The Pataki's

Episode 1: Pilot

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Legend: Letter



Hey Football Head

The new school year has been good. Helga Pataki wrote while she was in her English Class. Her homework that the teacher had given them time to do, had taken her 5 minutes to complete considering it involved her writing a creative piece of just about anything they wanted in any form they wanted. So she in typical Helga Pataki fashion rewrote a love poem from 4th grade, and was spending the rest of her time, writing a letter to Arnold who was all the way in San Lorenzo with his parents, having moved there three years ago.

But considering it's only been a week since school started, I probably shouldn't say anything. You know me always the pessimist. The school work has been easier but that is not surprising since the first two weeks of school are usually review. Speaking of which are you still being homeschooled?

It probably wouldn't matter since other than Phoebe of course you were the brightest kid in class (Except concerning poetry of course, no offence Football Head but you stunk) Things have changed since you left some a lot others not quite so much.

She continued writing till the bell rang several minutes later. When the bell rang Helga quietly got up from her desk and packed up her bags. She put her letter in her bag and walked out the door.

"Hey Helga Phoebe said, Helga turned and smiled at her best friend since Kindergarten.

"Hey Pheebs, how's it going? Helga said.

Phoebe is still the best student in her grade. She is still the shortest girl in class, still wears glasses and is still my best friend. For which I am glad, all though she has gone a slight fashion change. I won't say much considering class pictures are in the next few weeks and we are all in the same homeroom and the whole gang has the same homeroom again this year, and Rhonda will probably send you the homeroom class photo, but 3 years ago I would never have considered that Phoebe would wear heals.

"I am doing very well, Helga" Phoebe said adjusting her blue jacket. While it was true that she was the shortest girl in class that did not mean that she had not grown she now stood at a height of 4"11 and would usually wear heals to make up the height difference. "All though I should not say anything considering that the school year has only just begun" Phoebe said. Then she got a bit distracted at a point just beyond Helga's shoulder. Helga looked behind her and rolled her eyes at what she saw.

Gerald Johansson. Phoebe's boyfriend and Arnold's best friend, he and Phoebe had been dating since 7th grade. Helga would never have said it out loud but she was jealous of their relationship. It was calm and peaceful and they very rarely got into any fights, unlike Helga and Arnold where every other week something happened to upset that calm.

Phoebe and Gerald are still dating. Although I doubt you would recognize tall hair boy anymore considering what happened with his hair. Did Johansson tell you what happened? You must have seen it in the photos Rhonda sent last year.

Indeed Gerald's hairstyle had indeed changed quite a bit. His hair was only a quarter height it had originally had been. Jamie-o had gotten angry at Gerald for ruining his favorite jacket and as payback had cut off Gerald's hair.

The story still brought tears of laughter to Helga's eyes every once and a while.

"Hey Gerald" Phoebe called to Gerald, waving her hand to get his attention. Gerald looked over and saw Phoebe with Helga and his expression soften. He walked over to them.

"Hey Pheebs" He said to Phoebe. Then he turned to Helga. "Hey Pataki" he said to her.

Helga rolled her eyes at him. And before you say anything Football head, No Geraldo's and Mine's relationship has not changed. We only barely tolerate each other now. For Phoebe. And you. That's it.

Helga rolled her eyes. "Hey Geraldo," She said inching away knowing that they were 5 seconds away from going all lovey-dovey on her. Well that and Gerald looked as if he was about to have a talk that she really did not want to have with him.

"Bye" She said to the two of them before Gerald could even open his mouth.

"Helga!" She heard someone shout to her. She turned to see the person and saw that it was Lila her ex-arch enemy.

This may come as a shock to you Arnold but Lila and I can actually tolerate each other now. (Though Lila might have already wrote to you about that)

Yeah it's true. It happened accidentally during end of year dance in eighth grade. Both of us were feeling pretty sad about not having a date, and I don't know we just became friends.

"Hey Lila" She said turning to smile at Lila. Lila frowned at Helga silently telling Helga that she had something important to tell her.

"What's up?" Helga asked her expression turning to one of worry.

"Well I got a letter from Arnold a week ago and he wanted to know something." Lila said. And before Helga could even think up an excuse to leave Lila asked the dreaded question.

"Why haven't you written to Arnold through the last 3 years?" Lila asked.

