( As I got home I ran past my mom and brother wile crying up to my room )

Tak : Tiz honey what's wrong? Tam can you go check up on your sister for me I'm busy upgrading Mimi .

Tam: Ok mommy.

( Tam ran up to my room and peeked through the door to see if I was ok but he saw my face down on my pillow crying my eyes out )

Tam: Tiz are you ok?

Tiz: Hm? Ya I'm fine Tam.

Tam looked at me with a "you're kidding right" look so I knew he didn't believe me when I said I'm fine

Tiz: I'm serious I'm fine just go away and play with a toy or something please.

Tam: Tiz don't lie to me I know when you're lying just tell me what's the matter.

Tiz: Oh ok Tam I will.

( Tam got up on the bed and sat next to me and started hugging me he knows how to make me feel better when I'm sad )

Tiz: Tam today at school the Tallest came to visit us and answer our questions.

( As soon as I said Tallest Tam got a confused look on his face he was probably thinking how could the Tallest have made me said there supposed to be good rulers right )

Tiz: Well one kid in the back asked them how come Operation Impending Doom failed and they said it was all dads fault!

Tam: What?! How can it be dads fault?!

Tiz: they also said that dad was a defect and his children are defects to!

( Just the mere mention of that word made me cry again oh how I hate that word )

Tam: Tiz don't cry it's ok were not defects.

Tiz: But what if we are the Tallest said so many things they can't all be lies can they?!

Tam: So? Why does it matter if were defects were still the same as yesterday right?

Tiz: I guess but…

Tam: But nothing! Tiz listen I have an idea to show the Tallest how wrong they are!

Tiz: What on Irk are you talking about?

Tam: Well the Tallest think were defects so lest show them what a defect can do!

Tiz: And how are we going to do that?

Tam: Easy we use daddy's old Sir Unit and his Voot Cruiser and take over a planet ourselves!

Tiz: WHAT?! Are you crazy Tam we can't do that!

Tam: And why not?

Tiz: One we have no invader training. Two we don't know where Gir is. Three dad will NEVER give us the cruiser and four YOUR CRAZY!

Tam: So what if we have no training were the kids of ZIM for crying out loud! Like the Tallest said he blew up a planet by scratching his butt that seems impressive to me.

Tiz: Ok but we still don't know where Gir is!

Tam: I do!

Tiz: No you don't.

Tam: Ya I do!

Tiz: Show me.

Tam: Only if you promise to go with my plan!

Tiz: Fine.

( Tam squealed with excitement as he grabbed my hand and pulled me toward the attic )

Tam: See he's right here!

( I gasped as I saw Tam grab the Sir Unit out of an old box I'm surprised I never noticed it before. It was all dusty from being inside the box for so long and one of its eyes was cracked but I did notice this Sir was different it had an antenna for some odd reason )

Tiz: Tam how long have you known it was here?

Tam: A year.

Tiz: And you never turned it on?

Tam: I don't know how.

Tiz: I bet dad does!

Tam: Let's go get him!

( We ran down the stairs happily with the old Sir Unit in my arms looking for dad )