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Music began to play from the stage, tearing everyone's attention away from Ash.

"Prepare for trouble." One of the singers on stage sung.

"And make it double." The other joined in.

"Team Rocket?" Paul smiled. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"I wanted it to be a surprise." Misty smiled back, taking Paul's hand and pulling him into the crowd to dance.

She gave one last look towards Ash and then tried to put her focus back on Paul.

Ash walked away from the sculpture and soon disappeared into the crowd, so Misty could no longer watch him out the corner of her eye.

"Hey beautiful." Dawn said, walking up to the pair and slinging an arm around Misty.

"Hey! Where's Ritchie?" Misty asked, looking around.

"Drama queen stormed out when he saw May with Drew." She rolled her eyes.

"I think they're cute." Misty smiled as she watched Drew hand May a drink.

"The boy's done well." Paul nodded.

"Shit!" Dawn suddenly called out, her eyes wide.

Misty followed her eye line and saw who she was looking at, Gary.

"Dawn!" He shouted, making his way over to her, Leaf trying to pull him back.

"Good luck." Misty laughed.

"So apparently I'm in a doomsday cult?" Gary crossed his arms.

"Yeah, funny story." Dawn laughed awkwardly. "I was trying to play matchmaker."

"By breaking people up?"

"It wasn't my best plan ever." Dawn nervously bit her lip.

"Gary, just leave it." Leaf tugged at his arm. "We're back together so just forget her."

Dawn glared at the girl trying to write her off but quickly softened it when she noticed Misty give her a look.

"Honestly guys, I'm really sorry."

"Alright, fine. You're off the hook for now Dawn but I'm watching you." Gary said with a glare before walking away with Leaf.

"Did you see the look that girl just gave me? Such a bitch." Dawn muttered.

"Well maybe if you didn't interfere in peoples love lives you wouldn't get those looks." Paul suggested.

"Why change the habit of a lifetime?" Dawn smirked.

"Nice, did I mention Misty is lucky to have a friend like you?" Paul rolled his eyes.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Dawn crossed her arms.

"Guys, I'm just going to go get a drink." Misty said, backing away from the pair who were paying her no attention.

A slow song began to play and May turned towards Drew with a smile.

"Let's go dance." She held her hand out for him.

"Oh right, okay." He took her hand and followed her towards the crowd of people.

"Don't look so nervous." May laughed. "I'm having fun."

"Are you sure?" Drew questioned.

"Of course I am, why wouldn't I?"

"I don't know, I just kind of expect girls to get bored of me after a while."

"Why? You're a nice guy."

"And girls love that." Drew rolled his eyes.

"After everything that happened with Ritchie that's exactly what I need right now." Drew smiled. "I was happy when it was you who showed up at my door, really happy."

May wrapped her arms around Drew pulling him closer so that she was now hugging him, Drew quickly returned the hug resting his chin on her head. May pulled back slightly and looked up into Drew's eyes. Rising up onto her toes she lightly pressed her lips against Drew's. He was shocked at first, getting a prom date like May was one thing but getting a kiss from her as well was completely unexpected, but he soon found himself smiling into the kiss.

May pulled away and smiled up at him again before resting her head against his chest as they danced.

Misty was stood to one side with her drink, watching everyone. She smiled as she saw May and Drew together, a couple she never saw coming but glad they did get together. She smirked at Gary pushing his luck with Leaf who in turn just laughed at his attempts. She watched Brock place a simple kiss on Joy's cheek, which earned a blush from the girl. She then noticed Paul stood on his own and wondered where Dawn had disappeared to.

"Misty." Dawn said, making her way over. Her mysterious disappearance now solved. "I've been looking everywhere for you."

"Well here I am." Misty gestured once Dawn arrived at her side. "What's up?"

"Can I dance with Paul?" Dawn asked, Misty gave her friend a strange look.

"Sure you can."

"Okay, thanks." She smiled.

"And you felt the need to ask me this because…?"

"Because I'm trying this new thing where I don't kiss my best friends date behind her back." She shrugged.

"Paul is just a friend, not a date." Misty explained. "Wait a minute, kiss?"

"Oh, did I say that?" Dawn blushed.

"Yes you did young lady." Misty smirked. "You wouldn't happen to have a little thing for Paul now would you?"

"I don't know, maybe." Dawn responded, looking down at her feet.

"You do!" Misty squealed. "That's adorable, get in there girl, I most definitely approve."

"Thanks, and I know it's a bit late but I approve of Ash. He made you happy and that's all I need from a guy my friend dates." Dawn smiled.

"Thanks." Misty smiled, giving her a hug. "Now get back to your man."

Dawn gave her a smile before rushing off back to Paul, Misty looked down at her empty glass and turned to put it on the table behind her. She felt a hand on her shoulder as she did this.

"I already gave you my approval what more do you want?" She smiled, turning around. "Ash?"

"Hey Mist." He smiled.