"No Reason" Helga said. "I just haven't had the time or anything to say" She continued. Lila looked at her almost condescendingly, almost causing Helga to get defensive.

"Well he does miss you Helga just ever so much" Lila said, her trademark innocence causing Helga to get angry.

"Cut it out" Helga snapped at her. Lila wisely kept her mouth shut.

"My reason's for not sending them are my own business not yours," Helga said

After a moment of silence she sighed "I got to go, Olga's home and Mom and Dad wanted to have a family dinner" That was a lie and Helga knew it. Olga had lost favor with her parents when she came home and exclaimed that she wanted to be an actress instead of a teacher.

It did get Lila off her back though, Lila's face brightened and she smiled at the mention of her 'big sis'. "Oh of course say hello to 'big sis' for me" Lila said waving to Helga before turning on her merry way.

Lila is still as gullible and innocent as ever but we do get along much better than we used to.

Helga walked further down the side walk deciding to just walk home from Hillwood high instead of taking the bus as per usual. Since today she was making a stop at the mail box hopefully to send the letter she had been writing that day.

The rest of the gang has not changed all that much. Harold still eats twice his body weight in food. Sid is still neurotic and Stinky is still … slow. The only thing that has changed about them is that their teasing has decreased a little.

Helga passed an Alleyway and noticed out of the corner of her eye she noticed that Patty Smith and Harold Berman were making out.

Since they found out the joys of dating they've focused their attention on their girlfriends instead of teasing others.

I'm not saying who they are dating considering you should who they are dating already.

As she was walking away she noticed the limo with Rhonda Wellington Lloyd drive passed her.

RhondaLloyd is still the same as ever: Snobbish, rude, Rich, and queen of the fashion world. (Or so she believes, (By the way she hates the cap you gave me just before you left in the summer of grade 6, I don't ,in fact, I never take it off) ) Although she has been a little nicer to me… you did not say anything to her, did you football head?

Helga continued walking to the mail box where hopefully she would be able to send it, although doubts were already eating away at her. Her hand clutched around the strap of her backpack over her shoulder. Her blue cap Arnold had given her given hid her pink bow that she wore underneath it perfectly.

She missed Arnold terribly. She had tried to occupy herself by trying out for the girls baseball team in eighth grade it helped a little and she did bring her team to the regionals in fact she had joined the baseball team in ninth grade and was actually considered better than some of the boys on the guys team.

But it never allowed her to forget.

I'm thinking of joining the Baseball team again this year. The coaches had been impressed with how good I was last year; I guess they never factored in how competitive elementary school kids could get, huh football head?

The boys miss your wicked batting, I got to say football head it would help our school if the other teams were hit in the head more. Don't look at me that way you know I'm right.

Oh she enjoyed it immensely, the proud feeling of winning a game the crowd cheering her name. Her parent-

No, do not go there, it will just make you even more depressed then you already are, They have reverted, they are not going to continue so jus-

To busy in her own thoughts Helga had not realised that she had bumped into someone until she was falling backwards on the concrete ground.

Oh did I tell you the most surprising thing of all. I became friends with one of the most surprising people of all.

Helga looked up at the person she bumped into and smiled.

"Hey Brian"


I know shocking right. I hadn't expected it either but I don't know the day you left I was feeling majorly depressed and he comforted me and since then we we've been best friends. (Don't worry I'd never choose him over you- unless you want me to) Not as close as Phoebe and I used to be but extremely close.

Brainy or Brian as he liked to be called now, had only changed in height having grown to almost 6 feet tall, he still had asthma, wore glasses and had spikey hair that was almost flesh colored.

"Uh… Hi" Brian wheezed waving to her, a backpack slung over his shoulder. "What's … up"

Helga shrugged. "Nothing just thinking"


"Arnold and my parents and… baseball"` If Brian looked confused by her thought process he did not show it.

"Uh… Ok" Brainy wheezed before breathing through his puffer. "You still miss him" Brainy said putting a hand on Helga's shoulder.

Tears came unbidden to Helga's eyes and she nodded.

" Yeah I do, I thought the two years I was in baseball would have helped, and they have but…

"You still miss him" Brainy finished for her repeating the line he used five seconds before, his breathing much easier than before.

Helga nodded sadly. "That and my parents have started to revert back to how they were before Arnold left, granted Miriam has not started to down smoothies but she is going to, I can tell."

"Have you talked to Bliss about this?" Brainy asked.

