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"Attention" Rhonda said to her fellow school mates. The whole hall turned their attention to the fashionista of Hillwood High. The Bell had just rung and so everyone was at their lockers getting ready to go home.

"As you may know Halloween is coming up, so in celebration I will be hosting a Halloween costume party at my house on Halloween." She announced. "All are invited. You can also invite others from other schools but you need to clear it with me."

Then she began handing out invitations, to the whole grade.

She gave Helga her invite and before she could move on to the next person Helga stopped.

"Are you sure, your house can hold this many people?" Helga asked.

Rhonda rolled her eyes. "Yes Helga, trust me, so you don't have to use this as an excuse to back out, you are most definitely coming."

Damn. Helga thought. Outwardly she grinned "Wouldn't dream of it." She lied. Rhonda narrowed her eyes at Helga before turning back to give Phoebe (who had been standing right beside Helga an invite)

"Oh and Helga leave the cap at home" Rhonda said on more time before leaving the two of them, handing out the next invite who just so happened to be Curly.

"Oh My love thanks you for inviting me!" Curly exclaimed when Rhonda reluctantly handed him an invite.

"Ugh get away from me you creep!" Rhonda said breaking out into sprint to get away from the insane boy who was chasing her.

Helga laughed. "Serves her right."

"Helga!" Phoebe exclaimed "That's mean!"

"Rhonda knows how much the cap means to me." Helga said leaning her shoulder against the locker door.

Phoebe just rolled her eyes but let it go. "What are you going to be?" Phoebe asked.

"I have to go, don't I?" Helga said. At Phoebe's glare that basically conveyed, 'go or I will drag you there myself' She relented. "I was not planning on being anything" Helga admitted, "Maybe I'll be, a pirate girl or a dead prom queen, or something" Helga said then she turned to Phoebe "what about you?"

"Oh a mad scientist" Phoebe said like it was the most obvious thing in the world and Helga had to admit it was. Then she looked a little past Helga's shoulder after noticing someone there she smiled. "Gotta go, that's Gerald" Phoebe said walking away, not even waiting for Helga to reply.

I wonder if that's how she felt, when I ditched her to hang with football head. Helga thought moodily as she saw Phoebe walking away. Helga then shrugged before turning back to her locker grabbing her books and the letter to Arnold she had just finished writing that morning.

Heavy breathing was heard behind her and she smiled briefly before her fist went up, making contact with what felt like someone's nose and the lens of someone's glasses.

She turned around as she closed her locker. "Hey Brainy" she said seeing him on the ground.

"Uh…Hello" Brainy said as Helga helped him up from the floor.

"You going to Rhonda's party?" Helga asked. Brainy just nodded in response.

"Are you going with anyone?" Helga asked. Brainy started to waste energy by speaking but then just decided to shrug.

"I'm most likely not going to go with anyone; Rhonda and Phoebe have both decided that I'm going." She said looking glum. The invite was still in her hand and she quickly shoved it in her pocket, thinking she would read it later.

"I'm home" Helga called to a silent house. Helga rolled her eyes after Olga moved out Bob had started working longer and Miriam had been going to AA meetings a lot more, and taking on more hours at the TV station where she worked. (Helga had a feeling that it was because she was craving some more 'smoothies' and needed to be out of the house a lot longer then she used to)

She went straight to her room and put her letter that she had written to Arnold in the folder of letters she had kept so organized.

She also took out another 2 envelopes, one was a letter from Arnold and the other was Rhonda's Halloween party invite.

She decided to read Arnolds letter she had just gotten from the mailbox a few seconds before.

Dear Helga,

How's it going? I haven't heard from you although letters from my friends say that everything is going good with you, Gerald says that you still wear the hat I gave you back on the summer before 7th grade.

I'm touched.

Anyway it's almost Halloween isn't it? They don't really celebrate Halloween here.

So, anyway you probably won't write back, considering you haven't in a while, but what are you going as this year? Rhonda wrote me about a week ago saying how she was having a Halloween party at her house. Are you going? Knowing Rhonda (yeah I asked her to invite you, sue me, I want my girlfriend to be happy) she is probably forcing you to come anyway isn't she?

Anyway things back here are good, Mom and Dad have helped set up many hospitals here to help the green eyes people, with diseases they have. On top of that they also built a school mom teaches the elementary level and their hoping to be able to get other sponsors to pay for more teachers.

Anyway I hope you are doing well at Hillwood High,

I miss you Helga, don't ever forget that, ever

You're Boyfriend, with love,

Arnold P. Shortman

Helga sighed happily and a little guiltily, Arnold had kept up with his letter writing but Helga always had trouble putting her letters in the mailbox.

He called himself my boyfriend ooh she thought dreamily before putting the letter back in the envelope to be put into her letter folder.

With a sigh she opened Rhonda's invite.

You are cordially invited to Rhonda's Halloween Scare party.

Where: Rhonda's house,

When Saturday October thirty-first from 5pm- 3am.

Costumes are a must, and to spice things up we will have a scavenger hunt this year.

The first clue is on the 2nd sheet in the envelope but no looking at it before hand or you will be disqualified.

