Chapter 9: Wedding Day

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It had been two months since the accident and Hutch had made a full recovery. Except for a little bit of occasional back pain he felt like it had never happened. The scar had been completely covered up by fur and was now out of sight. He had been hunting several times since then, and always made sure it wouldn't happen again. But today, he hadn't been alowed to do anything, aside from be pampered to death.

"I hate having my fur brushed," he grumbled causing Eve to giggle.

"Maybe if you would let me brush it more often then it wouldn't get so tangled," she laughed.

"I'm a male though, it's embarassing," he complained.

"Oh and you don't think I do the same thing to Winston," she said right as Winston walked into the den.

"Don't worry Hutch, it never gets any better," Winston laughed.

"Yeah that helps," Hutch cringed as Eve pulled her pinecone through a tangled wad of fur. Winston laughed and turned as three young pups bounded in chasing one another around giggling. Winston smiled at them as the ran around him.

"Kate, Lilly, Amanda, calm down for a second and meet your godfather Hutch," Winston laughed. The three stopped and blushed as Hutch smiled at them. Almost immediately Kate and Lilly ducked behind Winstons tail, but Amanda hobled straight over to Hutch and nuzzled him.

"Well it looks like someone's made a friend," Eve laughed "come on dear, Hutch has a big day today."

Eve smiled at Hutch and he smiled back. Eve had treated Hutch liker her own son, even after her daughters had been born. Hutch had come to accept the fact that his mother was gone, and so Eve became a mother figure to him. But he had always considered Winston a father figure, even after he found out about his arranged marriage. He understood it was best for the packs that they be joined, not to mention the oath he took when he became beta.

"Well Hutch, you've still got an hour before the wedding. You should go take some time for yourself," Winston said with a smile. Hutch nodded and headed out of the den.

"And try not to get your fur messed up," Eve chuckled from behind him. Hutch laughed and walked off on his own. His mind was racing a mile a minute, and his emotions were swirling around like a storm cloud. He was happy that he was not only getting a mate, but he was doing something important for the packs. But at the same time, he was sad. His parents were supposed to be there for him, and he was supposed to be mates with Sadie. Not that he didn't like Claw, but Sadie was the first one to steal his heart. By the time Hutch realized he was daydreaming, he had noticed he had wondered down to the training grounds. It felt like ages since he had been here, but it had only been a couple of months.

"I thought you might wind up here," he heard Tiberius say from behind him. He turned to see his old teacher who gave him a half-hearted smile.

"I guess I just had to revisit this place, it takes me back to when I was younger," Hutch sighed sitting down beside Tiberius.

"I know what you mean Hutch. Every day I come down here to remember her, and it feels like if I think about her enough, she might come back," Tiberius almost sounded like he was about to cry, and if he was, he hid it well.

"Guess that's something we share," Hutch replied.

"You loved her Hutch, I figured that out from day one. It hurts when I think about that night, but I can only imagine how much it hurts you,"

"I never told anyone, but I have nightmares about it. Nothing even has to change about the incident, it just replays over and over, like it's taunting me. Winston shouldn't have let him leave just like that. He should have killed him,"

"The past is a powerful thing, it can haunt you forever, but only as long as you let it. You're father said that when after I lost my brother. Now cheer up, this is a happy day," Tiberius encouraged with a more legitamate smile. "I know about your meetings with Claw, believe me Hutch, no one leaves these grounds without me finding out. But I didn't tell anyone, I knew she made you happy. She took your mind off of Sadie, that was a good thing,"

"Thank you Tiberius," Hutch said quickly wiping away some tears.

"You're welcome, and I better go, I have to make sure the feast will be ready in time. Besides, here come your friends," Tiberius pointed out as he walked away. Hutch turned around to see Percy, Lobo, and Candu comming towards him all smiling.

"Hey Hutch, today's the big day," Candu said almost proudly.

"You know as long we've known each other I never saw something like this comming," Lobo said as he nuzzled Hutch as if the two were brothers.

"Who are you kidding Lobo we all know that Hutch was going to be the one to unite the packs," Percy said modestly. Hutch chuckled and shook his head.

"Ah come on any other wolf would have done the same thing," Hutch said trying to keep away some of the popularity.

"Hutch, why is your fur brushed," Candu asked holding back a laugh. Hutch blushed and tried to shrug it off.

"Eve, she does the same thing to Winston" he said knowing they would understand.

"How could you stand it," Lobo joked.

"I didn't," Hutch replied and they all laughed. The four walked around talking and laughing for what seemed like the longest time in the world. But it finally ended as they heard Winston howl, signaling the begining of the wedding ceremony. They sighed and walked back to the rest of the pack in silence. As they arrived Eve and Winston greeted Hutch and they headed out towards the wedding field.

"Are you alright Hutch," Eve asked.

"I'm a little nervouse, but other than that I'm fine," he replied shakily.

