"Why a bus?" Mels grinned as she sat in his lap.

"Buses are cool!" the Doctor said, resting his chin on her shoulder. With one hand he soniced the key hole, starting the engine, and with the other he played with her small, tight braids. They had been his main fascination throughout the night, and Mels couldn't help but love the feel of his hand. She found herself falling head over heels for this crazy man.

"So, shall we go?" she chuckled, placing her hands on the wheel.

After slipping the sonic screwdriver away, he reached around her and placed his hands on top of hers. "Oh yes," his own grin evident in his voice.

"I know a short cut," she leaned back into his chest as she put her feet on the pedals, taking control.

"Is it more exciting than the long way?" the Doctor whispered in her ear.

She couldn't quite suppress the shiver of longing from running down her spine. "Much," she purred.


Before the police officers got into the bus, they kissed. Mels wasn't sure who started it, as she wrapped her arms around the Doctor's neck and his going around her back. It was full of both passion and innocence, and so much promise. It was the best kiss of Mels' life.


Mels smiled as her parents and best friends finally got a clue. She rested on Amy's bed before standing, tossing the TARDIS model over her shoulder, smiling in memory of her night and the man who was at the center of it. She wondered if he was still in a cell. She would put money on that being a negative. The Doctor was probably in the real TARDIS, setting off to a new time and planet.