The prize for the scavenger hunt is a 100,000 dollars in cash.

Hope to see you there!

Rhonda Wellington-Lloyd

Well that explains why she's not overly concerned about space she thought. If I know her she will be making us go all over Hillwood. Though I could use with collage money…

With a sigh she put the invite down and went to her closet. She saw a white dress similar to the one she war during the whole ghost bride fiasco, and briefly decided to go as the ghost bride just to see if she could get a scare out the boys again, but then she shook her head.

Thinking of that day reminds me of when Curly tried to kill us. She thought shivering.

Looking a little further she saw a Pink gown she had bought back in 9th grade after Rhonda had dragged her to the store. She had been forced (Against her will by Phoebe, Rhonda and just about half the girls) to go to the End of year dance that year.

She briefly wondered if she should go as Carrie but then decided against it–no need to get Rhonda ready to kill her just for a costume.

I guess I'll have to by my own costume. Helga thought rolling her eyes. She had saved up enough money to get a costume, through the allowance she used to receive from seventh grade all the way through ninth grade before her parents stopped trying.

Page break

The rest of the week passed by quickly, way too quickly for Helga, She hated the idea of going to this party, but Phoebe had begged and Rhonda had not allowed her to say no.

So now it was Saturday Halloween night. She was in her room applying the make up for her costume.

Her friends were waiting for her downstairs making sure she could not just bailout.\

Briefly she wondered what would happen if she scaled down the window but then decided not to.

If I know Phoebe someone will be having their eyes on all the windows just to make sure I can't climb down that way she thought to her -self.

She was going as a Pirate. She did not know why she felt like going as that particular costume, but it seemed to be the only one that fit her. Tough as nails, boyish but still able to be (or in this case look) feminine.

In this case her costume consisted of a Pirate hat, an black eye patch, A black coat that stayed open and went down to her knees which had golden buttons, A black belt buckle was fastened at her waist, Knee high black boots , and a simple black shirt finished the look perfectly. The cap that Arnold had given her was in her pocket and hidden under her pirate hat was the pink bow she always wore.

She looked at the mirror. She was thin, not anorexic thin but still thin, her Unibrow was still firmly placed on her forehead her hair for once was not in her usual pigtails but in a ponytail that went over her shoulder.

When she was satisfied she went downstairs to leave for the party, but not before grabbing the first clue to her scavenger hunt.

Ding Dong Rhonda heard the doorbell ring for her final guest. She motioned for her butler to let them in.

"Helga!" She exclaimed when Helga entered the room. "So glad you could come"

Helga rolled her eyes. "Yeah yeah yeah, I'm here, the party can finally begin"

Rhonda nodded. "OK! Everybody it's time for the scavenger hunt!"

"SO as you can tell all of you have your first clue on the second page of your invite" Rhonda said smiling brightly. Once you go to the place where the clue sends you there will be the second clue taped to the treasure, the person who finds all the objects wins the game." Rhonda ordered then she smiled at Helga, which immediately made her nervous. "You have to be paired male-female, only two people per group" While she was talking though no one noticed the Butler slip quietly out of the house.

Helga groaned inwardly of course Rhonda would do something like this forcing her to be paired with some random guy. Immediately everyone went to their significant other. Sid (a pirate) went to Nadine (a botanist,) Harold (wrestler) went to Patty (female version of Harold) , Stinky (cowboy) seemed to have invited Gloria(Helga) as he was with her Phoebe (mad scientist) with Gerald (Basketball player) Even Brainy(nerd) was already partnered- with Lila(country girl) of all people.

"Oh Rhonda! I shall partner myself with you dear love of my life!" Curly, who was a male ballet dancer said to Rhonda who had a look of fear and disgust on her face.

"No Curly, - get away from me, - I can't play I know where everything is" Rhonda said trying to push him away.

"I'll be partnered with Curly" Helga said reluctantly. Rhonda looked thankful whereas Curly just looked depressed at the turn of events, but went to stand by Helga.

"Ok" Rhonda said "start now"

PG Break

Ok Helga may have been forced there against her will but that did not she was going to allow the other teams to win just because she was forced to participate.

Yeah she had a competitive streak. So what.

"OK Curly let's get this over with" Helga said pulling out the first clue.

I hated him for what they did to me

Now I lie here for all eternity

Helga smirked and looked around most of the kids were scratching their heads while Rhonda smirked.

"What does it mean?" Curly whispered to Helga.

"Lie for all eternity, eternity Curly she wants us to go to the grave yard!" Helga whispered excitedly to Curly before they silently left the mansion.

"How do you know?" Curly asked curiously for once not acting like a deranged psychopath.

Helga smirked, "I wrote love poems for the better part of my life curly, I know subtlety" She said.

"Oh yeah I remember, All were about Arnold" Curly stated.

"Yeah thanks for not telling anyone" Helga said gratefully. Curly had found out about Helga's crush over the summer between fourth grade and fifth grade and had confronted Helga about it.

After many threats made to Curly's life and tears were shed Curly had promised to never speak about it to Arnold or anyone else.

