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The month leading up to the new school year went by quickly. By the end of August Harry and Snape could communicate almost fluently in sign and Harry had gotten more comfortable with the other teachers. He was no longer nervous at meals but stuck close to Snape just in case. Harry had finished reading all of his text books and the three books Snape had gotten him for his birthday. When Snape found him rereading his potions book he took Harry up to the library. From then on Harry spent the time between lunch and dinner in the library while Snape worked in his lab.

About a week before the start of term Harry started to get nervous. His nightmares which had slowly begun to lessen came back with a vengeance. A few nights before the feast, Snape woke to noise coming from Harry's room. He jumped out of bed and ran to check on the boy.

Snape entered the room to see Harry thrashing in his bed crying out in fear. "Harry, Harry, It's just a dream. Wake up. You are safe." The boy just continued to struggle. Snape laid a hand on Harry's arm and the boy shot up and threw himself off the opposite side of the bed. He scrambled to the corner of the room and curled up in a tight ball. His breath was coming in quick gasps and he was shaking like a leaf.

Snape cautiously approached the boy. "Harry? It's just me. Professor Snape. Severus. You're here in my quarters at Hogwarts, remember? You are safe. He can't get you here." He knelt next to Harry and the boy looked up at him. The next thing he knew the child had thrown himself into Snape's arms and sobbed. Snape just sat there and held him, rubbing calming circles on his back. Once Harry had stopped crying he jumped back and signed 'sorry' repeatedly.

"That's quite alright Harry." Snape slowly reached out and pulled the boy back to him. "I don't mind holding you when you are upset. Will you tell me about it? Or show me like you did that first day we found you?" Harry sat back and looked at him. "You don't have too. But I still believe it will be helpful."

Harry looked hesitant but finally nodded. 'I'll show you.' He signed.

"Okay. Why don't we go sit on the bed? It's a great deal more comfortable than the floor, don't you think?" Snape helped Harry up and led him back to bed. Harry curled up against the headboard while Snape sat across from him. "Alright. Just think about the dream and I will see it." Their eyes locked and Snape whispered "Legilimens"

Snape was back in that awful room. Harry was tucked away in the same corner they had found him in when they freed him. He was writing in what looked like a school workbook. He heard a door slam shut and Harry jumped up. He quickly placed the book on the desk and threw the pillows back on the bed. Harry gingerly sat down on the edge of the bed just as the locks on the bedroom door clicked. He watched with wide eyes as Walker walked in.

The vile man entered with a smile and pulled Harry up. He bent down and kissed the small boy deeply on the mouth. Harry tensed up and squeezed his eyes shut. "I missed you." Walker said sitting on the bed, pulling Harry onto his lap. "The first day back is always the hardest." He traced a finger up and down Harry's spine. Harry shuttered and the man smiled. "You like that don't you?" Harry shook his head. Walker moved his hand from Harry's back to his bare inner thigh. Harry flinched back and Walker's eyes narrowed. He pushed Harry back onto the bed and straddled his waist. Harry whimpered as the man undid his belt.

Walker quickly disposed of his pants and boxers without letting the small boy out from underneath him. Harry trembled as Walker slipped his hand under Harry's oversize shirt. He caressed his small body before positioning him how he wanted. Harry lay helplessly as the man spit on his hand and rubbed it on his cock. With no more warning he entered the boy completely. Harry let out a quiet scream through clenched teeth and closed lips, clutching at the sheets for any way to relieve the pain. Snape watched in horror as the disgusting man held the child down and repeatedly pounded into him. Between moans of pleasure Walker was whispering about how beautiful and tight Harry was and about how much he loved him. Harry just lay there, eyes squeezed shut, trying to hold back his screams. When the man finally came, he collapsed on top of Harry. He lay there until he caught his breath before pulling out and rolling over to lie next to the boy. Harry whimpered at the pain the change caused but didn't move. Walker reached over and ran his hand through Harry's hair. He watched with a smile as Harry stare lifelessly at the ceiling.

