**Authors note- This is just a concept for a story and I'm going to see what kind of feedback it gets before it goes anywhere. This story is moarly based around my favorite A&O character, Hutch and I figured it was time that he got a story of his own. For fans of War is Hell and Blakjack's story, updates are comming soon. Let me know what you guys think please :)**

Our story begins in Jasper Park, Canada, in a small den near the end of a long valley. Inside were three wolves, two females and one male. One of the females had a golden coat with amber eyes while her mate's coat was darker grey and his eyes blue. The third female was laying down and panting heavily. Sweat was rolling from her dark grey fur and her long mane was matted.

"Mina don't think that what happened to Dex was your fault, none of us saw that bear until it was too late," the male said trying to keep her from crying, but she refused to stop.

"But Winston it was, it was all my fault, if I would have just been paying attention-,"

"Oh hush now dear, just save your energy, you're going into labor," the other female urged.

"Eve, Dex was supposed to be here for them, why did I have to go off alone," Mina sobbed as she started to cry out in pain.

"Shhh, don't worry dear it will be alright," Eve whispered softly. Mina screamed loudly and a soft cry echoed through the den.

"Now see that wasn't so bad now was it," Winston joked trying to make her laugh. Mina smiled slightly and cuddled her pup as Eve sat him next to her.

"What will you name him," Eve asked as she nuzzled Mina caringly.

"Hutch, his name is Hutch, Dex always wanted him to have that name," Mina said as she liked her pup. The poor infant let out a saddened howl as he shivered and began to suckle from his mother.

"What will he ever learn without his father," Mina asked sadly.

"Oh Mina don't you worry about a thing dear, you can send him to alpha school where he will learn everything he needs to survive," Eve said with a smile.

"If you ever neer anything just call for us, alright," Winston said. Mina half-smiled and looked at Winston as another tear rolled down here cheek.

"Thank you Winston, thank you for everything,"

*One year later*

The young Hutch sat dissapointed at the edge of the den as the rain fell harshly. He grumbled and his mother giggled T HIM

"What's the matter Hutch,"

"I don't like the rain mama, you never let me go outside when it rains," he complained as he smacked at falling drops. Mina kept a bright smile as she watched her son play with the rain.

"Oh Hutch you're so adorable," Mina giggled as she walked over and sat beside her son.

"Hey mama, what's alpha school," Hutch asked curiously.

"It's a place where young wolves go to become strong alphas, like your father was," she said looking out into the rain trying to hide her painful memoires.

"Because I heard you talking to Winston yesterday and you said I was gonna go there, does that mean I'm gonna be like daddy," he asked as he cuddled up beside her and yawned. She smiled and nuzzled him.

"Yes dear, in a couple of weeks you will be going to alpha school and when you get back, you will be just like your father was," she confirmed.

"But what if the other wolves don't like me," he asked shyly.

"Oh don't worry about that honey, I'm sure you'll make all kinds of friends, besides, your friend Candu will be there," Hutch's eyes widened excitdely and he smiled.

"Really," he asked quickly. Mina nodded and Hutch started to roll around in joy. Mina laughed at the pup as he leapt around, chasing his own tail and giggling.

'Oh Hutch, if only your father could see you, he would be so proud,' Mina sighed as she stared out into the rain.

*Two weeks later*

Hutch shot awake as early as he could, he was more excited about going to alpha school than he was anything else. Ever since his his mother had said he would be going he had been dreaming of the day he would finally go. He imagined himself returning as the strongest alpha in the pack and being a hero when someone would get into trouble.

"Hutch, I hope your ready for your first day of alpha school," Mina said as she walked up behind him. All he could do was giggle excitedly and smile. Mina laughed at him and the two left the den. They walked through the pack where other wolves were escorting their pups as well towards the training grounds.

"When will I see you again mommy," he asked.

"You'll see me next spring," Hutch frowned and looked down at his paws.

"But that's a long time from now," he mumbled.

"It's no that bad, you'll be home before you know it," she promised as they reached a large valley.

"Well Hutch, here you are you have fun now alright," she said as she nuzzled him.

"I will, I love you mommy," he said as he licked her cheek.