"Were here" Helga said looking at the iron gate in front of her. "Gosh I still hate you for attempting to kill us just because; we did not let you tell the story of Cynthia Snell." Helga said opening the gate.

Curly shrugged good heartily then his eyes widened. "Maybe her grave is the one we have to visit!" Curly said.

Helga looked at him oddly. Then her own eyes widened. "Yeah! She does fit the clue, her fiancé left her for her sister so she hated him and because of that she lies in the grave yard for all eternity!"

She smiled happily before making her way to the Grave.

The Graveyard was just as spooky as in the movies. With the creepy fog and darkness and the added idea of dead people making them infinitely aware that they were not alone.

"Ugh this feels creepy, when you're not using the grave as a massive pranking ground" Helga stated hugging herself as they continued to Cynthia's grave.

Curly nodded to her. "Yeah try being locked in a crypt all night" he stated sourly just because I freaked you out a little"

"At least I had a reason to go nuts." Helga said glaring darkly at Curly "They shut me out just because I was a girl!" Helga said with a roll of her eyes.

"No my reason was better" Curly said "; they would not let me tell the story!" He said, a little crazy gleam coming back to his eyes.

"No it was crazier" Helga muttered before seeing Cynthia's grave.

"There it is" she said walking over to it. Taped to it were several white pieces of fabric. On the actual above them was a light that was arranged so you could make out the name of the gravestone and a note saying First Clue.

"Oh my dear sweet Rhonda wants to make a wedding dress for our wedding day" Curly said. Helga just looked at him for a moment before taking one of the scraps. Taped to the scrap was a note.

"We got the first object let's go" Helga said putting the material in her coat pocket.

Just as they were about to leave they heard a sound of someone laughing creepily at them Helga and Curly stared at each other before breaking out into a sprint.

They left just as the Gerald and the others walked into the graveyard.

Page Break

True to Helga's prediction they did walk all over Hillwood. Sometimes Gerald and Phoebe would figure out the clue before they did and would be seen coming down when they just arrived.

Helga was determined to win though she may have been forced to be there but that did not mean she was not going to give it her all. Well that and 100,000 was a nice add to her wallet.

The grade went all over Hillwood central Park, the water tower, the train station, The docks, the Sunset Arms, Vitello's flower shop, Green meets, the school (both P.S 118 and Hillwood High) everywhere in Hillwood.

And everywhere they went they could always hear a sinister laugh coming from somewhere behind them.

It was almost Midnight when Curly and Helga finally found the final clue it was at Gerald's field and there was a party bag with what seemed to be sweets inside.

"Ok let's go" Helga said when out of the corner of her eye she saw the rest of the grade show up.

"Damn" she said they were trapped the only way out was through them. And there was no way Harold or any of the other guys was going to let them get in the way of the prize of a 100,000 dollars at stake.

"Curly" she whispered to him. "We're stuck"

"Don't worry," Curly said "I know what to do" He said handing the final treasure to Helga.

Helga's eyes widened. Curly had waited till the men were right there ready to use force to keep Helga their so they could win when a huge cupcake landed right in the middle of Harold's face.

"Ha ha ha" Curly giggled insanely. "You think you can stop me from proving my love to my beloved! Think again" He yelled as he threw another pastry this time hitting Sid.

Catching on Helga also started throwing pastries laughing with him before it happened.

Laughter started. The same cruel dark sinister laughter that they had all heard at the other stops. It stopped them in their tracks as they all including Phoebe and Gerald looked around wide eyed and afraid.

It did not go on for a few seconds as it had at the other places but it got louder and more sinister.

"RUN" Harold yelled before grabbing his pastry bag and running out. (Trust Harold to never leave food behind.)

Together the entire party ran for their lives all the way to Rhonda's house.

"You started a food fight?" Rhonda said looking at Curly and Helga with a raised eyebrow.

"They were going to use Illegal means to keep me there we had to do something." Helga started looking at Helga with an exasperated expression.

"Yeah t-that and the fact that we heard this really creepy laughter at every place we visited" Harold said eating the final treat.

"Well since you ruined the treasures for the other members I can't give the prize to anyone." Rhonda said blatantly ignoring Harold.

"Rhonda!" The entire grade yelled at her.

"I'm sorry" Rhonda said not sounding very sorry at all, "but seeing as none of the pairs brought me the final treasure I can't give you anything" (Harold had eaten everything on the way home and was now receiving a very stern glare from his girlfriend of several years Patty)

Considering the party was now over the guests had no choice but to leave and grumble as they did so.

Helga started to leave before coming back and asking Rhonda. "What about that creepy laugh we all heard" she whispered to Rhonda.

Rhonda looked at her oddly. "What are you talking about?" She asked her with an eyebrow raised.

Helga looked at her closely her eyes narrowing. Before she sighed and left the room.

Rhonda looked at the door before sighing in relief.

"Ms. Wellington- Lloyd?" The butler asked coming in. "I did as you asked your friends were quite frightened" He told her.

Rhonda smiled. "I know" She said before she broke out laughing.

Never let it be said that Rhonda could not pull a prank on her grade. She could and in some cases be better than Helga herself.


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