Once Walker had recovered he stood happily and put his clothing back on. "I'll go make dinner." He said cheerily before kissing Harry on the forehead and walking out of the room. When the locks clicked shut, Harry rolled on his side and curled into a ball, sobbing silently.

Snape pulled out of the memory. Harry was curled tighter and had tears running down his face.

"Oh Harry." Snape said softly. "He will never touch you again. I promise I will keep you safe." Snape cautiously placed a hand on Harry's shoulder. The small boy looked up into his eyes. "What he did to you was disgusting and wrong and you in no way deserved it." Harry looked away. He slowly scooted closer to Snape. Once he was sitting next to the man he timidly reached out and wrapped his arms around Snape's middle. Snape gently rubbed Harry's back as the boy cried into his shirt once again.

"Harry will you please let me give you some dreamless sleep?" Snape suggested when Harry had calmed back down. "You need to get some sleep. You'll fall ill if you don't." Harry sighed and nodded.

'You'll keep me safe?' He signed.

"Yes Harry. I will keep you safe while you sleep." Harry pulled away and Snape stood up. "I'll be right back." Snape left and returned with a half vial of dreamless sleep. "This is only half a dose but since you are so small it will still let you sleep for 8 hours."

Harry accepted the vial and drank it. He laid back into his pillows. Snape lent forward and tucked him in as the potion took effect. Once Harry was asleep, Snape went back to his bed.

Harry woke just before noon the next day. He stumbled into the living room once he was dressed to find Snape in his armchair reading.

"Good morning, Harry." Snape greeted him. Harry signed 'good morning' in reply. "Let's eat and then there are a few things that need to be addressed before the welcoming feast tomorrow night." Harry nodded and followed him into the kitchen. They ate lunch and went back to the living room to talk.

"Dumbledore is going to make an announcement at the feast about how you are ill and being taken care of by me so you will not be attending classes. I know you have been nervous about all the students returning. I'm going to give you a couple of options. If you want, you can just stay here during the feast. Or you can come sit at the staff table with me. Also we need to decide if you are going to be sorted with the first years or if you want to wait to be sorted before you start classes." Snape explained.

'If I get sorted later it will just draw more attention to the fact that I'm different. I think I'll be fine at the feast if I'm sitting with you. Please just sort me with everyone else. I really don't want people to think I'm any more of a freak than they already will.' Harry signed.

"Harry you are not a freak." Snape said sternly. "Your choice is fine as long as you promise to tell me if you are getting overwhelmed. You can leave at any time if it gets to be too much." Harry nodded.

Harry sat nervously at the head table next to Snape with McGonagall's empty seat on his other side. Students streamed into the hall and took their seats, many of them giving Harry curious looks. He was grateful when McGonagall led the first years in, drawing the attention away from him.

One by one the first years were called up and placed under the sorting hat. When McGonagall called his name the students started whispering and Harry stiffened. "Go on Harry." Snape whispered. "Just sit on the stool and when the hat calls a house come right back here." Harry took a deep breath and walked around the table to the stool. McGonagall gave him a small smile and placed the hat on his head.

"Difficult, very difficult." Harry jumped when the voice sounded in his head. "Where to put you?"

"I just want to be safe" Harry thought.

"You have a great mind and thirst for knowledge." The hat continued. "Your unfortunate situation has taught you to be cunning, as well. You would do well in Ravenclaw, young reader, but you will feel safer in SLYTHERIN!"

Harry jumped up and handed McGonagall the hat before scurrying back to his seat. The whispers had gotten louder and Harry just looked down at his lap.

Snape placed a hand on his shoulder. "Congratulations Harry. You will be a great addition to my house. I'm proud of you." He said softly. Harry looked up at him and gave a small smile.