"I love you to sweety," she replied as he ran off to join the others. A small tear fell down her cheek as she watched her son walk off to his first day of alpha school. Once the all of the wolves had left the pups sat around eagerly awaiting their instructor, especially Hutch who was finding it hard to contain himself.

"This is going to be so much fun Candu," he said hyperly. Candu yawned widely and sighed.

"Yeah but why does it have to be so early," he groaned. Hutch looked around at all of the wolves there sitting around in groups talking to each other, except for one. She sat all by herself, her head hung low. Her fur was light grey, but dark enough to not be concidered white. And she was small, runt sized.

"Hey Candu, why do you think that girl is all by herself," Hutch asked. Candu looked over gorggily and shrugged his shoulders.

"The others probably won't talk to her because she's so tiny," he replied. Hutch huffed and stood up.

"Well I think she could use a friend," he said with a smile as he started to walk over to her. She started to look up but hid her face as several of the others started to crowd around her and shout insults.

"Runt," one shouted.

"You couln't even fight a squirrel," one laughed. Compared to the others, Hutch was relatively tall, tall enough to see over all of them and see her hurt face. He knew that face, he saw it on his mother everytime she would cry. He growled and jumped right behind the crowd.

"STOP LAUGHING AT MY FRIEND," he shouted so loud that everyone jumped, thinking it was their teacher. The crowd fell silent as they looked at the furious Hutch, they were all to scared to say anything.

"Please get out of my way so I can go talk with my friend," he said in a calm but irritated tone. The pups happily parted, giving him plenty of room to walk through them. The little girl was stunned by what he had done, she started at him as he walked over to her and only managed the courage to sniffle.

"You can all go away now," Hutch said eyeing the group, who vanished as quickly as they showed up. Hutch nodded contently and sat next to the poor girl and smiled at her.

"Hi I'm Hutch," he said politely.

"F-friend," she asked with a sniffle as she wiped away her tears.

"Of course, you looked like you could use a friend, and now you have one," Hutch said playfully. She smiled and nuzzled him.

"Sadie, I'm Sadie," she giggled.

"Alright I want everone to come over here and listen," said an older looking male who had entered the clearing. Hutch and Sadie did so, walking side by side, Sadie making sure to never stray too far away.

"My name is Tiberius and I'll be your alpha school instructor. When you are done here each one of you will go on to become the elite members of the back, you will all be alphas, and starting now I expect you at act like alphas. I think you could all take a good lesson from Hutch who got a headstart on you with that little stunt over there," he said smiling at Hutch, who blushed brightly and grinned. The wolf was dark grey with a pitch black mane that flowed down his neck. His eyes were bright blue and even shined in the sun.

"I have a few rules that you must follow if you ever hope to pass. Rule number one, no one ever quits. I don't care how much your muscles ache, never quit. Rule number two, no fooling around, you were sent here to learn, not to play. Rule number three, always look after one another, take care of each other. Rule number four, the only fighting to take place will be during skirmish practices, and only then will I ever catch you fighting. And rule number five, enjoy youselves," he said as a few whisperes broke out amongst the crowd.

"Now, since this is your first day I'm only going to show you the dens you'll be staying in and after that you can get to know one another," he finished and led the group over to a cave where there were five caves lined up with one another, each being the same size except the middle one which was a bit bigger.

"Boys on the two on the right, girls in the two on the left. My den is in the middle, and no boy should ever be at one of the girls dens nor should the girls be at the boys dens, now enjoy the rest of the day, because after today, you probably won't enjoy another one. And Hutch, could I see you in my den for a minute," Hutch gulped and there were a few snikers from the other boys. Hutch followed Tiberius into the den and Tiberius sighed as he looked down at the small Hucth.

"You know Hucth what you did out there was completely unexpected. I've never saw a student stand up for another one like that. You're so much like your father," he said causing Hutch's eyes to widen.

"You knew my daddy," Hucth gasped. Tiberius chuckled and nodded.

"Yes, I did, Dex was a long time hunting partner. He was a good friend," he said with a little pain in his voice.

"Wow," Hutch said apphauled by Tiberius' statement.

"You know Hutch, to just be a pup you're pretty bold, so I want you to do me a favor. I need you to keep an eye out for Sadie, you probably didn't know this but she's my niece and I don't want anything bad to happen to her, which shouldn't be to much of a problem with you around. So can you do that for me," Tiberius asked. Hutch smiled and nodded eagerly.