"Easy there Hutch, just remember what to do," Winston said calmly. Hutch nodded and took a shakey breath as they reached the wedding field. Hutch led the western pack towards the stone platform in the center. He looked up to see Scar leading the eastern pack and smiled. She looked beautiful today, more so than usual. The packs stopped and Tony walked over to have a seat next to Winston as Hutch and Scar stood on the rock in the center of the crowd.

"It's been a while Hutch," Scar whispered.

"Too long for me," Hutch replied as he followed the steps Winston had instucted him to.

"Well Winston it seems this dispute between us is finally over. Maybe now we can resume our long lost friendship," Tony whispered.

"Your mood has improved since I last saw you, did you get hit in the head with another rock," Winston chuckled.

"Very funny," Tony grumbled sarcastically.

"Hush you two," Eve barked quietly. Winston and Eve whipmered softly and turned their attention back to the wedding. Hutch was leaning in to touch Claw's nose by the time the had realized how much they missed.

'Moment of truth,' Hutch said to himself as he leaned himself closer and closer. He was just an inch away when something caught his attention.

"HELP US," he heard crying through the air. His eyes shot wide open and looked off in the direction of the cries. There were gasps all through the crowd and he paid no attention to the fact he was the only one who noticed the cries. Scar looked up at him slightly angrily as she noticed he had pulled away.

"Hutch, what the hell are you doing," she growled.

"Yes Winston what the HELL IS HE DOING," Tony snarled.

"Someone just called for help," Hutch explained.

"What the hell are you talking about," Tony growled as he started to approach Hutch.

"No, no he's right Tony, I hear it to," Winston said as he heard the same faint cry. Tony raised his ears irritably and listened for a second.

"HELP US PLEASE," he heard. His anger faded and was replaced by concern.

"I'll be damned," he whispered to himself. He looked up as a group of three wolves came rushing over the hill and down towards them. Shortly behind them were five wolves running at full speed obviously pursuing them.

"Candu, Percy, Lobo, on me," Hutch ordered as he ran to help the three victims. The three said wolves were in shock for a second, but then followed their leader closely.

"Plan of attack," Candu asked as they ran to the group.

"Attack plan Sigma, don't let those five get through," Hutch ordered. the three nodded and split apart to come around on the enemies flanks. Candu and Lobo rushed in and struck the outer two eaxactly like they had planned while Percy came in from behind and pulled another to the ground. Hutch managed to bring down one but the last one, obviously the leader managed to slip through. The femal among the wolves being chased started to fall behind her friends as she grew tired and eventually tripped. She slammed to the ground with a thud and looked up to see the nightmarish sight approaching her. The attacking wolf was virtually right upon her and ready to strike, and she froze with fear.

"I don't think so," shouted Hutch as he rammed right into the wolves side with a loud crack. As he came into her view, everything seemed to slow down. His long dark blue mane flowed in the wind and he turned to her.

"Get up," he urged as he helped her to her feet. He pushed her on down the valley as the rest of the alphas came to help. Hutch turned back right as his oppenent slammed into his side, sending them both rolling. Hutch managed to gain the advantage and pinned his attacker beneath him and drew back to rip open his throat. Then something struck him like a lightning bolt. He knew those eyes, those cold, dead, soulless eyes.

"You," he growled as menacingly as he could.

"Miss me," Roxas laughed wickedly. Hutch was sent flying backwards as Roxas landed a hard kick into his stomach and instantly sprang up in rage.

"I knew we should have killed you when we had the chance," Hutch snarled as he pounced at Roxas who slid past Hutch avoiding the attack.

"Yes, you should have. But Winston was too weak, too naive, and now, you can't kill me. I'm stronger than you ever wished you could be Hutch, stronger than every alpha, beta, and pack leader in the world. And the best part is, you can't do anything about it," Roxas laughed as he and the other four rougue alphas turned in a hasty retreat, gon almost as fast as they had arrived. Hutch was slowly digging his claws into the earth in anger as Winston ran up behind him.

"Hutch, what happened," Winston asked panting. Hutch turned with fire in his eyes.

"Let me go after him sir, I want him dead now," Hutch growled.

"Who Hutch," Tiberius demanded as he ran up behind Winston.

"Roxas," Hutch spat at the mere mentioning of the name. Their eyes widened and their jaws dropped as they gasped.

"Winston what is the meaning of this," Tony demanded as he stormed up the valley.

"The weddings off Tony, we have bigger elk to kill right now. Those wolves were being led by Roxas, a wolf we outcast a long time ago. Judging by the look those wolves with him he's formed a whole pack of outcasts, and I know he's comming for revenge. Hutch, you and the others go help Eve with the wounded," Winston commanded. Hutch sighed before nodding and motioning for his crew to follow him. They rushed down the valley where Eve sat examaning the three newcomers. As Hutch was walking towards Eve the pink wolf he had rescued slumped her head onto his shoulder and started crying.

"Thank you so much," she sobbed. His eye widened as he recocgnized the voice and his heart completely froze over. He looked over into her eyes and felt all of the energy get sucked away from him. He only managed to utter one single word.


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