"I have a meeting with her tomorrow" Helga stated.

Brainy nodded. "Good" he stated. Then he started walking. "My parents are expecting me home, Bye"

"Bye" Helga said continuing on her way.

She headed to the mail box. She took the letter she had just finished composing a few moments ago and put the letter on the tray.

Let go. She thought to herself firmly. You can do this, you know from his countless letters to you that he wants to hear from you, so just let go.

None the less her hand refused to move. Even though she knew that Arnold would not care about what she wrote so long as it was honest. (and it was) The jabs she made at him would be over looked she knew that for sure.

But her hand would not let go.

With a sigh Helga took the letter out and put it back into her pocket.

Maybe tomorrow She though heading toward the direction of home.

"I'm home!" Helga called not really expecting an answer. Her parents were upstairs yelling at Olga again.

Helga sighed. It had been getting better, Her father was taking anger management classes her mother was going to AA meetings. (and as far as Helga knew she still was.)

The saddest thing of all though is that my parents have reverted. Things had been going so well Bob was taking Anger management classes, Mom was going to AA meetings than Olga comes home with talk that she wants to be an Actress and everything my parents have promised goes straight out the window.

"You can't be an actress, Olga your too old, the agencies would want someone young, you are not!"

"Oh Daddy" She heard Olga as she started to cry.

Helga had to admit though she did feel some small amount of satisfaction at the notion that Olga was not the golden child anymore.

Yet she mostly felt sadness, her parents had not paid her a lick of attention since Olga had come home.

I know you're probably going to tell me to talk to them. I tried Arnold-o. They don't listen to me and I don't know what to do anymore.

She sighed and went upstairs to her room which had remained virtually untouched.

Except for her closet, she had gotten rid of her Arnold Shrine when the two started dating believing that she no longer needed it.

She still wrote poems in fact the little pink notebooks were all in her bookshelf arranged in chronological order, and her locket was still part of her daily attire.

On her desk was a folder that held all the letters that she had almost sent to Arnold but had chickened out the last minute.

She put her back pack down and went to her desk she took the letter out of her pocket and put it in her folder arranged in such a way that the letters she wrote were on the left and the letters Arnold had sent her were on the right.

Helga sighed, her eyes betraying a few tears that ran freely down her face.

I miss you Arnold, I know that I haven't written in a while – ok at all. I want to truly I do, I promised you I would try, and I have but it's so hard letting the envelope just fall into the mailbox.

I love you though please don't forget that, Please I could not bear it if you did.

With Olga and my parents and everything starting to change I need at least one constant in my life.

"Olga get down here now, dinners ready" Helga heard Bob yell up to her Helga quickly wiped away her tears and ran downstairs for some dinner, not even bothering to correct him on her name.

Dinner was silent mostly. With Olga's face still having traces of tears on her face and mascara running freely down her face, Miriam looking tired and slightly more depressed then usual and Bob looking angry, very angry.

After a fifteen minutes of just everyone silently eating Bob fist hit the table.

"Damn it Olga why would you want to be an actress." He asked rhetorically. Olga glared at Bob. Something that genuinely shocked Helga Olga never showed any amount of disrespect toward any of her parents –ever. "Most of the time aspiring actresses are waitresses is that what you want to be? A nobody just waiting around for a part that might never come?" Bob said trying desperately to keep his anger in check.

Helga sat back her food forgotten as she tried to see how this would actually pan out.

"Daddy," Olga said and Helga could tell she was trying very hard not to start crying again. "Why does it matter, it's my life"

Bob slapped his fist on the table the dishes all rattling dangerously. "It matters because I will not have my daughter as a nobody, Pataki's are not nobodies"

Olga broke down crying again. "Oh Daddy you just don't understand" She said snivelling before getting up and running to her room.

Bob sighed. "I shouldn't have done" that he said putting a hand to his face. Miriam said nothing but continuasly looked toward the kitchen as if to have another 'smoothie.'

No Bob, you shouldn't have. Helga thought rolling her eyes, before picking up her plate to the kitchen.

"I'm going upstairs" She said to non-listening ears. Bob and Miriam said nothing as usual, too worried about their eldest daughter.

Helga slowly made her way upstairs and down the hall to her room, she hesitantly stopped at Olga's room when she thought she heard crying coming from her room.