"What are you doing here? Besides climbing on statues?" Misty laughed slightly.

"I heard a rumour you were with Paul tonight, had to come down and check it out for myself."

"We're just friends, nothing more." Misty explained.

"I figured as much when I noticed that." Ash said gesturing behind Misty.

She glanced over her shoulder to see Dawn had in fact made her move and was currently engaged in a lip lock with Paul.

"The girl's impressive." Ash stated.

"You would know." Misty said turning back towards him.

"I guess I deserved that."

"Just a little." Misty crossed her arms. Ash looked over towards the stage and gave a nod. Team Rocket then began playing a new song. Misty shook her head with a smile when she heard Keep On Loving You play.

"Our song." Ash smiled.

"We have a song?" Misty smirked. "Since when?"

"Since now. Mist, I'm really sorry for everything."

"I know." Misty bit her lip.

"If I could take it all back I would."

"You didn't do anything wrong, after all it was just a scam." Misty gave a little shrug.

"Not to me." Ash smiled. "Want to dance?"

"I guess I should, considering it's our song." Misty took his hand and walked towards the dance floor. "So, who we making jealous tonight?" She joked.

"Everyone Misty." He said pulling her into him. "Everyone."

Misty smiled as she let Ash sway her back and forth, she looked up into his soft brown eyes and felt warmth inside.

"I missed you." Ash said.

"It's been a week."

"Exactly." He wrapped his arms around her and held her close.

"I guess I missed you too." She said, wrapping her arms around him too, happy to be back with him.

"So, what's going on with us?" Ash asked as he walked Misty home.

"What do you mean?"

"Are we friends, more, just a scam?" Ash smirked.

"Are you asking what our relationship status is?"

"Guess so." He shrugged.

"I hadn't really thought about it." Misty said taking his hand. "Do we have to define it?"

"I think so." Ash groaned. "I'm the girl in this relationship, aren't I?"

"I'm afraid so, but that makes me the guy." Misty frowned.

"Then technically you should be walking me to my door." Ash said as they reached her door.

"You're a strong, independent woman I think you'll make it on your own." She joked.

"Thanks." Ash rolled his eyes.

He took a step closer to Misty who in return smiled and pulled his face down to meet hers. He smiled and deepened the kiss, pinning her against the door. Misty moaned as his tongue explored her mouth, gripping at his shirt as he did.

Ash pulled back and rested his forehead against Misty's.

"I had fun tonight." He smiled.

"Me too." She said taking a step back from the door forcing Ash forward as well.

Misty turned around and unlocked the door, Ash wrapped his arms around her from behind and began kissing her neck.

"You coming in?" Misty sighed as Ash gently nibbled at her neck.

"I don't know." Ash said, glancing up towards Misty's mum's bedroom window.

Misty turned around and followed his gaze.

"She's out." Misty added with a smirk, she took hold of Ash's tie and pulled him into the house.

With a swift kick he shut the door and soon captured Misty's lips with his own, he picked her up slightly and began walking towards the stairs.

"I can walk you know." Misty pulled back.

"I know, it's just easier this way." Ash smirked before kissing her again and taking her upstairs.

Ash woke up the next day to a mess of red hair on the pillow next to him, he reached forward and brushed the hair away from her eyes, waking her in the process.

"Morning." She grumbled, slowly opening her eyes.

"I hate to break it to you but you have a terrible case of morning after hair."

"I'll just have to borrow your hat for the day." She said running her fingers through her hair.

"We'll see." Ash said as Misty sat up.

She reached down and picked Ash's shirt off the floor before placing it on and doing up some of the buttons. She walked over to her mirror to assess the damage.

"Jesus!" She yelled as she tried to control her hair. "What did you do to me last night?"

"If you don't remember I'll gladly remind you." He winked.

"Smooth." Misty rolled her eyes and put her hair up into a ponytail.

"You look sexier with your hair down."

"A minute ago you told me I had morning after hair." She crossed her arms.

"I never said it didn't look good." He protested.

"Fine." Misty pulled the tie out and shook her hair loose. "Happy now?"

"Very, now take that shirt off and come back to bed." He patted the space next to him.

Misty laughed and walked over to the bed, once close enough Ash reached out and pulled her down onto the bed and pinned her underneath him.

"Misty, there's something really important I need to tell you." He looked down and into her eyes.

"Okay, what's on your mind?" Misty asked, intrigued.

"I love you."

Misty's eyes widened at the confession but didn't have a chance to respond as Ash quickly pressed his lips against hers.

"Can I say something now?" Misty asked once he pulled back.

"Am I going to want to hear it?" Misty nodded. "Go for it."

"I love you too." Misty pulled him down for another kiss.

Ash deepened the kiss and brought her closer to him, he loved being close to her, feeling her body against his, and he loved the fact that she was now his.

All things considered it was definitely worth fake dating Misty, sure he'd messed up along the way but at the end of it all he got the girl, and that was all he ever wanted.

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