The sorting finished and Dumbledore stood to give his speech. He went over the rules about magic in the corridors, the forest, and the forbidden third floor corridor. "I'm sure you have noticed that Mr. Potter is sitting at the head table instead of with his house. Over the summer he became very ill and is currently in the care of Professor Snape until he has recovered. At this time he does not have the ability to speak but we are confident he will regain it in the future. He will not be attending classes yet, but have no fear, the professors will keep him up to date in his studies and he will join you when he can. With that said, tuck in everyone."

The food appeared and everyone began to eat. Harry did as well as could be expected. He sat very stiffly and barely ate anything. After about 20 minutes he had had enough. He gently tugged on Snape's sleeve, interrupting his conversation with Quirrell, and gave him a pleading look.

'I need to leave.' He signed. Snape nodded and gave Dumbledore a pointed look. They stood up and Snape ushered Harry out of the hall through a side door. Harry was trembling.

"Come on. Let's get you back to our rooms." Snape said. He led Harry with a gentle hand on his back. Once they made it to their rooms Harry made a beeline for his armchair and curled up. He closed his eyes and practiced some of the breathing techniques Snape had taught him. Snape sat in his own chair and allowed Harry to calm himself. Over the last few weeks that had encountered many near panic attacks but for the most part Harry could now calm himself.

Once Harry was calm he looked up at Snape. 'I'm sorry' he signed.

"There is nothing to be sorry for." Snape said "You did so much better than I would have expected of you when we first found you. I honestly didn't believe you would even leave my rooms this early in the year and yet you went to the welcoming feast and made it through the entire sorting and part of dinner. I'm so proud of you. There is still work to be done but you've already come so far. Tonight I want you to take a shower and go to bed early. We will eat here for breakfast and you can decide whether you want to venture out for lunch or dinner. You do not have to if you think it may be too much. I do want to take you to the Slytherin common room tomorrow after dinner to meet your yearmates. It will just be a quick introduction then we can leave. Knowing them even just a little will make your transition in to classes later somewhat easier." Harry nodded. "The feast should be finished and I need to go introduce myself to the new Slytherins. Go get ready for bed. I'll be back soon." Snape left and Harry headed to his room.

Snape headed to the Slytherin common room. He entered with his normal dramatic flair to find all his new first years lined up waiting for him. He stopped in front of them and began his speech.

"Welcome to Slytherin. I am Professor Snape, your head of house. I am going to go over the house rules with you tonight. Slytherin is your family. Outside these walls we provide a united front. There will be no inner house fighting outside of the common room. Most of the school will judge you as evil or dark just because you are part of this house. Because of this I will favor you in public. It will appear to others that I am letting you get away with misbehaving. This is not true. I will punish you in private. You will serve detention with me and it will not be pleasant. Contrary to what you may hear from others, I will not be cruel, but I will be strict. I expect you to be model students and uphold Slytherin's reputation. This includes never turning on a house mate, whether in public or private, and treating me and the other professors with unquestioning obedience and respect. I will leave the rest of the rules for the prefects to explain." While he spoke Snape observed his new students. All of them were listening attentively. Draco was standing tall with his perfected Malfoy mask in place.

"Now I'm sure you are all curious about Mr. Potter's situation. I'm asking you not to ask him about it. If he wants you to know he will tell you. I am expecting you to look out for him. Just because he won't be staying in the dorms does not make him any less of a Slytherin. His illness keeps him from being able to be out for long periods of time so you may not see him much at first. As he gets better he will start spending some time in the common room in the evenings. Because he cannot speak, he has a tablet that reads what he writes out loud. He also knows sign language. If any of you would like to learn it I have books in my office for you to borrow. I will bring Mr. Potter to the common room tomorrow after dinner to meet you all. I expect you all to go directly to bed once Prefect Flint has explained the rest of the rules." Snape gave them a curt nod and headed back to his rooms.

When he got there he immediately went to Harry's room. He knocked lightly. When there was no answer he peaked inside to find Harry curled up in his bed asleep. Snape backed out of the room with a small smile.

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