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Harry Potter sighed as he limped into his primary school. Last night he accidentally burnt one of the pieces of chicken his relatives were having for dinner. His uncle had taken the belt to him for it and threw him in his cupboard. This morning he had left for school as soon as he finished cleaning up breakfast so he wouldn't get into more trouble. This caused him to arrive half an hour early.

Harry was heading to the library when he passed Mr. Walker, the janitor. Walker was the only person in the school who was kind to him. He could always tell when it had been particularly hard at home the night before. He even gave him food sometimes. Harry gave the man a small smile that turned out to be more of a grimace.

"Harry," Walker said stopping him. "Are you alright?" Harry nodded. "You're here awfully early today. I was just about to go down and eat the breakfast I brought. I have an extra granola bar. Would you like to join me?"

Harry was starving, he hadn't been allowed food for three days now, so he nodded quickly and followed Walker down to the boiler room. Walker picked him up and placed him on a stool at a table. Harry hated being picked up but he was incredibly small for an eight year old and would not have made it up by himself.

Walker gave him the granola bar and sat down at the table across from him. Harry quietly ate his granola bar and watched the man who was in turn watching him. Although Walker was very nice to him, he kind of gave Harry the creeps. There was something about the way the man looked at him the made Harry uneasy.

Walker had balding dirty brown hair and a beer belly. He was wearing his tan janitor's jumpsuit.

"He hurt you again didn't he Harry?" The small boy tensed and looked down to the floor. "I hate seeing you hurt like this Harry I can't just leave you there anymore come with me." The man grabbed Harry's arm and the boy tried to pull away.

"No, Mr. Walker, please. I can't he'll be so mad." The little boy begged.

"You're never going back there." Walker said pulling the struggling boy out the back door. He drug Harry to an old beat up car and forced him into the back seat. He buckled him in and got in and drove off. They reached a grimy apartment building and Harry was carried up the stairs and into an apartment. Walker took him into the bedroom and sat on the bed holding Harry in his lap.

"Harry I love you and I don't want to see you hurt anymore. If you stay with me I can protect you and show you the love that I know you crave." He said. "You are such a beautiful, sweet little boy and you don't deserve the treatment your family gives you."

Walker placed a hand on Harry's cheek and looked him over. Harry didn't like this and pulled away and scrambled off the man's lap. Walker sighed and said "Now you wait here and I'll go make you something to drink."

The man stood and left the room closing the door behind him. Harry sat in the middle of the bed, close to tears. He got up and crept to the door. He opened it and stuck his head out. Seeing Walker in the kitchen, Harry quietly slipped out of the room and headed for the front door. As soon as he reached it he was yanked back.

"Now Harry I can't protect you if you leave." Walker said. Harry whimpered and tried to pull away. The man picked him up and took him to the kitchen sitting him on the counter. Walker finished mixing the glass of chocolate milk he had been preparing when Harry tried to escape. He tried to hand it to Harry.

"Now I need to go back to work so I need you to drink that." Harry shook his head. "If you won't drink it we'll have to do it the hard way." Harry whimpered again but clamped his mouth shut. The man forced his mouth open and poured it down his throat. Harry coughed and spluttered trying to spit it out but could feel whatever was in the drink making him sleepy. Harry felt himself being lifted again but was asleep before he was put down. When he woke up he was back in the bed. It was dark and he was being held tight to Walker's chest by the man's arms. Walker was asleep so Harry figured he had been asleep all day. Harry slipped out of the man's grip and hopped off the bed. There was a clang of metal and he looked down to see a shackle on his ankle connecting him to the bed. The noise woke Walker up.

"Harry?" He called. Harry choked back a sob. The man sat up. "What's wrong? Come back to bed." Walker leaned forward and easily pulled Harry back onto the bed. The little boy just curled up into a tight ball and cried. The man lay down behind him again and pulled the boy close not noticing that it cause him to cry harder. Harry eventually cried himself to sleep.

The next morning Harry woke up. He was confused as to why he was in a bed and not on the tiny mattress in his cupboard. Then he became aware of arms around him and the previous day came rushing back. He whimpered and tried to pull out of the arms. He heard a chuckle and opened his eyes. Walker was lying behind him watching him.

"Good morning sunshine." He said. Harry pulled away again and this time he was let go. Harry immediately jumped off the bed. Walker smiled at him. "If you have to go to the bathroom it's through that door. The chain will reach." Harry in desperate need to get away from the man ran to the bathroom. He shut the door as far as he could but the chain kept it from latching. He sat against the wall and held his knees to his chest. He heard Walker leave the room. About ten minutes later he came back.

Walker opened the bathroom door and peaked his head in. He frowned when he saw Harry curled up against the wall. "You can't hide in here all morning. Come out I made you breakfast." When Harry didn't get up Walker reached in and pulled him out of the room. He sat Harry back on the bed and placed a plate of scrambled eggs in his hands. Harry looked up at him and tried to hand the plate back.

"Come on Harry you need to eat." Harry shook his head. "Why won't you eat what I made you?"

"I'm not gonna let you drug me again." Harry said quietly. His whole body was tense waiting to be hit for speaking.