"I sure can," he said confidently. Tiberius smiled and nodded.

"Good, now go out there and make some friends," Hutch shot from the cave like a bullet and ran right back to Sadies side.

"Hey Sadie, your unlce wants me to be your bodyguard," he said with a giggle. Sadie blushed widely and tried to hide her face.

"Does that mean I won't get made fun of anymore," she asked.

"Of course not," Hutch replied.

"I wouldn't count on it," laughed a voice from behind them. Walking towards them were three pups walking towards them. Hutch recognized two of them as the ones who insulted Sadie earlier and he instantly threw himself in front of her.

"I won't let you be mean to her again," he growled. The tallest of the group walked right up to Hutch and practically laughed in his face.

"Protecting your girlfriend again I see. Lobo, Percy, what do you say we teach Hutch here a lesson," he laughed.

"Sounds like fun to me Roxa," Percy laughed but Hutch didn't budge an inch.

"You haven't even been here a day and you already want kicked out," Hutch laughed back. Roxa growled and slammed his claws into Hutch's Right front paw.

"Watch your mouth. My dad is the strongest alpha in the back, and I will be too," Roxa growled as Hutch's paw started to bleed. Hutch winced in pain as tears fromed in his eyes but he fefused to fiight back.

"What's the matter, scared to fight," Lobo laughed as he started to walk up on Hutch's side.

"WHAT ON EARTH IS GOING ON OVER HERE," Tiberius shouted. The entire group jumped our of their fur and Roxa tried to wiped Hutch's blood off of his paw.

"Well, you see sir-,"

"All I see is a spoiled brat who just assaulted another student. Let me guess, you were going to keep Hutch pinned while the other two here jumped him. Do you have any idea how much trouble you are in," he barked at them. They shook their heads in unison and he grit his teeth.

"If you were adaults you would be facing serious charges right now. For now, I'm goin to make you pull double excersies and eleiminate you from the top alpha award. Now you've already violated at least two of my rules. I catch this again and your out of alpha school permanently. The three of you get back to your dens, Hutch wait here and I'll go get some herbs to heal your paw," Tibrius walked off quickly and Sadie looked at Hutch sadly.

"Hutch, are you ok," she asked looking down at his paw.

"Are you ok," he asked hiding his paw from her and starting to cry.

"I'm fine but-"

"Then I'm fine," he said with a weak smile which caused her to blush. She smiled and leaned her head onto Hutch's shoulder, nuzzling him softly. Tiberius returned shortly afterwards with some leaves and vines, which he used to tie Hutch a bandage for his hand.

"It was good of you to protect Sadie like that again Hutch, but next time, don't let them beat you up so bad," he scolded slightly.

"But, I didn't wanna get kicked out," Hutch said wiping away his tears with his good paw.

"Trust me Hutch, if it's in self defense, I'll alow it," Tiberius said as he looked back at the den with a worried expression.

'Those boys are violent, too violent, I may just need to talk to Winston about this,' he thought to himself. Hours passed and the pups ran around playing with one another, trying to enjoy their last day of fun. The moon began to rise quickly and Tiberius ordered them into the dens as night fell. Hutch made sure that he was in a den with Candu, and that they were far away from Roxa and his goons. Candu noticed Hutch's injury and looked at him with a worried frown

"Hey what happened to your paw," he asked with concern.

"Oh, I uh, stepped on a thorn," Hutch replied nervously. Candu looked at him suspiciously and shook his head.

"If you say so," Candu yawned. He was too tired to question it any further.

Hutch looked out of the den and sighed at the rising moon. He wished Sadie were with him, he missed his mother, and most of all, he missed his dad. He closed his eyes and slowly drifted to sleep with his thoughts racing by like the wind.

**Authors Note- Ok, so yes this is in fact the scene from Blackjack's story where Hutch meets Sadie, but it is the only scene that will be used from that fanfic. I thought that it fit well here which is why I used it. Well I know it's pretty rough but if you guys like it then I can go back and fix what needs fixing and start working on more chapters. Please leave your opinion on it :) it is greatly appreciated. If you review then ME LOVE YOU LONG TIME :P lol**