Chapter 1: The Return of the Agamemnon

Captain John J. Sheridan, hero of the Earth-Minbari War, sole war-hero of the Human Remnant, leader of the Human Heavy Destroyer Agamemnon, was feeling very tired. Slowly his eyelids began to close, the warm blanket of sleep and rest wrapping their arms around him. How he wanted to sleep.

"Captain Sheridan!" a voice snapped and the machine in front of him shut off, the sounds of humming from the machine dying away. "Captain Sheridan!" His head bobbed up as he tried weakly to rouse himself but he was unsuccessful. Stars exploded in his eyes and pain shot through his face as he snapped awake.

And there, standing before him was Doctor Lillian Hobbs, acting Chief Medical Officer of the Agamemnon. She was a short woman from the Indian Consortium, from the Earth before the War. The Earth that had been a thriving planet, full of life and potential still. The Earth before it had been blasted back to the primordial soup.

"What do you think you are doing Captain?" she demanded.

"Huh?" he asked, still slowly rousing himself.

"You should have told me if something was changing," she growled, "You can't be on here too long or it will kill you. This alien healing device is not to be used lightly. Doctor Franklin would skin me alive if you died to save him!"

"And how is the Doctor?" he asked, looking at the dark skinned man who was a friend.

"Not better," she sighed, covering her mouth with her hand, the frustration clear in her demeanor, "He's stable, but I think we might have to get a convicted criminal to help. Only a complete transfer I think will work."

Sheridan stood up and felt a rush of dizziness hit him and he leaned back onto the chair. Yeah...he had been on that machine too long. The transferring of energy was too draining, and they had been doing it for the past couple days in shifts as they headed back to Epsilon 3.

"I'm going to walk to my quarters and take a nap," he said, trying his luck again and walking to the door that led to main corridor, his feet like lead.

"A nap is not good right now," she replied, "Better be active for a while. Let your body re-stabilize from your session."

Sheridan nodded and headed out of the door and into the hall.

Delenn, Satai of the Grey Council, one of the ruling order of the Minbari Federation, laid on the hard floor. A guard would come into the cell in about ten human minutes and proceed to beat her again. But, she would not let this continue. She had to get out.

"Captain Sheridan," a voice called through his comlink as he disobeyed orders and proceeded to his quarters, "Captain."

"Yes, Mr. Zento," he sighed, bringing up his link and touching the button to activate his comlink, "What is it?"

"The Minbari has escaped," came the reply, "The guard's been knocked out."

It couldn't be Mr. Lennier. Lennier had only as of last night gave him a pledge of loyalty. He knew that he'd not desert him. It was his gut feeling. He knew deep inside he could trust the strange man.

"Which one?" he demanded, "We've got three onboard this tub."

"Satai Delenn."

Delenn staggered around the ship. She had been on a captured human cruiser before, back during the Holy War. They had captured the ship and summarily executed all but three of the crew, taking those to a place to be reborn as Minbari. She had disapproved of the transformation of those humans to Minbari, but she had been overruled by the rest of the Council. The Workers had laughed at the simplicity of the ships they were fighting with, the Religious had felt a sense of insanity as they walked through the halls, and the Warriors scoffed at a race that was fighting in a ship a thousand years behind their own technology.

But one of the Council, Morann, warrior caste, stood for a minute when they reached the command bridge. At that moment, all his desire for the war was purged away and he asked the question, "How valorous are such a race that despite being outgunned and outmatched would still climb into ships so antique to fight against a superior foe?"

The designs of that ship and this were almost identical and she proceeded to the hangerbay. She'd steal a fighter and escape. She'd learn how to pilot it. She could not be taken to Epsilon 3. They'd kill her.

She made to move around a corner but heard some humans walking. She stopped and backed up and pressed herself against the wall. Her head bone pressed against the cool metal and she waited for them to pass. When the two walked by, bent over a report and talking to each other, she scooted across the wall and turned around the corner. The humans continued without noticing her and she breathed a sigh of relief and turned.

"There's no way off here Satai," a human, tall, with brown short cut hair, said. Three human security guards stood behind him, their pistol pulled and trained on her.

"I can't go to your government," she said, terror filling her, "No, I will not go."

"There's only one way off this ship and that's past me," he said, holding up his hands and slowly moving towards her, "You will be shot dead. Do you want that?"

"I want to not be stripped of all dignity by your torturers," she snarled, "I only want to serve."

"And will you be serving if you die?" he asked, now just a mere feet from her, "I promise you that we are not the barbarians you portray us to be. I assure you we will have more mercy on you then your people had on our homeworld. Now please, don't make this difficult."

Delenn's eyes rolled into the back of her head and she collapsed. A combination of fear, pain, and sleepless agony had finally taken its toll.

Sheridan looked down at her and for some reason she looked strangely familiar. He could not place his finger on it, but where did he know her from? She didn't look like a monster, but then again, didn't evil sometimes wear a pleasant face?

"Be gentle with her," he told Mr. Zento who shrugged and kneeling down slid his arms under her small body and lifted her off the ground and carried her down the corridor.

As he watched them go, Sheridan tried to shrug off the feeling of familiarity. It would take them roughly a day to get back to Epsilon 3. He'd drop her off then and be done with it.