"Oh, Harry that was just yesterday. I had to get back to work so no one would be suspicious. And I couldn't have you running away while I was gone could I?" Walker said with a smile. "Now eat it Harry or I will have to feed you." He pushed the plate back at Harry who hesitantly took a bite. When he didn't feel any ill effects he quickly finished the plate. "That's a good boy. I got copies of your school books so that you won't fall behind. You can read them while you're home and ask me any questions when I get home at four. Be good today." Walker left the room and Harry heard a lock click into place after he shut the door.

Harry examined the room. There was the bed in the middle of the room, a desk on the wall next to the door, a broken wardrobe in the corner and the door leading to the bathroom.

Harry spent the entire day trying to get out of the shackle. He pulled at it, he tried using soap from the bathroom to slip it off, he even tried to pick it but when Walker got back from work he was no closer to being free. When Walker came into the room Harry was curled up in the corner between the desk and the wall.

Walker picked the small boy up and sat on the bed with him on his lap. Harry was tense in his arms. He ran a hand through Harry's hair. "You will learn to be happy here. Once you prove that you can be trusted not to run off I will take off the shackle. I love you Harry. I just want to show you how much." Walker placed a kiss on Harry's hair and ran a hand down Harry's side. Harry whimpered and tried to pull away. This seemed to bring Walker back to himself and he placed Harry on the bed. "I'm going to go make dinner." He left the room and Harry curled into a tight ball trying to forget the feeling of Walker's hands.

Walker brought him a bowl of macaroni and cheese but didn't stay to make sure he ate it. After testing a small bite for drugs Harry ate the rest quickly. A few hours later Harry was curled up in his corner when Walker stumbled in. Harry could smell liquor on him and started to tremble. Uncle Vernon was always so much worse when he was drunk.

Walker yet again picked him up and put him on the bed. He wondered if the man would ever realize that he was not going to stay on that bed. Walker crawled onto the bed as well. He started to run his hands up and down Harry's small body. Harry tried to bat his hands away and crawled away. Walker grabbed his hands and held them above his head. Harry whimpered and squeezed his eyes shut.

"Just let me love you." Walker said in a rough slur. With his free hand he pulled Harry's oversized jeans and boxers down in one tug. Harry tried to curl up but Walker just flipped him over forcing him to lay flat on his stomach. Harry struggled and squirmed trying to get away but the man was just too strong. Walker had one leg over Harry's keeping him from kicking leaving him with a free hand to unzip his own pants.

"You're so beautiful." He whispered huskily in Harry's ear. Then without any warning he thrust his hard cock into the small boy. Harry cried out, tears started falling and he whimpered in pain as Walker adjusted. The man began thrusting and a sharp pain shot up Harry's spine with every movement. As Walker thrusted harder and faster he moaned. "Oh Harry" He grunted. "Just so tight. So good. I love you so much." He grunted.

Harry was gasping. He couldn't breathe. It hurt so much. He could feel blood running down his thighs. As the pain reached unbearable Walker came to a finish and filled Harry with his seed. Harry gagged at the feeling of the warm liquid flooding his system. When Walker was finished he let himself collapse on top of the small boy. After a minute of catching his breath he pulled out and rolled off the boy.

Harry couldn't breathe. He was sobbing and his body hurt more than it ever had after a beating from Uncle Vernon. As soon as he realized Walker was no longer laying on top of him he tried to scurry off the bed and away from the man.

"Oh no you don't." Walker slurred grabbing Harry around the waist and pulling him closer. He held Harry to his chest and threw the blanket over them. Harry lay trembling in the man's arms.

After a while he felt the arms loosen as Walker fell asleep. He wiggled out of his arms and crawled off the bed. He stumbled to the bathroom. He caught sight of himself in the mirror and dove for the toilet as his dinner came back up. When he had nothing left he fell against the wall sobbing again. Once he regained control he stood up on shaky legs and got in the shower. He felt so dirty, he didn't even understand it. He got the shower going and poured an abundance of soap on a washcloth and started to scrub. After a few minutes his knees gave out and he gave in and sat on the floor of the tub. Once he got all the sweat, dirt and blood off he crawled out and dried himself with the towel on the bar behind the door.

He pulled his oversized shirt back on and followed the chain until he found his boxers and pants. As quietly as he could he slid them back up the chain and up onto his hips. He sat down in his corner but couldn't get comfortable due to the pain in his backside. Harry stood and crept to the bed. He quickly snatched a pillow from it and hurried back to his corner. He sat the pillow on the floor and curled up on it, quickly falling into an exhausted sleep.

Harry woke up being nudged in the ribs by a foot. He looked up to see Walker glaring down at him. "Why won't you stay in the fucking bed?" He asked angrily. He picked Harry up roughly and threw him onto the bed. "From now on when I put you on the bed you stay there."

Harry immediately curled up in a protective ball. "Please I'm sorry. Please don't hurt me. Don't do that again. I'm sorry." Harry begged.

Walker sat down heavily on the bed and placed a hand on Harry's back causing the boy to flinch violently. "Oh Harry. I'm sorry if I hurt you last night. I get a little sloppy when I'm drunk. It'll get better, I promise."

