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"Okay, so I have to pick the songs I want for my surprise dance," Rae says. Rae, Katie, and Derick are sitting in Rae's bedroom right now, just doing more Quince planning. Rae already has all her court gathered, but she doesn't even have her songs picked out, so she has to do that now because the guys' friend (whose a DJ), is going to make her mix CD for her surprise dance tomorrow, so she has to figure out what songs she wants, and the times which they're going to start, and end at because she isn't doing the whole songs. "I have so many favorite songs, I don't even know what to chose."

"What kind of dances are you having?" Derick asks. He can tell his girlfriend is already getting kind of stressed by all this Quince planning, it's a lot of work and decisions, it really is so he doesn't blame her at all. He just hopes she doesn't get too stressed over this.

"Mexican dances, of course." Rae replies. That's like the tradition. Most girls dance to Mexican music in their surprise dance, and she wants to keep the tradition going. There's five main types of Mexican dances, and she wants to do them all in her surprise dance. Like she said, she isn't using the whole songs, they're all gonna be mixed up so she doesn't have to worry about her surprise dance being too long. "Bachata, Cumbia, Durangense, Merengue, and Reggeton."

"Um, I have no idea how to dance to any of those.." Katie says slowly. She's really excited to be in Rae's Quinceanera, because she's never been in something like this before. But she doesn't know how to dance all these dances that she's naming, and she definitely doesn't wanna make herself look stupid in front of everyone. That's the only thing she's worried about, looking dumb trying to dance these dances.

"Carlos has a good choreographer, don't worry." Rae tells Katie. Since most of the people in her court don't know how to dance this type of music, Carlos made sure to get a really good choreographer to teach them good. She wants her surprise dance to be good, and of course the people in her court don't wanna make themselves look dumb, so everything is going to turn out fine. "I don't know what songs to chose, though."

"For each dance, just chose the song you like the most," Derick tells her. "And write them down, then we'll figure out all the times and stuff."

"See, that's the problem I don't know which song I like the most," she says, grabbing a notebook and pen from the bedside table, and the begins to think. "Okay, okay, fine. For bachata I want Tengo Un Amor, by Toby Love. For Cumbia I want, Baila Esta Cumbia, by Selena. For Durangense I want, Mirame Amor, by Los Alacranes. For Merengue I want, Que Te Pica, by Notch, and for Reggeton I want, Si No Le Contesto by Plan B."

"I love how those are all old songs." he chuckles a bit.

"I know, I've been really obsessed with old songs lately." she replies, as she writes down the names of the songs into the notebook. She likes the old type of music that they had back then, better than the type of music they have now. She doesn't know why, but she does. So she picked all old songs, but oh well she still loves them. Plus, she can chose any songs she wants. "Alright, now to figure out the times...I have all the songs I just named on my phone, so I can put the songs on and we'll just pause and stuff to see what time we're starting the song, and what time we're ending it then I'll write it down."

"Alright," Derick says, grabbing her phone and handing it to her.

She goes to her music list, and just as she's about to touch the first song, there's a knock on the door, followed by Carlos entering.

"Hey, what are you guys up to?" he questions, entering his little sisters bedroom and plopping down onto the bed with them.

"We're just picking out songs for her surprise dance." Katie replies.

"Speaking of that, you need to find what song you want for your waltz." Carlos tells her. "Are you having girls in your waltz too, or just boys?"

"Just the guys," she replies. "And I already have my song picked out for the waltz, I'm having Dreaming Of You by Selena."

"Alright, you're doing the whole song, right?" he asks. She nods. "Okay, we also need to pick out what song we're going to dance to."

At every Quinceanera, the daughter and the father have a father/daughter dance. But Rae and Carlos' dad passed away, he's a cop, and he got shot. So he's not going to be able to dance the father/daughter dance with Rae, so Carlos is going to dance with her instead. So it's going to be a big brother/little sister dance. She really wishes she had her dad to dance the father/daughter dance with, but she's lucky and happy she has the best brother in the world, Carlos to dance with.

She sighs a bit. "I don't have a song picked out for that yet...and I don't even know which one because all the ones they have are for fathers and daughters..."

"Yeah, I know." he sighs as well. "So that's why, me and the guys came up with an idea."

"And what is that?" Rae questions. Normally, Carlos doesn't come up with the best ideas, his ideas are always either crazy, impossible, or illegal. But he looks like he has a pretty good idea right now, and she's hoping he does. And plus, if the guys helped him come up with that idea, then it must be good. Kendall and Logan are pretty good at making up ideas.