What to do, what to do Helga thought as she decided what would be the best course of action: Help her sister out, or do something that would get her sister out of the house for good?

She so desperately wanted Olga out of the house, to tell olga leaving would be the better option but…

Was that best? Her parents would probably still be worried about Olga and still would not pay Helga any attention because they were too worried about their perfect daughter.

With a reluctant sigh Helga knocked on the door.

"Come in" Olga said her voice cracking by the end of the sentence.

Helga opened the door and ducked her head in. There was her sister lying on her bed streaks of mascara falling down her face. "Hey Olga," She said with an honest attempt to try to be good and not trick her sister for something selfish, but honestly thinking of Olga's needs.

"Hey Baby sister" Helga resisted the urge to roll her eyes, she absolutely despised that term, but let it go.

Olga stared at Helga a little longer before she burst into tears again. Helga in typical Helga Pataki fashion got annoyed.

"Oh quit whining" Helga said her good nature gone. "It's not the end of the world, so what if they don't like the idea of you being an actress, It's what you want isn't it?" She asked Olga with an eyebrow raised.

"Y-yes" Olga said her tears having stopped for the moment.

"Then that's all that should matter" Helga said wisely, "you're an adult not a child Olga act like one." Helga said wincing at the advice she was giving her older sister.

Olga's eyes widened. Helga was actually giving her advice; Helga very rarely did that.

Helga coughed self-consciously, feeling uncomfortable under Olga's stare. Her hard angry mask returned and she glared at Olga.

"So just stop acting like a baby just because you don't have daddy's approval." Helga said before getting up and moving toward the door. She stopped just before leaving and turned back to Olga.

"I don't" Helga said before leaving the room.

A few hours later Olga came down and announced the most shocking thing of all.

She was moving out.

The look on Miriam's and Bob's face was so comical that if they had been anyone else at any other time Helga would have started laughing, as it was she had to bite her cheek to stop from laughing.

"Your leaving just because we don't want you to be an actress?" Bob exclaimed. Miriam nodded behind him looking toward the kitchen one more time.

"No, it's because I'm an adult, Daddy" Olga said honestly looking at them seriously. "I'm almost 29 years old, I need a place of my own, a place where my parents can't decide they can just shut my ideas down just because they don't like them." Olga said for once not being overly sad or overly sad, but stern and serious.

With Olga being too childish to do anything but cry and Miriam and Bob constantly yelling at her, I really wish you were here right now.

"I've already found a place to stay, A few blocks away you will be able to visit often" She said,

"And how exactly do you expect to pay for your own place," Bob said looking like he was holding a yell back by sheer willpower alone.

"I saved up my money through the years to be able to afford a small apartment" Olga said. "and unlike what you two may believe I am prepared to be a waitress while I wait for my big break, and you two forget I do have the licence and training to be a teacher" She finished glaring at them. "So I can still be a teacher, if need be"

Helga was impressed; her pep talk did a little more than she thought it would. Here was Olga the golden child, the award winning college graduate, who always did what 'mummy' and 'daddy' told her to do without a second thought; actually growing a backbone.

"Fine" Bob said glaring at Olga. "If you think you can handle it on your own, then fine, leave, I want you out by the end of the week."

Helga's mouth hit the floor. Here was Bob telling his golden child to actually leave his house.

"B…" Miriam started looking worriedly at her eldest daughter. "I don't think…"

"No Miriam, If Olga thinks she can handle it on her own, then who are we to stop her" Bob said.

Helga looked at Olga, Olga looked as if she was about to cry again but then she turned to Helga nodded to her 'Baby sister' and turned back to her parents.

"I will be fine on my own" Olga said a determined look on her face. "I will show you that I can accomplish my dream and succeed, and even if I don't at least I had the guts to say I tried" Olga said before heading back up to her room.

Helga followed closely behind her knocking once more on her door, when she was let in.

Once inside the room Olga gave her the biggest hug ever.

"Thank you, Helga" She said using Helga's name for the first time since she was born.

Helga looked confused. "For what?" she asked.

"For giving me courage to stand up to them, something I should have done a long time ago" Olga said.

Helga smiled, happy that for once she had been helpful. "Your welcome" She said smiling a genuine smile.

But, I guess I'll just have to hope for the best football head and see what happens. After all that's you usually do isn't it?

Well that's it for now.


Helga G. Pataki

End of Episode 1

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