Walker left the room and came back with a bowl of cereal. "Harry I brought you breakfast." Harry shook his head. "Harry you have to eat."

"Just leave me alone. Please." Harry begged. Walker sat the bowl on the desk and sat next to him. He tried to pick the boy up but Harry pushed him away. "Stop touching me! I don't care what you say I'm never gonna like it here or love you. I'd rather go back to being beaten every day than be here with you. Just take me back. I won't tell what happen. I won't tell them what you did just let me go!"

Walker backhanded Harry across the face causing the small boy to fall off the bed. He stood up and walked over to where Harry lay crumpled on the floor. "You. Will. Love. Me." He accentuated each word with a kick. Harry whimpered and began coughing.

Walker dropped to his knees. "Oh god Harry I'm so sorry." He picked the little boy up and laid him on the bed. "Why did you have to make me angry? Don't do that! I'll be right back don't move." Walker ran out of the room and came back with a wrap and a bag of frozen peas.

Harry had his eyes squeezed shut and was trying to breathe slowly, a trick he had learned from life at his relatives. Walker removed his shirt and he whined in pain. The man wrapped his ribs and placed the bag of peas on top, since Harry was so small it went all the way across his torso. Harry spent the rest of the day in the bed.

Since it was Saturday Walker was home the whole day. He spent the morning in the living room but by afternoon he had given up his guilt over what he had done and went into the bedroom to lay next to Harry. Harry curled away from him just to be pulled back. Walker spent the afternoon running his fingers through Harry's messy black locks. After about an hour Harry gave up fighting and let the man do what he wanted, his body hurt and his breathing was still rough. When Walker brought him dinner he ate without a fight.

Sunday was much of the same. Harry spent most of the day in his corner reading short stories from the literature book Walker had brought him. Walker was gone all day but when he stumbled into the room, drunk, Harry's heart froze. He was yanked from his corner and dropped on the bed. Once Walker had pinned him he stopped fighting. He just closed his eyes and pretended he wasn't there. He gasped when Walker entered him reopening the slowly healing tears. He bit his lip to keep from making any noise and tried not to listen to the sounds the man rutting on top of him was making. When Walter had finished and was once again holding Harry against him, Harry opened his eyes and stared at the wall. He knew better than to get up after what happened Saturday but there was no way he was going to sleep next to this man.

Harry spent the whole night awake trying not to think about the position he was in. When Walker woke up he pretended to be asleep until the man went to work. As soon as the front door closed Harry jumped up from the bed. He went to the bathroom and took a long hot shower, scrubbing until his skin was raw and the water was cold. He ate the breakfast Walker had left for him and piled the pillows from the bed and curled up in his corner. He fell asleep quickly and slept most of the day. When he woke he read some from the school books.

Walker came home and proceeded to tell him all about his day. Harry's heart dropped when Walker told him that his relatives had told the school that he had moved in with some other relatives and would not be finishing the school year. They weren't even going to report him missing. They truly didn't care what had happened to him. Walker made them dinner, which Harry once again ate without a fight. Walker watched some TV out in the living room then came in and they went to bed. Harry spent the whole night staring at the wall and the cycle repeated.

This is how Harry lived for the next three years. Walker went to work, Harry slept during the day then worked on school, Walker came home and tried to talk to him, they had dinner, when Walker was in the mood he forced Harry to have sex with him, then Walker went to sleep and Harry spent the night awake and disgusted with himself. After two months Harry quit speaking and fighting entirely. No amount of begging or kicking had made Walker leave him alone or let him go and it normally just got him beat. Sometimes Walker would beat him for not talking to him but that was only when he was already in a bad mood. Walker had been right, after a while the sex didn't hurt as much. Well it still hurt but he had gotten used to it. What he could never get used to was the sick and dirty feeling he was left with when it was done. No amount of scrubbing got rid of it in the morning either.

Everything changed one morning when Harry got out of the shower to find an owl sitting on the window seal. Walker was out cleaning the school to get ready for the new year and it was Harry's first day alone in two months. He ran to the window and opened it. The window looked out on an abandoned building and an empty alley way. During his first year Harry had tried to call for help but no one ever heard him so he gave up. The owl flew in and dropped a letter at his feet. Harry opened it and read:

(Order of Merlin, First Class, Grand Sorc., Chf. Warlock, Supreme Mugwump, International Confed. of Wizards)

Dear Mr. Potter,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment.

Term begins on September 1. We await your owl by no later than July 31.

Yours sincerely,
Minerva McGonagall
Deputy Headmistress

'What the hell? Witchcraft and wizardry?' Harry thought. He looked at the envelope again and saw that it did indeed have his name and the address of the apartment. He went to the desk and shoved the letter in the back of a drawer. He grabbed a pen and quickly wrote 'Please Help Me' on the envelope and gave it back to the owl. The owl seemed to know what he wanted and flew out the window.

Harry took a deep breath trying not to get his hopes up. He grabbed the pillows from the bed and curled up in his corner. Last night had been awful. Walker came home drunk and pissed. He was a lot rougher than normal causing Harry to be achy and sore all over this morning. His last thought before falling asleep was that he might be rescued.

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