Hi my name's Tiz I'm the offspring of Zim and Tak I'm 11 years old I have ruby eyes like my father and I LOVE purple like my mother. This day started off like any other my dad was busy telling my little brother about how he destroyd the HYUMANS on that dirt ball Earth Tam always loves the story about the santa suit. Mom was in the kitchen making us waffles dad never eats them I guess its because of his old SIR Unit gave him gross waffles that twisted his Squeedilyspooch inside out, I wonder what ever happened to that old robot. Tak - ZIM, TIZ, TAM BREAKFEST! Tam - Awwww but mom dads telling me the santa story! Tak - NOW Tam and I - Yes mom Tak - You to Zim Zim - YOU DARE TELL THE MIGHTY ZIM WHAT TO DO?! Tak - ZIM! Zim - Yes Tak honey As we were eating mom was telling dad about the upgrades she made to her SIR Unit Mimi and she was mocking dad on how bad his SIR Unit was apparently its name was GIR I have no idea what the G stands for though. Tak – And there was that time that Gir went on a rampage through that Earth city when his brain got inside your base's computer. How on Irk did you ever finish your mission with that pathetic excuse for a SIR Zim?! Zim – HAY don't forget that so called pathetic excuse for a SIR hacked into Mimi's programming when you tried to fill the Earth with snacks! Right as mom and dad were starting to argue about who's SIR was better my school ship pulled up in front of the house. Me – By mom by dad I'm going to school now! Tak and Zim – By Tiz have a good day. END OF CHAPTER 1