to himself, making sure there was a good distance between him and the pokemon as he did so.

Ash stumbled out of his bedroom and towards the kitchen in search of food, closely followed by Pikachu. He opened random cupboards until he found something he wanted to eat, finally settling on some cereal.

"Milk, milk, milk." He muttered as he scanned the fridge. "Typical." Ash kicked the fridge door closed and finally noticed his dad in the garden.

His dad was leaning against the fence talking to his neighbour. Ash watched as they laughed and flirted, but what caught his eye was the milk bottle in his dad's hand.

"Come on Dad, bring in the milk." Ash tried to tell his dad telepathically. "Your son needs it."

He watched as his dad made no attempts to end this conversation and decided to take matters into his own hands. Throwing a piece of dry cereal into his mouth Ash headed outside.


"I'd love to..."

"Dad!" Ash's voice called out cutting the sentence short. "Shall I take that milk off your hands?"

"Morning Ash." His neighbour smiled at him.


"Mum, can I borrow your red halter..." Misty trailed off when she noticed Ash stood outside too.

"Look at them, they'll be at college next year." Misty's mum smiled. "Time flies."

Misty ran her fingers through her hair as Ash rolled his eyes. Both wishing they were anywhere but here.

"It seems like just yesterday they were practically living together in that tree house." Ash's dad said joining in.

"Dad, milk." Ash said hoping to end this torture.

"Mum, shirt." Misty said at the same time, similar feelings to Ash.

"Seriously you two, you used to do everything together. What happened?" Misty's mum questioned.

The pair stood in silence, staring each other down. Both waiting for the other to respond first. Misty raised her eyebrow at the boy as Ash just rubbed the back of his neck.

"High School happened." Misty said finally.


Okay, it's a little short but it will get longer and better, hopefully :)