"Okay, we decided it'd be a great idea for us to dance the song Covergirl for the waltz." Carlos tells her.

"But, that's not a waltz-type dance.." she says slowly.

"I know, that's why we're gonna record it again, but this time Gustavo is gonna make it more slow, and waltz-type. It's gonna sound a little different because it's gonna be slower, but it's still gonna be great. How does that sound?"

"I think that's a great idea!" Rae exclaims, giving her brother a big hug.

"Also, me and the guys talked," he begins again. "And they wanna be in the brother/sister dance too, so if it's okay with you, I'm gonna dance with you first for a while, then I'll spin you over to Kendall, and you'll dance with him for a while, then he'll spin you over to James, and you'll dance with him for a while, and then he'll spin you to Logan, and you guys will dance for a while, then you'll be spinned back to me and we'll dance until the song is over. How does that sound?"

"That sounds amazing," she smiles. She thinks it's a great idea to dance with all her brothers. Kendall, James, and Logan may not be her blood brothers, but they should might as well be. They grew up with each other, so they practically are and she definitely considers them brothers. So if there's going to be a brother/sister dance, they definitely need to be in it. "I can't wait for it."

"Me either," he grins, kissing the top of her head before getting off the bed and heading toward the door. "So figure out the times, my friend Ricky'J, the DJ whose going to be making your CD, he wants me to drop off the songs and times later."

"Alright." she replies, as Carlos walks out.

"So, Derick and Carlos went to go drop off the paper at Ricky'J's house, then they're going to the Palmwoods to pick up Austin and he's gonna come over for a bit." Rae tells Katie. Right now they're both just chilling in her room, listening to music. Austin is gonna be over here in a bit, and both Rae and Derick are determined to get him and Katie together. Austin is single, Katie has never had a boyfriend, so why not? They'd be cute together. "You're finally gonna meet him!"

"Is it bad that I feel kind of nervous?" Katie asks. She's not kind of nervous, she's really nervous. Rae said he's cute, and that her and Derick are gonna try to hook them up. Katie gets nervous around cute dudes, and she's never had a boyfriend before so she isn't really sure how to feel. She just doesn't wanna make a fool out of herself, she has a tendency to do that. And if she does that Austin would think she's weird, and he wouldn't want her.

"Not really, when I first met Derick I would always get nervous around him, and look at us now," Rae replies. "Just don't act like a nervous wreck. Try not to stutter, ramble, sweat, or stare too hard at him. Just be chill."

"Alright, I got it." she says. "Do I look alright? Is my hair messed up? Should I change outfits?"

"Katie, you look fine." Rae giggles a bit. Ah, she remembers when she was like Katie. Derick was her first crush (he still is), and he's her first boyfriend. She was like this when she first met him and they started hanging out. But she was really good at hiding her nervousness. She'd always dress up all cute and pretty when they'd hang out, now she couldn't care less how she looks around him. She wears sweats, tank tops, her hair is in messy buns, and she goes natural around him all the time. But he definitely doesn't mind. "Stop over-worrying."

"Well, it's better then under-worrying." Katie mumbles, and Rae just gives her a look, and Katie just calms down, trying not to be so worried.

A few minutes later, they hear a car enter the driveway. Rae looks out her window, to see that it's her brothers car that's parked there. Carlos gets out of the drivers seat, Derick gets out of the passengers seat, and Austin gets out from the back seat.

"They're here," Rae says.

Katie gets up off the bed, and peeks out the window.

"That's him?" she asks. Rae nods. "He's really cute...Oh god, I hope I don't make a fool out of myself!"

"Dude, just be chill and you'll be fine." Rae tells her once again. "C'mon, let's go downstairs so we can just chill in the patio in the yard."

Katie walks over to the mirror, taking one last long look at herself, but Rae grabs her arm and drags her away from the mirror and out of her room.

They reach downstairs finally, and they're already inside.

"Hey Austin!" Rae greets, as her and Austin give each other a big hug. They were really good friends back in Minnesota. Her, Derick, and Austin would all hang out all the time. She's glad he moved to LA.

"Hey Rae," he grins, giving her a big hug, pulling away a while later. "So, you must be Katie?"

"Yup, you're Austin?" he asks.

He nods and smiles, holding his hand out for her to shake it. "That's me. Nice to meet you."

"You too." she smiles a bit.

After that things get silent and awkward, so Rae speaks up.

"So, why don't we go chill in the patio?" she suggests, trying to avoid the awkwardness.

"Let's go!" Derick exclaims, grabbing Rae's hand and leading her out to the patio, Katie and Austin right behind them.

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