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On with the storyyyy!

Fourteen year old RaeLynn Belle Garcia, sister of Big Time Rush's Carlos Garcia, lays in her bed, on her iPhone texting her boyfriend Derick. It's Friday night, and she was gonna go to the football game with her boyfriend, but it's raining so they decided not to go. They're just going to hang out tomorrow.

Anyway, her and Derick are just talking about her Quinceanera. Which she's super excited for! Ever since she was a little girl, she always dreamed of her Quinceanera. Her fifteenth birthday is this Sunday, and they're suppose to start planning it soon so it can be sometime around next summer. She knows she'll already be fifteen, but she doesn't care.

Just then, she hears a knock at the door.

Knock! Knock!

"Come in!" she calls out, locking her iPhone before setting it on the bed and grabbing a book from her night stand to make it look like she's studying. She's suppose to be studying, but she'd much rather talk to Derick. They've been going out for two years. Yes, they've been dating since they were only twelve years old. Crazy, right? Most relationships that young don't even make it past a year. But she's extremely happy with him, and she really does love him.

The door opens, and her mom walks in. Rae sits up, leaning back on the headboard of her bed as her mom sits on the bed beside her. She can tell her mom has some news. The thing is, Rae isn't sure if it's good news or bad news. Hopefully it's good news, because she's having a really great day and she doesn't want it to get ruined.

"What's up, mom?" RaeLynn questions, closing the book in her hands, not even bothering to mark the page since she really wasn't reading anyway, and setting it back on her nightstand.

Her mom sighs. Yup, it's bad news.

"Rae.." she starts. "I know that you're really excited about having a Quinceanera, and I really hate to be the one to tell you that...I don't think you can have one. I am so sorry Mija, I know how much you want this so bad. I tried to hard so make it possible, but I just can't. Ever since your father passed away we've been really tight on money. I know that Carlos has money and is in a big boy band, but he earned that money and I'd hate to take it away from him. I'm so sorry."

"It's fine," Rae lies, trying to hold back tears. She doesn't wanna seem like a seflish brat, so she's making it seem like she's fine. But she really isn't. Her Quinceanera is the one thing she was looking forward to growing up. Ever since she was a little girl, she couldn't wait for it. But now, she's not having one. Her dreams are seriously crushed. "I know you did the best you could."

"But.." Mrs Garcia starts, a slight smile on her face. "I know how much you and Derick have been wanting to go to that amusement park in Ohio.."

"Cedar Point?" Rae questions, perking up a bit.

Mrs Garcia nods, giggling a bit.

"I bought seven tickets for Cedar Point for tomorrow," Mrs Garcia grins, pulling the Cedar Point tickets out.

"Oh my god!" RaeLynna exclaims, grabbing the tickets from her mom. Even though she's still extremely sad that she doesn't get to have a Quinceanera, she's so stoked that she's going to Cedar Point, tomorrow! Also it's going to be Halloweekend, which means there's going to be haunted houses and stuff! She loves haunted houses. She thenr ealizes there's seven tickets. "Why so many tickets?"

"One for you, Derick, Carlos, Kendall, James, Logan, and Katie!" Mrs Garcia tells her.

"But the guys and Katie are in LA?" she says confusingly. Rae is absolutely close to her big brother. They tell each other everything, like legit. He loves her to death, and vise versa. He protects her, takes care of her, and is always there for her. Also, the other guys. She's really close to all of them, and they're all her brothers. She's not so close to Katie, but she's cool.

"They should be landing right now and on their way here in a Taxi!" her mom exclaims, causing her to get even more happier. She hasn't seen the guys since last Christmas, and that was last year! She seriously misses them so much, and is happy they're coming. "And you guys are leaving in a plane at 9 o'clock to fly to Sandusky, Ohio! I already got a hotel booked for you guys and everything!"

"Mom, you're seriously the best!" Rae exclaims, giving her mom a huge hug and kiss on the cheek. "I love you."

"I love you too Mija," Mrs Garcia smiles. "Now get packed up, you guys are going to be over there until Sunday night! And get dressed into comfortable clothing, I'm pretty sure jeans on a plane won't be so comfortable."

"Okay," Rae giggles. "I'm gonna call Derick first!"

Mrs. Garcia smiles, kissing the top of her daughters head before exiting her room, shutting the door behind her.

RaeLynn takes no time in grabbing her iPhone and dialing her boyfriends number, which she knows by heart. Hey, when you've been dating someone for two years, you start to remember their cell phone number.

"Hey babe!"

"Deriiiick! Babeee! I have some good and bad news..what do you want first?"

"Hm, give me the bad news first."

"Well, my mom just said I can't have a Quinceanera, and I am so sad! Derick, this has been my dream since I was a little girl, and they're all crushed! I'm so upset, but I don't wanna show my mom because I don't want her to feel bad."

"Aw, my poor baby! I'm sorry. I know it sucks, but maybe you can have a Sweet Sixteen? Or a huge eighteenth birthday party?"

Rae sighs. "It won't be the same as a Quinceanera. But, you wanna hear the good news?"


"My mom got tickets for me, you, my brothers, and Katie to go to Cedar Point for the weeekenddd! So get ready and come over, our plane leaves at 9, and we're going to be there until Sunday night!"

"Really? That's greaaat! The plane leaves at nine!? Babe, it's seven! I gotta get ready, alright? I'll be over there as soon as I'm done! Love you, bye."

"Bye, love you too!"

Rae ends the call, tossing her phone onto her bed before happily heading to her closet. Hm, she's not sure what she should wear for the plane ride. Something comfortable, obviously. And she's going to take things to keep her occupied, because she gets bored easily. And of course, lots of snacks.

By the time she's finally ready, she's in: ( wwwDOTpolyvoreDOTcom/cgi/set?id=61924757)

She takes her iPod out of her duffle bag. She's going to listen to music while she waits for Derick and the guys and Katie to arrive. She puts it on shuffle, and the first song to come on is No Idea by Big Time Rush. She loves Big Time Rush, and she's not just saying that because it's her brothers band. They have amazing music, and if she wasn't related to Carlos she's pretty sure she'd still be a fan.

Rae hears a knock at her door, then the door opens and her adorable boyfriend, Derick walks in. He's looking as cute as always, wearing some grey sweats, an Obey sweatshirt, an Obey snapback, and black Vans.

"Hey babe," he greets, approaching her with a quick kiss on the lips.

Rae and Derick have had a lot of people tell them that they aren't really in love, that they're too young. But they think those people are just jealous because they actually have young love. They have no idea how they feel for each other. They've been going strong for two years, going on three years. Since they were twelve years old! That's young, and not most relationships that young even make it past a month!

Also, Mrs. Garcia, Carlos, and the guys love Derick. They know he's a good respectful dude. Mrs. Garcia even trusts them alone in Rae's room, but they aren't allowed to lock the door. She even lets him spend the night, and the same rule applies, they aren't allowed to lock the door. And Mrs. Garcia or Carlos (when he's visiting) will go check up on them every once in a while.

"Are you excited?" RaeLynna questions excitedly, turning the music off on her iPod before putting it in her duffle bag. Her and Derick head to her bed, sitting down side by side.

He nods. "Hell yeah, we're gonna get on every ride there!"

"You know it," she giggles. "I'm just so scared to get on the Top Thrill Dragster."

"Rae, that looks like the best one!" Derick exclaims. "You have to get on it! Psh, hell, you're gonna get on it! I'll protect you and hold your hand."

"Hm, we'll see." she mumbles. She smiles as he kisses her cheek, and she loves into his eyes. She absolutely loves her boyfriends eyes. They're a really pretty green. She can look into them all day."I'm jealous, I want your eyes! I swear they are the most beautifulest eyes I have ever seen."

"Why thank you," he chuckles. "You have green eyes too, though!"

"They're contacts," she says flatly. She wishes she had colored eyes. But no, she has boring brown eyes, which is why she got contacts. "My real eye color is ugly."

"No it's not," he tells her. "Your real eye color is beautiful. You're a brown eyed beauty babe! I love them, but you're always wearing your contacts so I can't ever look into them!"

Rae giggles, grabbing his face and kissing his cheek before the door opens, followed by the guys barging in.


"Oh my god, CARRLOOSS!" Rae exclaims, running into her big brothers arms. Carlos picks his little sister up, twirling her around before kissing her cheek multiple times and putting her back down. "Dudeee, I missed you so much!"

"I missed you too! Hey Deriiick!" Carlos says, doing the manly handshake/hug guys do.

"Don't forget us, Rae!" Kendall frowns.

Rae giggles, giving him a huge hug. He picks her up and kisses the top of her head, putting her back down and she goes to hug the other boys. Even though she isn't that close to Katie, she still gives her a hug. Her and Katie are about the same age. Except Rae is older by just a couple of months, but Katie is taller, though.

"I'm so happy you guys are here!" Rae exclaims, walking over to Derick who pulls her onto his lap. "I'm so excited!"

"We are too!" James replies.

"Oh, Katie, you don't know Derick do you?" Rae questions. She noticed Katie staring at Derick, probably wondering who he is since she's never met him.

"Nope," Katie replies, shaking her head.

"Well, Katie this is my boyfriend Derick," she introduces. "And Derick, this is Katie."

"What's up," he says, giving her a small wave.

"Hey," she smiles, waving back. Whoa, he's cute. Like..really cute. She wishes she had a cute relationship like Derick and Rae. They both look so happy. But no guys have ever been interested in Katie. Hopefully she finds someone soon.

"Are you kids ready for me to drive you to the airport?" Mrs Garcia questions, entering the room.

"Yesss!" They all exclaim.

Raue gets off of Derick's lap, grabbing her duffle bag and putting it over her shoulder, while Derick grabs his Jordan backpack and hangs it on his back. He then takes Rae's hand into his, intertwining his fingers.

They all head out of Rae's room, following Mrs Garcia outside so they can head to Ohio.

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